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37 Carnivorous Plants

 After Xinya finished collecting all the herbs that were in the room, they made their way to the second room in the dungeon. It was similar to the first, as soon as they walked in a notification popped up informing them that they had entered room two of five. There were no statues this time instead there were five water fountains randomly placed about the room.

To get past this room Xinya needed to figure out a riddle to guess which of the five water fountains wouldn't poison them. Once again the riddle was quite simple, but also much harder than the previous ones. The one upside of this room was that the liquid in the correct fountain was the potion of luck.

Xinya was happy when he learned that, Melting Snow was even more so. He excitedly bragged to his viewers about it. The reason why they were so happy at this discovery was that the potion of luck, which is made from the hard to find, four-leaf clover, is that after three ingame days, the potion turns into a special item.

Although the item is random, it's never a cheap item and it's always something the player needs. After drinking from the fountain, Xinya and Melting Snow proceeded to the next room. The new room was very different from the last two, there were vines growing on the walls everywhere, connected to the vines were green pods with shiny bits. On a closer look, Xinya saw that they weren't pods at all but baby carnivorous plants, with jagged metal teeth and in the center of the room was the mother.

"Oh, man!" Melting Snow said while taking out his weapons.

That quite summed up Xinya's feelings about this situation that they were in, so he also brought out his trusty giant knife and fork just in case, while thinking, 'I won't be getting eaten by any plants today, if anything, they will be eaten by me.'

Looking around the room, Melting Snow said, "I don't see a riddle anywhere, are we supposed to fight that thing?"

"Wait a minute, let me think," Xinya said while searching the entire room. Like Melting Snow said there were no riddles, but then again, nobody said that all the tests would be riddles. Looking around the room harder Xinya finally saw it. "Look."

"Look at what?" Melting Snow asked still on guard.

"Look at that baby plant just behind the mother plant," Xinya replied.

That's when Melting Snow saw it, there was a baby carnivorous plant just behind the mother, but unlike the rest of its siblings, it looked sick and very weak. Checking it's health bar, he saw that it was very low and would die soon. Melting Snow finally understood what they had to do. "So we have to save the baby, right?"

"That's right, but I don't think the mother will let us near it," Xinya replied.

"Than what should we do?"

Thinking about a good course of action, Xinya said, "I don't think we suppose to kill the mother because if this is a healing test killing the mother plant would probably cause a fail, so I'm going to need you to distract her while I save the baby."

"Alright, let's do it. This way I can show off my evasion skills to my fans." Melting Snow said while turning his swords around to the blunt side.

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Melting Snow quickly grabbed the mother carnivorous plant aggro, the mother plant seeing that he was a threat stood up on her roots and started chasing after him. Melting Snow dodged her attacks as if they were nothing. As Xinya looked at him, he felt that Melting Snow was getting better and better each time he saw him fight. Not wanting to waste time Xinya edge his way to the sick baby plant, trying not to gain the mother plant's attention.

After a few minutes, he had succeeded and was right in front of the baby plant. What he didn't expect was for the baby plant to sense his presence and let out a shrill cry. The mother, hearing its baby cry immediately stopped going after Melting Snow and started to rush at Xinya. In a move that was one part acrobatic and one part something a person would see in an action movie, Melting Snow jumped over the monster, did three somersaults in the air and landed between the mother and the baby.

"Hurry up and do what you have to, the mother is about to go berserk." Melting Snow said while holding the mother plant back.

Pulling out a health potion from inside of his inventory, he poured it over the baby plant, there was a slight glow and it became as healthy as it's siblings. The baby started to let out happy sounds and the mother plant calmed down once it saw that its baby was well again. Melting Snow stopped attacking and moved away from the mother plant, Xinya too moved away from the baby as if to show they meant no harm.

The mother went to her baby and checked it over, seeing that it was one hundred percent healthy again, she picked it up and put it against the wall. After that, she went back to the center of the room going dormant as well as her offspring. A door appeared and a notification sounded and they knew they completed the room.

"Omg, that was so awesome, and I was awesome!!" Melting Snow said.

Smiling at Melting Snow's enthusiasm, Xinya said, "I have to admit you were awesome."

"I know right." Melting Snow smugly said. "Let's go to the next room."

Watching Melting Snow proudly strut to the next room, all Xinya could do was silently shake his head and follow. He had to wonder what the next room would be like if it was anything like this one, he knew it would be interesting, to say the least.