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32 Following Strange Women

 Hearing Melting Snow's excited voice, Xinya wondered what was going on. He thought that maybe while doing a quest while he was offline that Melting Snow might have got a really good item or a rare quest or something. Curious, Xinya asked, "What happened?"

"You know that video I recorded of us fighting the King Bellyborg?" Melting Snow asked.

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"Yeah, what of it?" Xinya replied.

"It went viral!" Melting Snow said excitedly. "My channel has become really popular recently, I'm getting friend requests left and right. I feel like a star."

Xinya was confused about all of this, he didn't understand why a video of them fighting the King Bellyborg would go viral. It wasn't a rare monster or anything and it was also a low level one at that. While Xinya was thinking about what could possibly entranced people, about the fight, Melting Snow continued on.

"A lot of people kept asking me how did we do it. Since to summon the king we had to kill a lot of Bellyborgs. They kept asking who was the range fighter that helped us and wouldn't believe me when I told them that we did it on our own. I almost told them how we did it but I was upset that they doubted my skills." Melting Snow said with a slightly irritated tone.

After hearing that, Xinya finally understood why a simple video of killing the King Bellyborg went viral, two close combat players able to summon and take it down without the help of a range player was unthinkable. Many people would want to know how they took down so many Bellyborg, not to summon the King but to gather the feathers. Bellyborg bird feathers are in the top five feathers that are great to use to make arrows and since the Bellyborg are low-level monsters they would be easier to kill. No wonder there was a lot more people in town today than it was all the time he has been here.

"Don't tell them, let them figure it out for themselves," Xinya said. "Also it might be good if you disallow friend invites so you won't be bothered by spam invites."

Melting Snow smiled looking proud, " I already did that, but I will allow them to personal message me just in case I get the attention of a sponsor."

"You know that wouldn't be likely to happen to us regular players," Xinya said.

"Let a kid dream, who knows it could happen." Melting Snow replies. "So what are you up to right now?"

"I was about to head to the town's library to figure out my skills."

"The library?" Melting Snow said. "I go with you."

"Are you sure? I'm just going to be looking for some books. You might be bored." Xinya said.

"Don't worry, I needed to go there anyway. I need to find a beast taming manual about this region's monsters. I want to get a beast companion soon." Melting Snow replied.

Xinya thought that it was about time that Melting Snow starts thinking about getting a companion, so he nodded his head saying, "Oh, alright, then I will meet you there."

"Okay, see you in five." Melting Snow replied before he discounted the communication.


Reaching the town's library, Xinya saw that Melting Snow was already there and was waiting on steps waiting for him. Once Melting Snow saw him, he waved happily at him, opening the library door while also motioning for him to hurry up. Smiling, Xinya jogged up towards him, and together they walked inside the library.

The library was bigger than it looked on the outside, it had a rustic feel to it, while still being comfortable at the same time. There were books everywhere but the place was quite spacious, with seating areas scattered all about. The walls were painted in neutral colors and their paintings of gentlemen Xinya never seen before in his life, but overall he felt that this was nice and quaint.

While Xinya was taking in his surroundings, Melting Snow was already heading to the front desk. There were three people who were sitting there, each of them had a book in their hand. Xinya assumed that they were the librarians who worked there. Standing right in front of them, Melting Snow cleared his throat to get their attention.

"How may I help you, young man?" Asked the librarian on the far right. He was an elf a very handsome one at that with his straight black hair that was pulled back to reveal a long, narrow neck. Bright green eyes, looked at Melting Snow patiently as he waited to be answered.

"I'm looking for books on beast taming, can you help me find some?" Melting Snow asked politely.

"Sure, we have some books on that." He said. "Ms. Mable can you direct this young man to where books on beast taming are located."

"Sure thing. Senior librarian Chilson." Ms. Mable replied before escorting Melting Snow to one of the shelves.

When they were a little ways away, Sr. Librarian Chilson turned his gaze to Xinya. "Do you need help in finding a book also?"

"Yes, I was wondering do you have a book by the combat potion maker Shilvak," asked Xinya.

The elf face turned regretful, but strangely enough the librarian next to him expression changed. If Xinya wasn't paying attention he would have missed it.

"I'm sorry to say that Shilvak's manuscript was lost a long time ago. There were only several copies made but somehow they were misplaced and was lost to the world." Chilson said. "I would really have loved to have read them."

As the elf was speaking the other librarian got up and walked to the back shelf a little ways away, while giving him a look. It was a look that conveyed that she knew something, but it wasn't her place to say anything. If a person wasn't perceptive enough it would go unnoticed. Which is probably why those other players couldn't figure out how to get the skills.

Although following a strange woman behind a bookcase wasn't something that Xinya was eager to do, but he knew this would lead him to his skills so he would suck it up. After thanking the elf for his help he walked to where the woman was.