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24 Bellyborg pt2

 After giving Melting Snow the coordinates to where he was at, he sat on the grass staring at birds with murder in his eyes as he waited for Melting Snow arrival. Since he didn't have any ranged attacks, he wondered how he would be able to take down this monster that was skittish that the slightest sound would have it running away. Not to mention how fast it was when it was running.

Xinya wrecked his brain thinking of a plan to take these darn birds down, but so far couldn't come up with anything, and here he thought that Melvin quest would be easy. How wrong he was. He sat there thinking as he watched the birds walk around on their thin birdlike legs and suddenly like lightening an idea struck him.

A brilliant smile graced his face, and he started chuckling a little evilly to himself, while he whispered to himself, "I got you now birdies and when I'm done with you, I'll roast your meat on an open fire."

Before he could start putting his plan into action, Melting Snow burst into the clearing startling Xinya a bit. Melting Snow jogged over to him while waving his hands to get his attention.

"Hey, why are you just sitting there? Did you give up already?" Melting Snow asked.

Giving the birds a look, Xinya replied. "No, I haven't given up just yet."

"From my point of view, it looked like you already have. Don't worry I'm here now let me show you how it's done." Melting Snow said confidently.

"You shouldn't rush in, I have a plan to deal with them," Xinya said.

Snorting, Melting Snow said. "I don't need any plan just to deal with those birds, just watch."

Melting Snow ran towards one of the Bellyborgs brandishing his two swords only for the monster to scamper away before he could get to it. This happened a couple more times until Melting Snow realized he needed to be more sneaky. So he activated his race talent and tried once more with determination.

Xinya watched as Melting Snow used his tracking skills to sneak up on the Bellyborg it seemed to be working at first but at the last moment, the monster bolted away. This happened a few more times before Melting Snow gave an angry roar and started trying to throw his swords at the Bellyborg. Xinya lip twitched as he tried to suppress his urge to laugh, it was quite funny when it was happening to someone else. Oh well, he did try to warn him.

"Are you ready to hear my plan now?!" Xinya asked Melting Snow loudly.

Throwing a death glare at the birds, Melting Snow stumped over to him. "What do we have to do to kill those things?"

"How good is your aim?" Xinya asked while chuckling.


A while later there was a large pile of rocks at their feet, Melting Snow was a little confused about the plan but he did as he was told. Once there was a suitable amount of rocks, Xinya explained what he wanted to do in a little bit more detail.

"So this is what we are going to do, instead of chasing the bellyborgs around like maniacs we are going to use these rocks to cripple them and then beat them to death," Xinya explained.

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Melting Snow smiled while picking up a rock. "Now that's what I call a brilliant plan."

Tossing the rock up and down in his hand, Melting Snow quickly caught it out of the air and threw it as hard as he could at one of the Bellyborgs legs. There was a loud crack, a squawk, and flapping of wings before the nearest Bellyborg fell to the ground in pain. Xinya was on it in seconds, stabbing at it with his knife and fork. Without much of a fight, it was dead and some of the anger that Xinya felt towards the birds were disappearing with it remains.

"It worked!" Melting Snow yelled excitedly running over to see what the bird dropped only to be disappointed. "All that hard work and it only drops some meat and feathers."

"Well I need the bird meat for a quest and you can sell the feathers, people need them to make arrows you know," Xinya said.

"That's true, okay let's split the feathers."

"You know this is only the first one right, they might drop something better once we kill a bunch. So let's say who need it most gets it and the other things we can just see who wants it.

Nodding his head in agreement, Melting Snow said. "Alright let's do it your way."

With that settled, Melting Snow went over and grabbed a few more rocks from the pile and Xinya ready his weapons. With a slight nod between them, the onslaught began. They started killing the Bellyborgs like they were going out of style. Xinya collected more than enough of the meat, he made sure to split any coins or feathers that dropped with Melting Snow. Besides a few claws nothing interesting dropped yet, they decided after killing five more they would stop since it was going to dark soon. Before they could even begin with the last five a loud squawk descended across the clearing. Looking towards the sound they saw that it was a boss.

Melting Snow turned to him with a gleeful smile on his face. "It's never boring with you, is it? This time I will make sure to record our victory."

Xinya looked at Melting Snow than at the giant bird in front of them and had to hold back the urge to facepalm.