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34 Hidden Office

 Getting up from her chaise chair, Wynter said, "Come, follow me."

"Where are we going?" Xinya asked confused.

"To my office," Wynter replied.

Wynter leads him through multiple bookcases, and up to a pair of spiraling staircases until they reached a remote part of the library. It looked older, much more so than the downstairs area was, but it was also more elegant. They walked until they reached alone bookcase in the middle of a wall. Xinya was confused as to why they stopped here since he didn't see the door leading her office, he was about to question her about it when she suddenly moved towards the shelf and pulled a golden book out from it. Xinya looked on in bemusement as the bookcase moved to reveal a door. He felt that it was something out of a fantasy, but considering this whole place consists of nothing but fantasy, he shouldn't have been so surprised by that. One thing he did know was that if he ever gets enough money, he was getting one of those for his house in the real world.

Opening the door to her office, they walked inside. The place was small but organized. There were books stacked neatly in piles and from what Xinya could see a board pinned with notes about Shilvak. Curiously he walked around, only to see most of the stuff in her office was about Shilvak or what he assumed connected to him.

"As you can see, I did a lot of research on Shilvak and his apprentice," Wynter said while gesturing around the room.

Xinya knew that Shilvak was her hero and she wanted to be a combat potion maker like him, but from what he could see it felt like she was obsessed. Although he could understand her passion, even if she was just an NPC and it was programmed into her.

"Yes, I can definitely see that you did," he said.

"Alright, enough chit-chatting let's get to it." She says while pulling out a map covered with notes from inside her desk. "The place where you will be going to is called Krimplot, it's an island surrounded by water just a few miles from Bellport."

Xinya looked closer at the map. "If the place is surrounded by water, how am I supposed to get to it?"

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"I can give you a teleportation scroll that will send you straight there, but how you will return is up to you to figure out," Wynter replied.

"I see, well can you tell me what you know about the dungeon?" Xinya asked.

"From the intel I gathered, it's not your typical hack and slash type of ordeal. The first half of the dungeon tests your knowledge. What type of tests they are I do not know, but if you fail them you will die. The last part though, you will have to fight a monster, a monster that was born from discarded potions. So you best be careful, young man." Wynter said.

"I will," Xinya said.

They talked some more about what could be the possible tests that Xinya might face inside the dungeon, while Wynter gave him helpful suggestions on what to do if he comes across any of the ones she mentioned. Since Wynter had no inkling of sort monster it would be, but she did know that since it was a potion made a monster that it will have deadly ranged attacks, so she told him that the best course of action is finding a way to fight it up close. Xinya felt that didn't really help him but thanked her for her help anyway. When they finished talking she sent him on his way, with the promise that he would bring back the book.

Putting the teleportation scroll inside of his pocket he went back downstairs, to the place where he and Melting Snow first came in. Once he arrived he saw that Melting Snow was already at the front desk holding three books in his arms. When Melting Snow saw him he called out to him.

"Where have you been, man?" Melting snow said. "I have been waiting for you for over an hour."

"Why didn't you just message me?" Xinya asked confused.

Glancing at the NPC he was with then back at Xinya quickly, Melting Snow said, " Well, Ms. Mable was so kind and was helping me so sincerely, and I didn't want to rush you."

"Right..." Xinya replied. He saw the blush littering Melting Snow face. A pretty girl and a young boy, he knew Melting Snow wouldn't mind if he had been longer.

"Anyway, I learned a great deal from these books. I now know exactly what monster I want to tame." Melting Snow said excitedly.

"Oh?" Xinya asked curiously. "Which one?"

"I want a Leopade." Melting Snow replied.

Xinya was speechless for a moment. "You do know that a level 50 monster right?"

"Of Course I do." Melting Snow said happily. "But that's my goal pet, for now, I want either a Hellvine or Flare Dog."

Hearing the two monster names, Xinya felt that they were way more suitable for Melting Snow's current level. "They sound good."

"So what were you doing anyway? Did you get any leads on your skills?" Melting Snow asked.

"Actually I have, although there isn't a book here in the library, there's one somewhere else. I will need your help, are willing to come with me?" Xinya replied.

Smiling, Melting Snow asked, "Are we going on another adventure and will it be dangerous?"

"To answer both of your questions, yes, if you want to and perhaps," Xinya said.

"What do you mean 'if I want to' of course I want too. I always have the most fun when I'm pulled into your activities." A grinning Melting Snow said.

"Then let's go," Xinya said, as he walked out of the library.