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25 King BellyBorg

 The King Bellyborg was 3 times the height of the others, it was a bright yellow color and had a gold helmet on its head. Its level was only 15 but even though Xinya leveled while fighting earlier he was still only level eleven. When fighting a boss a player would either want to be higher or the same level as it, not four levels below it and not even had a class change yet.

"Melting Snow I don't think we should try to fight it, I'm not strong enough," Xinya said.

Looking at him pleadingly, Melting Snow said, "Come on, let's just try and if it looks like we're getting our butts kicked too badly, we can just run away."

Xinya thought about it, he did say he would experience this game world more and not just work this time around, but on the other hand, the smart option would be just to wait until he had his class change and try killing it than when he had actual skills. Both points were valid, he had a hard time choosing which option but decided to be dumb just this once and have some fun. Like Melting Snow said if they about to die they can just run away.

"Alright, let's do it," Xinya said.

Melting snow cheered and ready his swords, "Let's do it the same way we took down the spider in the cave. I take it from the front and you take it from behind."

Melting Snow gave a battle roar and took off towards the King Bellyborg, Xinya watched him go bemusingly and before he followed wondered if Melting Snow was old enough to understand what he just said could be taken in another way. Watching as Melting Snow caught the attention of the Bellyborg, Xinya sneaked behind it. He made sure to put a stack of the HP potions he made earlier in his main inventory so that they were in quick reach just in case.

Unlike the other BellyBorgs, the King wasn't a runner he took on Melting Snow head-on, but Melting snow was holding his own. It made Xinya wonder what level he was on now, it had to be way higher than him. The King Bellyborg was using a skill called wind slash at Melting Snow every other couple of seconds but every time he just dodged them, doing acrobatic maneuvers that nobody could possibly do in real life while landing blow after calculated blow on the monster.

"Drifting Cloud, I'm going to use stun afterward try to incapacitate it by crippling it as we did with the other birds." Melting Snow shouted at him while steadily dodging the bird attacks.

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Xinya who was slashing away at the back of the King Bellyborg yelled his agreement. After dodging a few more attacks Melting Snow finally had an opening to do his stun attack, the first time it didn't work but he quickly did it again after the 5 second cooldown of the skill and it worked. The King BellyBorg couldn't move and fast as lightning both Xinya and Melting Snow hacked away at the bird's legs, it didn't take long before it was crippled.

Once the stun wore off the King Bellyborg couldn't move anymore and was stuck in one place, but he definitely could still attack them. While Xinya didn't get the burnt of the monsters attacks, Melting Snow sure did. Since the monster was focusing on Melting Snow, Xinya jumped on it's back and started stabbing it in the head. When the monster noticed him, it started shaking around causing Xinya to fall off.

Melting Snow noticing that the monster was distracted decided to use one of his new attacks, it had high damage but a very long cooldown. Moving a little way back he shouted 'Star blades' and a giant shining star formed from his swords hitting the monster with a burst of light. It was a critical hit and caused most of the monster's HP to go down but there was still a sliver of HP left.

Seeing that there was only a little Hp left, Xinya took it upon himself to climb on the back of the monster again and stab at it like there wasn't a tomorrow. After the third stab of his, the monster fell and disappeared into particles of light and different notifications popped up before him.

You have leveled!

You have leveled!

You have leveled!

You are now level 14!

You have gained the title Bird Killer!

Bird Killer: A title earned by those who kill the King Bellyborg under the level of 15. STR +4, INT +4, DEX +4, Luck +4, Max HP +10, Max Stamina +10,Max Mana +10

After seeing the title stats Xinya was extremely happy, he didn't care about the drops just the title alone was worth killing that thing. Melting Snow, on the other hand, was jumping up and down cheering, one look at him could see how excited he was.

"We did it and I got it on video. I'm going to upload it right now." Melting Snow said happily.

"Let's checked out what it dropped before you," Xinya replied.

"Alright, what did the giant bird drop."

There was a pile of items on the ground, S grade meat, and feathers, meat going to Xinya while the feathers were split between them, the same with the coins that dropped each getting 300 silver apiece. There was also some other items, there was a sword skill book that Xinya let Melting Snow have, two recipes that Xinya took and the last thing was a mysterious black egg with no description.

"What is that?" Melting Snow asked in confusion.

"I don't know," Xinya replied because he really didn't, there were pets in the game but they didn't drop from monsters as far from what he knew. He never saw anything like it on the forums he read in the future.

"It's probably just a food item. Why don't you keep it." Melting Snow said.

Xinya thought he might be right but just in case, gave him 300 silver coins and told Melting Snow he rather bid for the item. Melting Snow was reluctant to take the money at first but Xinya insisted, with the reason that it might be a rare item. Melting Snow doubted that but took the money anyway with a smile.

"Come on, let's go back to town I need to make Bellyborg stew for a quest. I'll let you have some." Xinya said.

With a big smile on his face Melting Snow said, "Sure, I don't mind being your official taste tester."

With that done, they both started walking back down before it becomes dark out, what Xinya didn't know was that Melting Snow uploaded his video of their fight with the King Bellyborg and it was getting massive hits at this moment.

Name: Drifting Cloud Title: Bird Killer

HP: 240/240 (+10) Level: 14

MP: 220/220 (+10) Exp: 40/50000

Stamina: 220/220 (+10) Skill points: 9

Str: 4 (+4) Dex: 6(+4)

Int: 8 (+4) Luck: 6 (+4)

Coins: 9 gold 994 silver 623 bronze

Stat Points 4