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18 Giant bugs again?*

 Sticking the fishing rod into his spatial inventory, Xinya thought about what he should next. He has already gotten all the cooking skills he needed and just now got the fishing skill, the only thing left for him to do was get the skills that were related to potion-making. In the beginner town, there wasn't an Apothecary but instead, there was a woman who lived in an old house in the woods that Xinya was currently in.

In the woods, there were different herb patches scattered around and usually, the woman could be found in the forest collecting them. If a player was interested enough to listen to the town's gossip, they would hear the woman being called a descendant of a powerful healer. The appearance of the woman matched those rumors greatly for she had a godly aura and helped heal countless villagers with her potions.

Many male players in future will seek her out and try to gain favor with the woman to b ascend past just mere friendship because in this game a player could actually date an NPC if they wanted to and if a player were of age and willing to marry an NPC they could do more. Only a few people ever ventured that far though, their reasoning was is if they couldn't get a real girl an NPC will do.

Xinya walked through the woods intent on finding the woman, after wandering around for an hour and getting lost for a moment Xinya finally stumbled upon her. She wore a white robe while carrying a wicker basket that was filled to the brim with herbs. At the moment she was kneeling down examining an herb she just plucked in her hand.

"Excuse me, ma'am," Xinya said startling her from what she was doing. When she looked up at him, he saw that she was as lovely as what people reported, but the more he looked at her the more his skin crawled. So much so that he had to look away.

Standing up the woman brushed off her robe, "How may I help you, young man?"

"I saw that you were gathering different herbs and was interested in what you were doing?" Xinya asked even though he already knew.

To get what you want from NPCs a player must never be to straight forward and only ask in a roundabout way to get a quest. The NPC's are highly intelligent and two quests will never be the same, for example, although the cooking skill quest started out with a crying little there were so many different directions it could of went. One player even saying that he had to make a grand meal for the mayor of the town. So even if most quests start the same and give the same rewards the middle and the end will always be different.

"I was collecting herbs for potion making." the woman said while looking at the herb in her hand in disappointment. "Sadly I can't find no usable ones the woods, it seemed the wood has become infected with parasitic bugs who use the herbs as their food source.

"Do you need some help in getting rid of them," Xinya asked.

"Why would you want to help me, we just met." The woman asked curiously.

Looking down pretending to be sheepish Xinya said, "Well I always had an interest in potion making and was wondering if you could give me some pointers?"

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"Very well, If you help me get rid of those insects I will teach you the basics." The woman replied with a kind smile.

Quest has been created. A mysterious young woman wants you to exterminate the insects in the wood so they won't contaminate the herbs for her potion-making. Kill 20 Insects.

Reward: 200 exp 150 bronze coins

Learn: Potion Making & Herbalism

"I won't let you down I will get rid of all the bugs for you," Xinya replied.

The woman gave Xinya a map to show him where the bugs hive was located and also two potions. One was called Benzo Apyrene, it was a potion that was able to smoke out the insects from within there hive so he could kill them. Xinya thought that it was nice to look at, it was a glass bottle with smoke swirling within. The other potion was called Organophosphate. The woman told Xinya to spray it on the hive after he dealt with the insect and then spray some around the area. That way no other insects would think about trying to come into the woods.

Xinya followed the map until he arrived at this giant cone-shaped hive. It was golden in color and all around it, a gooey substance coated its walls. There was a large hole in the middle of the cone opening it up to what felt like a cave, but Xinya guessed there was probably a tunnel situation going on in there.

Taking out his weapons and the armor that he previously got from his battle with the spider he was ready to go. Xinya sneakily walked up to the hive's entrance and threw the smoke potion inside. The woman said it would take about a minute for it to really take effect, so while he waited Xinya got into a battle stance. Not a minute the first insect came out and it was the size of a dog.

"Urg, what is with all of these giant bugs, do people like fighting them or something?" Xinya said grumpily as he started slashing at it.