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19 All Skills Gained*

 The insects looked like a cross between a cockroach and a mosquito and they were called Mesto. Like all monsters in the beginner town they only had the most basic of attacks such as biting and clawing. As Xiniya slashed at Mesto's the green gooey bits of their insides became splattered all over him. He never felt as disgusted with insects as he did at this moment. As he stood by the entrance the insects came out one by one, making them easy to kill. There were a couple of close calls when an insect would come out by crawling from above getting the jump on him, but Xinya uses his fork to pin them in place and gut them before they could.

Soon Xinya finished killing all twenty of them, but during that process, he learned that he really dislikes close combat fighting. He looked a right mess, there was gunk all over him plus he had bug bits in his hair. Sighing he started to use the other potion on the hive while also spraying it around the area before stopping by the nearby lake to clean up.

Once he was finished getting bug innards off of himself he headed back to the woman to turn his quest. When he finally got back to the woman the sun had begun to set and the night was approaching. Knocking on the decrepit hut's door that was considered the woman's home he waited for her to answer.

Opening the door and letting him inside she asked, "Did you do as I asked?"

"Yes, Ma'am. The Mesto has been destroyed," he replied.

"You did well." She said kindly.

Quest has been completed.

Reward: 200 exp 150 bronze coins

Learned: Potion Making & Herbalism

Potion Making: Once you know-how, creating potions with herbs is not such a difficult skill. But, rare potions require equally rare ingredients, and extra care should be exercised in handling them. A player can create various potions with herbs. A player must have a brewing pot in order to use this skill. Potion Making uses 1 Stamina, but cannot be used when Stamina is below 2.

Herbalism: is a very important skill to have when identifying and gathering herbs in the wild. Gathering herbs is a very delicate process and beginners in Herbalism can often ruin intact herbs. Rare herbs tend to grow only in the most hazards of places and, therefore, you should regularly study the different kinds of herbs and practice a careful gathering skill. It also passively increases the success rate of and decreases the time required when gathering herbs from Herb Patches, while also granting a chance for the patch to drop two herbs at once.

Getting up the woman went into the back room, Xinya heard a rustling sound and after a few minutes, the woman was back holding a few items. With a closer look, Xinya saw that it was two books and a metal pot with a stirring spoon.

"When I was younger, my grandmother gave me these items when I was first starting out in being an Apothecarist. She told me to give it to the very first student I teach, so I'm giving it to you."

Item Gained: A Basic Guide to Identifying herbs.

Item Gained: A beginner's guide to potion-making.

Item Gained: A medium-sized copper pot and spoon ( 5% chance of potions not blowing up)

The woman than preceded to lecture Xinya all about the ins and outs of potion-making without leaving a single detail out. Although 60% of the work in making potions will be handled by computer the other 40% would be manually handled by him and even though he knew most this already a refresher course never hurt anybody. By the time the woman had finished with her lecture the sun had set and rose again.

"And finally," she told him, "The most important thing in being a potion maker is experimentation."

"Experimentation?" Xinya asked since he didn't remember the other potion maker who gave him this lecture the first time saying that.

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"Yes, experimentation. Not every potion has been invented. There are potions being created to this day. Don't just rely on the books, do your own research and create something new." The woman sternly told him.

The two of them talked some more before Xinya left her place, he put the copper pot and spoon in his inventory while opening up the books as he walked. The first one 'A Basic Guide to Identifying herbs' when he opened it a bright light appeared and a notification popped up.

[A Herb guide has been added to your character tab!]

Clicking it, it showed every herb by rank and where to collect it, but since his herbalism skill was still low he could only collect two herbs from the list.

The other book 'A beginner's guide to potion-making' did the exact same as the first, but showed what potions he could make and the steps to make them. The book came with two recipes, an HP & MP one, but it was a bottom tier recipe which only gives 50 pts to health and mana. To get better recipes he would need to find them but he already knew where some already were so he wasn't worried, he decided to just level up his skills with the novice recipe for now.

Now that he had all the skills he wanted it was time to level for real, he was going to go collect stuff he needs before he has to head out of beginner town after he has 5 stacks of one hundred of all the herbs and ingredients he wants he will go level for real and leave this place.

Name: Drifting Cloud Title: Not-applied

HP: 120/120 Level: 4

MP: 110/110 EXP: 450/2000

Stamina: 90/90 Skill points: 4

Str: 4 (+3) Dex: 6(+3)

Int: 6 (+3) Luck: 5 (+4)

Coins: 9 gold 995 silver 594 bronze

Stat Points 0