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21 Bellpor

 The next ten minutes past quickly enough and after a flash of light, Xinya has transported away. After the light faded and Xinya could see again he saw he was in the middle of a new town. Like how all towns would look it had an old-world charm to it. It was styled like a 16th-century European town, from the building to the way the NPC's were dressed.

The town was bustling with players, they were everywhere Xinya could see. Some were setting up shops, some were trying to recruit others in joining their guild and others were grouping up to do quests together. Seeing the different types of activity everywhere made Xinya truly feel like he was back once again, that this really was his second chance.

As he was taking it all in a notification popped up in front of him telling him that the map function has been activated. Xinya walked through the crowd while opening the map to see which town in Ziam that he was in. The map was semi-transparent so he didn't have to worry about bumping into anyone as he walked.

The town he was currently in was called Bellport. The map also showed the local produce, monsters, and the different types of minerals that could be found here. Which was great even though it doesn't show you the exact location.

Bellport was in the inner area of the region, and it was very close to the capital. There were a couple of towns in the inner area, the basic starting towns for new adventures. These towns that were in the inner area all had monsters that were low leveled, but the farther a player goes out to the outer cities the higher the level of the monsters become.

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Xinya didn't need to worry about that now since he wasn't strong enough yet to venture out to those towns anyway. He needed to go get himself a class anyway before he thinks of doing anything else. The class that Xinya wanted was a bit different from the regular ones, it was a completely new one that was just introduced by the creators just this past year.

The class was called the Artisan, and there were two different versions of it. There were the tailor/blacksmith hybrid and the chef/potion maker hybrid. An artisan is a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand.

So, of course, the Artisan would be a mishmash of life skills. Many people thought that the Artisan was a way for the creators of the game to pander to the people who do life skills, giving them a class that will help them fight so they can collect items they need, while still letting do the life skills they wanted. The class even gives double skill points, which made a lot of people jealous until they learned that every five levels the Artisan have to pass a test of their chosen life skill and if they fail they would lose five levels, people stopped being upset after learning that.

The reason was that the early tests were quite easy but as they level up there life skill the harder the test becomes. Some players even become stuck on an endless loop of failure and become stalled in their leveling.

Xinya remembered reading all the stories from the players who choose the class on the game forums, and he really wished he could be one in his past life, he always thought that if it was him he could pass the tests for his chosen life skill if he had a chance and now he does.

The Artisan is separated into two types of fighting styles close combat and ranged. For the blacksmith/tailor hybrid, if a player chose blacksmith as the fighter class they will be able to fight with a giant hammer, if they chose tailor, on the other hand, they will have ranged attacks with poison needles. The Chef/Potion making hybrid is kind of a mystery although it became popular after the update most players used chef as the fighter class and the few who tried potions, switched back after a couple of days, saying it was difficult to figure out how to use the skills.

Xinya doesn't really enjoy close combat, so he decided to make potion-making the fighter class and if he couldn't figure out the skills he would just suck it up and change it.

Xinya walked through the town for a while before he found the place he was looking for. To change your class in the game one needs to get a quest from a job instructor. Each job instructor is located in different places. To be a warrior you need to go to the barracks, to be a mage you need to head to a magic tower and so on, but the artisan instructor was located in a variety of different places in this town it was an old toy crafting shop.

Taking a deep breath Xinya went to open the door of the shop, this was officially him starting on a new path inside the game and he could hardly wait. Before opening the door a beeping sound started, it was his friend chat it seemed that Melting snow noticed that he left beginner town. Sighing, Xinya pauses in his actions and opened it up.

"Congrats, your finally out of beginner town, you took forever." Melting snow's booming voice ranged out.

Smiling, Xinya said, "There was something I had to do that's why it took as long as it did."

"It's fine, what town did you wind up in?" asked Melting snow.


Melting Snow was silent for a minute before saying, " That's really close to the city I'm at, I'll come to where you are, it will take only a few hours to get there."

"But, what about..." Before he could finish Melting snow already disconnected, just shook his head in wonder at the boy and continued going in the shop.