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35 Going to the Dungeon

 As they walked side by side through the busy town streets, Melting Snow asked. "So what is this quest of yours anyway?"

"You're asking me that now after you already agreed to help?" Xinya asks with a laugh.

"I was going to agree anyway, but I still want to know what I'm in for. I might need to upgrade my weapons or get new armor before we go." Melting Snow replied.

To be honest, what Melting Snow said was correct, the librarian did say that the monster they would be facing would have long-range attacks and since the monster is potion based the type of skills it could have could be corrosive. With that thought in mind, Xinya felt that Melting Snow's way of thinking was very mature for his age. A certain saying came to him, 'Just because your older doesn't make you wiser' and that was quite true in this case.

"You are right, I probably should let you prepare. I was just going to wing it since, I can't use my combat skill, but I forgot that you can. " Xinya said.

"It's alright. So tell me about what we have to do." Melting Snow replied.

Xinya goes on to tell Melting Snow everything he learned from the librarian. He told him all about Shilvak and how he was a legendary combat potion maker who saved hundred or thousands, he explained about his apprentice and how he thought the masses wasn't worthy of reading Shilvak's book and learning his skills so easily, so he hid the book and it copies in different dungeons around the world. He then informed him that one of the dungeons was located here in Bellport.

"Wow.." Melting Snow says after hearing all the details. "Your class got a much better backstory than mine. After listening to yours I feel a little letdown."

"How come?" Xinya asked laughing.

"Well, for my class story it was only, 'An ambidextrous younger man, wanted to be more powerful on the battlefield so he created a new way to fight. He called it dual wielding. He had strong enemies but he defeated them all, he went down in history as the most powerful men in history.' Do you see how straight forward and boring that is, no mystery at all." Melting Snow said while sighing.

Patting Melting Snow on the shoulder, Xinya said, "Well this is a newer class, they probably didn't want to make so generic. I think I would have been happier if they did. Then I wouldn't have to run around like this."

"Don't say that, think of the adventure." Melting Snow said happily. "So do you know what will be in the dungeon?"

"I know for sure that the first two parts will be a test of sorts, what kind I have no clue but it might be deadly, so we need to stock up on HP pots and the last part is a boss a monster created by potions," Xinya said.

"A monster created by potions?" Melting Snow asked.

"I don't know either, but what I heard is that it's a ranged monster, so we need to fight it up close and its attacks can be corrosive." Replied Xinya.

Melting Snow was quiet for a moment before saying, " I think we should enchant our gear, that way when we receive an attack our gear won't fall apart."

"I was thinking the exact same thing, plus we need to buy a raft kit," Xinya said.

"Why would we need a raft kit?" Melting Snow asked.

"Oh.. did I forget to mention that the dungeon is on an island in the middle of a lake?" Asked Xinya.

Laughing heartily Melting Snow said, "Not only will this be an adventure, but it will be an island adventure. I'm so going to record this. So how long will it take up to go there and back?"

"That's the good part, I got a teleportation scroll, so we will only have to worry about getting back here, which, including finding cover for when night comes, will only take us two-three days ingame."

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"That's great, at least we won't have to worry about getting there." Melting Snow replied. "Alright let's go."

They stopped first at the only magic tower in town, they needed a mage to cast the enchant on them. The enchant itself wasn't expensive since any mage that just had their class change could do it, so they only lost five bronze coins each. After that they stopped at the general store and Xinya brought a deluxe rafting kit, he wanted to get a small boat but he needed to learn a skill to use it. The skill itself was easy to get but the person you need to learn it from wasn't in Bellport, so he had no choice in just getting a raft.

Once they were done with their preparations, Xinya created a party and added Melting Snow to it. Taking out the teleportation scroll from his inventory he ripped it in half, which caused a light to flash, it surrounded their two bodies completely making them disappear from view. When the light dimmed the two of them appeared on an island in the middle of the lake. Everywhere they looked there was only water if they squint they could just barely see a whole bunch of green specks in the distance which they assume was trees but they were miles away.

The island was also barren the only thing they saw was a small opening in the ground covered by foliage, looking down the opening the only thing that they saw was a pair of stairs made of vines leading down. They couldn't see anything else, everything was pitch black and there was an eerie silence coming from inside of it. Xinya had a bad feeling about this place, but Melting Snow was already recording, talking to his fans about what they were about to do.

"Come on, Drifting Cloud let's go!" Melting Snow said before heading down into the opening.

Giving a small sigh Xinya quickly followed, once he was inside he was surprised by what he saw.