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26 Mysterious Woman

 In a tavern surrounded by five men sat an otherworldly beautiful woman who appeared to be in her early twenties. She stared at a holographic image of the video Melting Snow posted earlier with a slight smirk on her face. She watched the battle intensely, especially the parts that showed Xinya.

Looking around she surveyed the men that were sitting near her, to see that they were talking to each other as close friends. A smile appeared on her lovely face, if one of the men had glanced toward her at that very moment, they would've been taken aback by the sheer beauty of that smile, but what no one knew that beneath that smile was something entirely dark.

Watching how her men got along so well, the woman felt pleased. For just a couple of months, ago they hated each other to the bone, but only with some heartfelt words and teary eyes, they all became wrapped around her little fingers. 'They all been trained so well.' She thought to herself.

When she started this game her goal was to make the strongest men of each race of the game, fall in love with her. It was the main reason why she chose the siren race, besides if men can have harems why couldn't she. Throughout the years of playing this game, she succeeded in her goal, she had 5 out of the 7 races, excluding her own, since two sirens were not needed.

The men were all businessmen, powerful fighters and extremely rich and they were all in the palm of her hand, begging for her attention like dogs. It amused her every time she thought about it. Although she has these men at her beck and call, she feels incomplete because she hasn't finished her goal.

When she first started playing, she never expected that a Dryad would such a hated race to play. No matter where she looked a person who chose that race couldn't be found, but now she has found him the last piece to complete her collection. All she had to do was make him love her.

'Which should be easy,' she thought. 'Any man who glances at her falls a little in love already. Hee Hee Hee.'

After watching the video two more times to ingrain the face of her new conquest in memory, she scrolled through the comments to see if anything interesting was written.

[ Am I seeing things are they fighting a King Bellyborg! ]

[ If you're seeing things then I must be blind... (〃>_<;〃) ]

[ Let's be blind together... I don't see anything.]

[How did they summon a King Bellyborg? To do that you must kill a whole bunch of bellyborgs, from what I saw they are swordsmen, how did they catch them to kill a lot of them?]

[ There must have been a bug or glitch or something, you can't kill those things without a long-distance fighter!! ლ(¯ロ¯"ლ) ]

[ Maybe they had one and he left...]

[ Are you dumb? Who would leave a boss fight? ]

[That fight was so cool!! w(°o°)w They had to be low leveled to look at their gear. ]

[ Your right!! I wonder what lvl they were?? ]

[ If I had to guess by the use of the spell the guy taping used I say LVL 13-14, the other guy I have no clue. ]

[ He was obviously a low level maybe 10 or 11. I don't even think he changed his class to anything yet, look at how he fights, so newbish. ]

[ He's a Dryad!! Wow this my first time ever seeing someone use that race. It really does look cool to bad it's useless. ]

[ He could have chosen it because he has a plant fetish. (^_<)〜☆ ]

[ That might be the only reason for someone to choose that worthless race.]

[ Yep. Besides having no useable traits, it also has a handicap.]

[ Handicap?? ]

[ A player of that race have to soak its feet in water for an hour every 12 hours, or it could die.]

[ Wow! If I didn't think the Dryad race was bad before, I certainly do now. What a fool picking that race.]

[ Agree +1]

[ Agree +2]





[ Agree + 1573828]

The woman smirked after reading the comments, she knew that the Dryad player would have a hard time of it if he wanted to join a party or a guild. His little friend wouldn't stick around for sure, after realizing how much trouble his Dryad friend will bring him. After the little beastman leaves the Dryad will be all alone, ridiculed by other players, friendless, and having to fend for himself.

Once he was at his lowest that would be her time to strike, a comforting ear, subtle encouragement, make him feel like he belongs and he will be in her grasp. It will acquire more skill than what she used to get her other men, but if it meant that she would complete her collection, she didn't really give a damn.

She cleared her throat softly, but it was enough for all the men around her to become silent. "Sorry to interrupt your conversations, I know it must have very important."

" No, no!!" Beastman said while shaking his head rapidly. "We were just joking around with each other."

"That's right, nothing important. Was there something you needed my dear?" said the Dragonkin.

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"Well..." She started while looking down shyly. "I was wondering if we could... no, it's too much to ask for."

Grabbing her hand the human said, "You can ask us anything, there's nothing we wouldn't do for you."

"That's right!" The dwarf and the giant said in sync.

"Well, do you know the town Bellport in Ziam?" She said, seeing the men shake their head she continued on. "Well it is said to have natural hot springs, players said if you sit in them for an hour it will permanently boost your HP & MP by 25."

"Really? That's great any extra HP or MP would do us loads of good." The beastman excitedly said.

The Human was confused, "If it was such a good thing, why were you so reluctant to ask us?"

"It's because it will take us four months to get there." She replied while playing with her fingers coyly.

"Only four months," the dwarf said with a booming laugh. "We have been on longer journeys than that. Right guys?"

"That's right!"

"For sure!"

"I start getting things we need for the trip."

"I will get our stuff repaired, don't worry dear we be ready to go in no time."

As the men bustled about the woman just sat there watching a brilliant smile blooming across her lovely yet devious face.