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33 Shilvak’s book

 As he walked through the bookshelves to find the woman librarian, he had to marvel at all the different variety of books that he passed by. He couldn't even imagine himself being able to read all the books that were in this library in his lifetime and knowing that there were bigger libraries here in Haven online blew his mind.

"All that knowledge," he mused, skimming his fingers along the edges of the books. "It would be hard to pass upon." One day, he decided, after he was living a comfortable life, he would spend his leisurely days traveling to all the different libraries in this world, so he could read to his heart's content.

She was a truly lovely girl, from the beastmen race, from her ears and tail he could tell that she was half deer. She had long snow-white hair that flowed over her delicate shoulders, her leaf green eyes were focused on her task, while her pink saccharine lips were pursed in concentration.

Xinya politely cleared his throat as a way to gain her attention but sadly it was of no use, she was too absorbed in what she was doing. Since the first approach didn't work, he said in a loud clear voice, "Excuse me, miss."

The sound of his voice must have startled her because the book she was holding slipped through her hands and she almost fell off the step ladder she was on. Bracing herself against the shelf, she took a calming breath before looking at him.

"Oh me, oh my, I didn't notice you there. You scared me witless." The woman said. "Would you be a dear and hand me that book I dropped."

Xinya was only too happy to comply, if she really had felled, he probably would have had to catch her and just thinking about touching her made his skin crawl. "Here you go, ma'am."

"Well, aren't you a polite thing, but I'm still too young to be called a ma'am. People in these parts call me Ms. Wynter. On the account that I was born in winter, you see." Ms. Wynter said cheerfully.

"Alright, Ms. Wynter, than," Xinya replied.

"So how can I help you, young man?" She asked curiously.

"Well, it's about Shilvak." Xinya watched as Ms. Wynter smile disappear only to give him a complex look. "I think you may know something about him."

Putting the book she was holding away, her face turned serious. "Before I say anything may I ask why do you want to know about him."

"The reason is that I want to become a combat potion maker just like him," Xinya replied.

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"And you think you have what it takes?" She asked while looking him up and down in disbelief.

Xinya didn't like the doubt he saw in her eyes, so he said with all the confidence he could muster, "Yes, I do."

Quest Triggered!!

Once Xinya saw the notification he knew his action was right. The woman got down from the ladder she was on and stood a step away from him. She gazed at him with penetrating eyes, as if she was checking for something, it reminded him of how Melvin looked at him when he first asked to be an artisan.

"I see you are sincere in your desire to be a combat potion maker, please follow me," she says.

Xinya follows her to a seating area that was located behind an alcove, instead of the expected table and some chairs there were two chaise chairs, separated only by a small glass table. Wynter sat in one making herself comfortable while motioning for him to do the same.

"When I was younger," She started when she saw that he was sitting. "I also wanted to be a combat potion maker. Shilvak was my hero you see, he saved hundreds of thousands in the great monster war. Not only with his healing potions but also with his combat ones. I wanted to be just like him, but one day he just disappeared. No one knew what happened to him."

Xinya attention was caught, "Did you ever figure it out?"

"I had my speculations, but I could never be sure." She replied sadly.

"That's too bad," Xinya said.

A reminiscent smile appeared on her face, "I remember being so happy when I learned that he left a manuscript of all his adventures and of how he created his potions, but then something happened his apprentice destroyed most of the copies and hid the original. He didn't want the masses to obtain something so freely that took him so much dedication in learning. So he divided each book into two parts and hid them in different places around the world. After years of researching, I found that one of the places is hidden near Bellport. I wanted to look for it myself, but I have come to realize that I am too old, but looking at you I think you will be able to find the first half of the book. All I asked that once you find it you will allow me to read it."

"Of course, I will. It's the least I could do." Xinya replied sincerely.

Quest has been created. Wynter has always wanted to be a combat potion maker, but due to age and fighting skills finding Shilvak's manuscript will be hard, but she thinks that you have potential. So she is willing to impart upon you her knowledge, the only thing she asks is to see the book once you finished reading it. *Quest is sharable.

Reward: 1000 exp & first half of Shilvaks book.

"Alright, I will tell you everything I know," Wynter says, a gleeful smile appearing on her lovely face.