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31 Clue

 Logging back in Xinya found himself in the same spot where he logged out at, inside Melvin's toy shop, but unlike last time it wasn't empty. It was quite full, with different people of all ages, mostly NPC's but there were some regular players scattered about, mostly younger players with their guardians.

Looking around Xinya saw that Melvin was busy running back and forth helping customers, when he saw Xinya he smiled and waved before carrying on with his business, not wanting to get in the way Xinya left the shop. Walking outside, he was blinded for a moment by the afternoon sun. Once his eyes adjusted he noticed that the street was more packed than usual and wondered why that was.

Shrugging it off he opened up his friend list to see if Melting Snow was back online already, seeing that he was, Xinya was about to message him when he noticed that Melting Snow status was set to busy. Xinya assumed that he may be in the midst of doing a quest and didn't want to be bothered, so Xinya decided to wait until he had finished whatever he was doing before contacting him.

Since Melting Snow wasn't there to distract him, Xinya thought that figuring out how to get skills for his potion combat class would be the best use of his time right now. Because when he had his class sorted out he could focus on making coin and turning that into real-world money, which he so needed.

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Pondering to himself on what to do, he found himself in the middle of the town near a fountain. It was one of those stereotypical ones that a person would see in most places, a cherub surrounded by flowers spitting water out from its mouth, but it was still lovely to look at. Taking a seat at one of the many benches that were around, Xinya tried to remember everything he knew about the artisan class and how the players got their skills.

Thinking back to the guides he used to read on the forums for fun while taking a break from working in the game, he thought back to what he read about the Artisan class. The blacksmith combat talent, if he remembers right, besides getting skills from the job change package the player also got a black leather smock. From the smock description, players learned about the trial of fire.

The trial of fire is an arena that only combat blacksmiths can get into, to go there players have to buy a teleportation scroll from their instructor and then they are transported to a decrepit room filled with broken weapons. They have 30 minutes to an hour depending on their skill level to fix up any of the broken weapons they choose and then they're thrown into a battle against a monster or NPC of the same level. If they are victorious three times in a row they can get a skill or if they don't want to get a skill they can keep fighting and gain points to get rare materials.

Tailors, on the other hand, get a silver bracelet that can hold needles. The description on it is quite vague, with the only words: find (a person's name). They must say the person's name aloud to trigger a quest. This quest will give them clues about how far the person is from them and their history. It sounds hard but it's quite easy since the person is always in the town the player begins the quest in, most likely in a shady bar. Then the player will have to do a quest to become that person's apprentice. After people learned that fact, it became the easiest out of the artisans' classes to get skills.

Now the Chef combat talent was very interesting. They would get an apron and their hint would be to find a gourmet chef, which would lead them to the mayor's house where a chef who used to cook for the royal family now works. The chef will always have been a combat chef that was wrought with tragedy, the chef will always say he wants a quieter life as a regular chef. The chef will then tell the player about how mutant rats are trying to take over the food supply and how the player must destroy them. There are ten dungeons where they hide, for each one the player destroy besides the regular rewards they will also get a combat skill.

For the potion making talent, there was no information or none that Xinya could remember, but then again people usually quit it after a couple of days of playing stating that they couldn't figure out how to get the skills. Without any help from his future knowledge, he will have to figure this out himself. He was aware of this from the beginning but he wanted to make sure. The one thing he did notice was that each combat talent gave a clue that would help players in obtaining their skills.

Opening his inventory, he took out the gloves that he was given yesterday and reread the description on them. Shilvak's Combat Gloves: Shilvak was the first combat potion master to walk these lands, he was feared and worshiped by the people around him. For his skill with potions was too great, one day he disappeared only leaving behind a manuscript detailing his adventures. Throw enhancement +10 Dex +5.

It seemed that his instinct when he first read the description was correct, there was a hint, Shilvaks manuscript. Xinya hoped that it was made into a book and was at the town's library or he had a feeling that he would have to go search for it.

'Was this the reason why many people gave up on the potion combat talent.' Xinya wondered. He really hoped not, he really didn't want to go on some long arduous quest.

Opening the map he decided to head to the library, to start searching for the book, but before he could take one step towards the direction it was in a beep sounded. It was an incoming call from Melting Snow. Connecting the call, Melting Snow voice sounded in his ear.

"Drifting Cloud, you won't believe what happened," Melting Snow said, sounding very excited.