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29 Class Change

 The walk to the toy store where Xinya instructor was located at, didn't take long at all, barely a few minutes had passed and they were already there. When they walked inside, just as Xinya had been before Melting Snow became awestruck by the sight in front of him, but unlike Xinya, Melting Snow had no inhibitions about behaving like a child since he still was one.

"Wow!! This place is awesome!!" Melting Snow said before he started going around checking out each and every toy that caught his interest.

Xinya shook his head at Melting Snow childishness and looked around the shop for Melvin only to see him already coming towards them, with a bounce in his step and a big smile on his face. He was staring at Melting Snow with a gleeful expression because he was appreciating the toys that he personality made.

"Welcome back, Drifting Cloud. I see that you brought a friend with you this time." Melvin said with all smiles.

Glancing at Melting Snow, who was still looking at toys excitedly said, "Yes, this is my friend. His name is Melting Snow, he seems to be enjoying your toys very much."

"As all children should." He replied with a laugh. "Have you finished the task I gave you?"

"Yes, I have!" Xinya said while pulling out the potions and handing it to him. "All 20 potions like you asked for."

Melvin looked them over while murmuring to himself that they were good quality before looking up at him again and asking, "What about the Bellyborg stew I asked for?"

"Here it is," Xinya said bringing out a container that was still warm to the touch out in view.

Melvin took the container and walked to a table and sat down, pulling out a fork from his pocket he opened up the lid of the container and began eating. He ate unabashedly, loud smacking and chewing filled the room. He gulped down the food with a bliss out expression, on his face until every last bite was gone. He even got a piece of bread to mop up the excess juices. Once he was finished, he rubbed his stomach feeling satisfied.

"You did a marvelous job, I haven't eaten in two days, you see, to busy working on a new toy. It was a good thing you came, with these stamina potions and my full belly I can continue on." Melvin said happily.

Xinya was dumbfounded, and here he thought that Melvin gave him those recipes in a sly way of rooting for him, but instead, all he wanted was a free meal and some free potions. He felt a little foolish that he thought that there was more to what Melvin was doing than what it actually was.

Melvin got up and went to his desk and rummaged around for something for a couple of minutes before bringing over a wrapped bundle, "Here you go, the things inside will help you with your new job as an Artisan. If you have any trouble feel free to come to ask me, I will help you with your progress and make you the greatest Artisan there was."

As soon as Xinya took to bundle notifications started to pop up all around him in fast succession.

Quest has been Completed!!

You have leveled up!

You have leveled up!

You are now level 16!

Your job change was a success!

You are now an Artisan!!

You have gained 50 skill points!

Please choose your combat talent: Cooking or Potion Making

Xinya pressed potions for his choice of combat talent.

Are you sure you want potion making? Yes or No

Xinya pressed yes, he already made up his mind and was determined to go through with it.

Your combat talent is now potion making, you will have seven days to change it. If you do not change it in seven days the combat talent will be permanent.

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Suddenly the bundle Xinya was carrying changed from a dull grey to a light blue and a picture of a potion vial appeared on the front of it. A smile appeared on Melvin's face when he saw the bag change, but he didn't say anything, just walked away, disappearing into his backroom where Xinya assumed that he went to continue working on his new toy. Shrugging he went over to Melting Snow who by now had finished admiring the toys around him.

"Are you finished completing your quest?" Melting Snow asked.

"Yup, I have finally got a class," Xinya replied with a smile.

Melting Snow was confused, and asked, " A class? What instructor works in a toy shop?"

"An Artisan!" Xinya said.

"An Artisan..., Melting Snow replied with a smile. "I should have known, you never follow what people say. From your race to the skills your getting. Can't wait to see how you fight."

Xinya just smiled holding up the bundle, "Well let's see what skills I get."

"Go for it!" Melting Snow said excitedly.

As soon as Xinya opened the bundle notifications appeared:

You have learned: Throw

Throw: It's a skill that enables you to throw potions from far away at your enemies. If you have a combat potion in your hands, you can use the throwing attack. Unlike arrows, you can immediately attack an enemy without aiming first.

You have learned: Combat Potion Creation

Combat Potion Creation: This skill allows you to created dangerous potions from ordinary items. These potions can be explosive, corrosive, anything you want as long as you can make it. *Potion Creation Journal has been added to your character tab.

You have gained: Shilvak's Combat Gloves

Shilvak's Combat Gloves: Shilvak was the first combat potion master to walk these lands, he was feared and worshiped by the people around him. For his skill with potions was too great, one day he disappeared only leaving behind a manuscript detailing his adventures. Throw enhancement +10 Dex +5

"Ahh..." Xinya said after reading the description of the skills and item that he got.

"What skills did you get?" Melting Snow asked curiously.

"Skills that will take some time to figure out, but I already have a starting clue to help me," Xinya replied with a wry smirk.

Laughing Melting Snow said, "Why do I have a feeling that this is going to take us somewhere fun."

Xinya was about to respond when a beeping sound was heard, and a flashing notification appeared.

23 hours have passed please log off for an hour!

"I have to log off for an hour, I will talk to you later alright," said Xinya.

"Alright, I have to do the same in about 20 mins anyway. I see you later." Melting Snow said with a smile.

Logging off, Xinya opened the VR pod not feeling tired at all. Getting out he climbed into his wheelchair before stretching his arms, working the crinks out. Then he proceeded to wheel himself to the kitchen to make him something to eat.