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28 Melting Snow

 Melting Snow heard Drifting Cloud calling him and stopped what he was doing. He realized that it was really hard trying to catch a fish with bare hands, giving a huff he started walking out of the water. He couldn't wait to taste the food that Drifting Cloud made, he didn't really expect much since Drifting Cloud's cooking skill was still low level, but being the little foodie that he is, he would savor the experience of tasting VR food, it would be something new for him.

When Melting Snow reached their camping spot he saw that the table had already been set up and the food was ready to be eaten. It smelled delicious, he knew it wasn't real but he still had to swallow his saliva. Seeing that Drifting Cloud was gesturing for him to sit, he immediately did so. He had to admit the look of the food also appealed to the eye.

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"What are you waiting for, give it a taste," Xinya said while anticipating about how Melting snow would react to his cooking.

Melting Snow chuckled, "Are you nervous that I won't like it or something."

"Just eat it," Xinya replied with a slight roll of the eyes.

Melting Snow picked up his fork and started to dig in, the taste was very pleasant, it was almost on par with what his chef used to cook for him in real life. After he finished eating he told Drifting Cloud exactly that, only to see a fire light in his eyes before continuing to eat his stew.

As Melting Snow looked at Drifting Cloud eating, he felt very happy that they met. This was the most fun he had with someone in awhile. It was like he had a real friend, not one of those fake ones that his father used to pick out for him, always trying to kiss his ass because he had money. Drifting Cloud didn't know anything about him and treated him normally, which was very refreshing.

He was a little wiser now after everything that had happened these last two years, his father was schemed against, making him lose his business and wealth. Which caused him to have a massive stroke, not even a sliver of his former self remained. This caused Melting Snow's brother to take up the reins of being the head of household at 18 years old. Melting Snow had to hand it to him, his brother did wonderfully, settling everything, selling the house, using the money to find them a decent place that was still somewhere above middle class. He knew if it had been up to him everything would've been a mess.

Throughout these last two years the finances had been dwindling, since their father's medical care is so expensive, after thorough research Melting Snow brother realized that Haven Online could be a great money maker for them by becoming a ranker.

Melting Snow wanted to help too, but quickly realized that being an ranker wasn't for him, if he hadn't met Drifting Cloud he probably would have gone insane staying by his brother side, but after his brother saw the video of his and Drifting Cloud's fight he approved of him staying by his friend's side. He even made more coins than his brother so far, he was ecstatic. With a small smile Melting Snow continued eating Drifting Cloud delicious food.


Xinya felt very proud and a competitive after Melting Snow told him that his cooking was almost on par with his chef's. He had a feeling that Melting Snow was a rich kid and this just proves it. It didn't matter to Xinya either way but he did want to make something that would knock out Melting Snow's tastebuds now.

The sun had risen and most of the other players in the camping ground was packing up to leave. Xinya marveled at the scenery for a moment before starting to clean off the table. Melting Snow also got up stretching a bit, looking at the other players who were leaving.

"What should we do now? Have you finish your quest already or do we need to get something else for it?" Melting Snow asked.

"Nope, I got everything I need for it, just got to go back to the instructor to complete it," Xinya replied. "But before that, I need to soak my feet, how about I show you how to fish for real while we wait."

Melting Snow smirked, "Is this a challenge? You think your fishing pole can beat my bare hands?"

"I do. At Least with a pole, I'm guaranteed to catch one. Your hands will fail you." Xinya said while laughing.

"Oh, it's so on, let's do this. If I win the next time we find a boss, I get the first pick of items." Melting Snow said.

Snorting Xinya replied, "Sure, but if I win, you have to use the hated pole and fish with me anytime I want."

They shook on it and headed down to the lake to fish as Xinya soaked his feet. For the next hour, they both tried their hardest to catch, with eventually Xinya catching one while leveling up his fishing in the process. He also leveled his cooking earlier leaving him with only 1 skill point that was just enough to level his fishing skill. After gloating at a pouting Melting Snow for a while, they both walked in town to turn in Xinya's quest.

Name: Drifting Cloud Title: The Fisherman's Recognition

HP: 250/250 (+10) Level: 14

MP: 230/230 (+10) Exp: 40/50000

Stamina: 230/230 (+10) Skill points: 0

Str: 4 (+4) Dex: 7(+4)

Int: 8 (+4) Luck: 6 (+4)

Coins: 9 gold 994 silver 321 bronze

Stat Points 0