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30 Wei’s News

 As soon as Xinya wheeled himself into the kitchen, he saw that Wei was at the stove cooking while humming to herself quietly. Xinya smiled, happy to see his friend, but was also quite curious as to why she wasn't at work. As if sensing his presence, Wei turned around, a giant smile gracing her face as she looked at him.

"Great! I timed it right." Wei said excitedly. "The food is almost ready, come help me set the table."

"Sure," Xinya said, going over to the bottom cabinets and grabbing a couple of bowls and plates.

After everything was set, Xinya took his place at the table, waiting until Wei brought out the food. He didn't have to wait long, only a couple minutes had passed before Wei brought out what she had cooked. As she laid it out on the table Xinya saw that she made gaifan served with soup.

Gaifan was a simple dish just rice covered in meat and vegetables but it was delicious all the same. The soup was she made was just an ordinary egg drop soup but to Xinya who was quite hungry, it looked wonderful. After Wei poured them a cup of iced tea it was time to eat.

"I have some exciting news!" Wei said happily.

After swallowing some food Xinya replied, "Oh what is it?"

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"Well my mom got promoted to head staff leader, she will be in charge of hiring and training staff at the family where we work at. They also gave her a giant bonus." Wei said.

"That's wonderful! Tell your mom I said congratulations." Xinya said with a smile. This wasn't something he knew about in his past life, but he was very happy for Wei's mother. She was very nice to him when she worked at his house, she deserves this.

"But that's not the best news," Wei told him in pure exhilaration. "My mom going to pay for the rest of my VR pod. I just have to pay her back in a year."

"Really?" Xinya asked.

"Yeah! My mom always knew I wasn't cut out to be a maid and I always told her about how I want to try making money in the game. So my mom made me a deal she said if I can pay her back in a year, I will have her blessing to make Haven Online my career, if not I have to go back and work with her."

Nodding his head, Xinya said. "That sounds fair, and I bet your mom only doing it this way because she worried. It is tough to make a living in Haven Online."

"I know, but I also know I can do it and I have you there to help me. What can go wrong?" Wei replied.

"That's right, I will help you in any way I can. That's what friends are for." Xinya said sincerely.

Wei looked as if she was about to come over to hug him, but stopped midway remembering his affliction, instead, she opted to just smile lovingly at him. "So what race and class did you pick in the game?"

"I decided to be a Dryad and do the artisan class," Xinya said.

"Dryad? Why did you pick that race? From what I heard it's the worst one in the entire game." Wei asked curiously.

Xinya didn't know how to explain it to her, he couldn't say he came from the future and the Dryad race will help him become very rich because of its racial skills. One, he doubts she would believe him and two, she probably think the trauma he sustained made him go crazy. Thinking quickly he came up with a lie.

"Well, I thought the character looked awesome, plus since I'm going to be fishing a lot it won't hinder me," Xinya said.

"Oh, so that's your plan. You going to try to fish up underwater treasure." Wei replied very interestedly. "I read in the forums that this one guy fished up a Dragonwry's sword that was worth over 200 gold coins, that would be over $10,000 in real money."

Slyly rubbing the back of his neck, Xinya said, "Yeah, that's one of my plans, I'm still working on the others."

"I don't have the patience to fish, so I can't do that with you, I was thinking of going the exploration route, and before you say anything I know a lot of people are doing that too, but I never see anyone try to treasure hunt in the snowy lands they always go for the desert," Wei said.

"That's because it's cold there, even though you can turn down the settings to 20% so you would hardly feel it, your avatar still would. So you have to constantly check your health bar and make sure your avatar don't freeze to death." Xinya said worriedly, he wasn't sure if she started out doing this in his past life, but when they met she was making potions to make money.

Laughing Wei said, "Don't worry, I'm not going to start off by doing that. I'm going to need to make coins first if I want to do that. I am going to need a lot of gear. It will probably take me a year to put my plan into action since I have to pay back my mother."

Seeing that Wei thought every through, Xinya relaxed. This was probably why she was trying so hard in his past life to make coins, so she could pay for her exploration class. It was too bad she died before she was able to do it, but everything has changed, this time she will be able to do it. They talked a bit more while eating, Xinya learned that Wei pod would be coming in a few days. Xinya told her about his adventures in Haven Online so far. They talked for a couple more hours before Wei had to go shopping with her mother. After saying goodbye, Xinya went back to his room and once again connected to Haven Online.