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20 Goodbye Beginner Town*

 Xinya walked around the whole town gathering up everything that would be of use to him once he leaves the beginner town. He got stacks and stacks of the three types of herbs that could be found here. They were called Ennunise, Uforise, and Awegella or what Xinya liked to call them red herb, blue herb, and green herb.

Ennunise is a reddish looking herb. It is one of the main ingredients in creating a potion that is capable of recovering HP. However, if not used properly it can be dangerous. Uforise is a glowing blue herb that pulses with the flow of mana it is one of the main ingredients when creating a potion that can help restore MP. Awegella, on the other hand, is a greenish herb that smells great and is often mistaken for food by animals and humans alike. It's mainly used as the base ingredient for making potions.

Xinya gathered up all of the herbs until there was no more to gather in the process he raised the level of his herbalism by two. He also found some wild crops while he was doing that, quite a few actually. Once he was finished herb collecting he went back for them. He found potatoes, carrots, blueberries, and wild rice that was growing in a pond. He made sure to keep the roots intact in at least two of each plant that he gathered so he could plant them later.

Just like with his herbalism he also leveled up his harvesting and hoeing by gathering those plants. He thought about leveling his fishing skills while he was here but decided to put it off until later, that skill would take time to do anyway and time wasn't on his side at the moment. There was only a couple of months left before the update and Xinya wanted his skill levels to be high enough so he could make difficult items that were worth a lot of coins.

Finishing harvesting the last two potatoes that he found, Xinya decided it was finally time to go level up. Seeing that his level was only four, he knew the perfect place to level. With that thought in mind, he took out his weapons and headed to one of the farms on the outskirts of town. The one he was heading to was the carrot farm, in the back of it were monsters called the Hareture. They looked like a mix between a turtle and a rabbit, they had the appearance of a rabbit but the speed of a turtle and hard outer shell.

Behind the farm there were three versions of the monsters, the baby which was level 4, the mother which was level 7 and the father which was level 9, all he had to do was stay there and kill the rabbits and he should be level 10 in less than an hour. It was a quick walk to the monsters spawn point and just as he thought there was a whole bunch of them. One good thing about these monsters, unless a player bothered them by actually hitting them they wouldn't aggro. Remembering what he read about these monsters in the forums he knew they could be hard to deal with if he didn't attack them in the right way. They had an outer shell so if a player hits the monster there no damage would be done, Xinya would have to flip them over onto their stomach if he wants to kill them. So he devised a plan of using his knife as a lever to flip them over than stabbing them in the stomach with his fork to kill them.

It was a simple enough plan so after testing it out twice, Xinya went on a warpath hunting the Hareture left and right. His ingredient hunting skill was leveling up very fast and he also collected a lot of Hareture meat. That would come in handy later when he really started trying to level up his cooking skill. Xinya stayed behind the farm for almost an hour before a notification popped up.

[Congratulations your level 10!!]

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[Please pick the region where you want to start from.]

There were over 100 different regions to choose from but since Xinya already decided he quickly chose Ziam.

[Are you sure this is the region where you want to start?]

Yes or No

Xinya clicked yes when another notification popped up in front of him, telling him that he had ten minutes to get his affairs in order before being transported away from beginner town. Knowing that he already had everything in order he just calmly picked up the items that had dropped from the monsters while he waited to be transported.

Name: Drifting Cloud Title: Not-applied

HP: 180/180 Level: 10

MP: 170/170 EXP: 10000

Stamina: 150/150 Skill points: 10

Str: 4 (+3) Dex: 6(+3)

Int: 6 (+3) Luck: 5 (+4)

Coins: 9 gold 995 silver 594 bronze

Stat Points 6

End of Arc 1