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23 Bellyborg pt1

 For the next few hours, Xinya worked on making potion after potion. He had long finished making the 20 stamina potions that Melvin wanted but he still kept going. He wanted to raise his skill level enough that he wouldn't have to waste money on renting a potion lab. With the recipes he had, he could just make it to that point before they wouldn't give him experience anymore.

Creating the potions were like second nature to Xinya since that was all he did in his previous life, and since these kinds of potions were what he specialized in, making them was very easy. Before he knew it he made 100 of each potion recipe, the last one he made allowed him to reach the skill level that would allow him to make potions outside.

A lot of players would wonder why he would want to make potions outside rather than staying in a nice clean room with no distractions. While that might be ideal for tailors and blacksmiths, for potion makers they have to go to a lot of different areas to collect ingredients, like on mountain tops or the middle of the woods. He could always buy his ingredients but if he could do it himself why would he waste his coins like that.

Xinya used up all of his items that allowed him to make the two potions, but he did succeed in making 100 of each potion without failing once but these were very easy potions if he even failed once with his past skills he wouldn't know what to think. His skill level was high enough a level past the one he was aiming to get, he was aiming for level 5 but got level 6. He only had four skill points left now, he couldn't wait until he could change his class. Those extra 50 skill points will be a lifesaver for him.

While he sorted out his skill points he noticed that he had 6 stat points that he didn't use yet. He put one in Hp, two in Stamina, two in intelligence and one in luck.

Name: Drifting Cloud Title: Not-applied

HP: 190/190 Level: 10

MP: 170/170 EXP: 10000

Stamina: 170/170 Skill points: 4

Str: 4 (+3) Dex: 6(+3)

Int: 8 (+3) Luck: 6 (+4)

Coins: 9 gold 993 silver 591 bronze

Stat Points 0

After putting all of the potions he made into his inventory, Xinya decided that it was time to leave and go hunt some Bellyborgs. Checking the map, he saw that they were located at the northernmost part of the woods just out of town. It would only take him about 15 minutes or so before he was able to reach the place.

Walking out was quite a chore for him, a lot of people kept staring at him and whispering to their friends. It was understandable since at the moment the race he had, was considered trash but it was still irritating. He could only feel relief from the staring eyes once he left town and entered the forest. It was very quiet inside and quite lovely, it gave Xinya a serene feeling as he walked. As he walked he saw some wild strawberries and patches of Awegella, which he made sure to collect.

All of a sudden Xinya heard strange noise up ahead, it was loud squawking sounds, hearing that he knew that he was close. Jogging now that he was close, he reached a clearing where there was dozens of Bellyborgs all over the place. Pulling out his weapons, he was ready to get started.

Since the monsters were fast, he planned to try to sneak attacking them, then go in for the kill. That way they wouldn't have time to run away from him. With that idea in mind, he crept over to the nearest Bellyborg as quietly as he could. When he was in the stabbing distance the Bellyborg it suddenly took off running as if it felt his presence. Writing it off as just a fluke he tried it again only for it happen once more.

Convincing himself that he was just being too loud, he tried again, only it happens again and again to the point where Xinya gave up on being sneaky and just started chasing after them like a mad man. After an hour of tiredly chasing after them and not being able to catch one, Xinya fell to the ground in defeat. It was time for a new strategy.

As Xinya sat there on the grass contemplating on what he should do, his messenger beeped. Opening it up he saw that it was Melting Snow again. Wondering what he wanted he pressed to accept the call.

"Hey, guess what I'm here!" Melting Snow said excitedly.

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"That's nice, but why didn't you stay with your brother?" Xinya asked curiously.

"I told you before, it's boring staying with him, he's not playing for fun. It's all about the grind for him," replied Melting Snow.

Xinya thought that he must be a ranker than. "Well, since your here want to help me catch some Bellyborgs?"

"Bellyborgs? What kind of monster is that?" Melting Snow asked.

"They are giants birds that are very hard to catch, and they are making me go a little crazy," Xinya replied honestly.

Laughing Melting Snow said, "Alright, tell me where you are and I will be right over, it sounds like fun."