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14 Silverware*

 Xinya soaked his feet in the pond water for thirty minutes before his energy bar was completely full. He only played for around 6 hours in-game time so his energy only went down halfway. As he was soaking his feet he realized that when he leaves the beginner town he would need to go to a region that was near water. It was a good thing that he knew of two such regions that were near water and was highly populated, he just had to figure out which one better suits his needs.

Hearing a splash, Xinya turned to see Melting Snow jumping into the water. During the time they have been out here, Melting Snow been trying his best to catch a fish. For what propose Xinya didn't know and when he asked all Melting Snow said was that a fish wronged him once, whatever that meant. Xinya did try to tell him he wouldn't be able to do it without the fishing skill, but it was of no use.

Checking the time Xinya saw that it was almost 1 am and the sun would be rising soon. In Haven's Online night only lasts for three hours, it starts at 10 pm and ends at 1 am. The reason why the creators designed it that way is because of the extra bonuses at night, besides the 2x experience there was a 2x coins bonus and item bonus from monsters. If the creators were to had left night time longer, those strong individuals who could fight during that time could control the economy of the game. Xinya wondered why they added it in, in the first place, but figure it's a chance for people who want to make quick coins. While he was waiting Xinya decided to open the package that Macaroon's mother gave him before he left the restaurant. Opening it up, notifications started to pop up.

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You have received: Silverware set

You have received: Fruit Salad and Apple Juice recipes

You have received: 3 packets of seeds

Opening his inventory, Xinya saw that the silverware set was something totally different from what he was expecting. It was a fork and knife that was as long as a sword, he also would be able to dual-wield them. The stats on them were alright, it was basically the same on both.

Giant Flower pattern Fork

[Base Stats]

Damage: 15-20 Injury Rate: 0%-1%

Critical: 25% Stun Rate: 10%

Durability: 10/10 NPC Value: 15 silver coins

Other Information: A giant fork. It does more psychological damage than physical damage.

Giant Flower pattern Knife

[Base Stats]

Damage: 15-22 Injury Rate: 0%-5%

Critical: 15% Stun Rate: 8%

Durability: 10/10 NPC Value: 15 silver coins

Other Information: A knife that is too big to be used for dining. If hit by it, you may sustain more psychological damage than physical damage.

Xinya was grateful that the lady gave them to him, he just noticed that he didn't have a weapon, he almost smacked himself in the head for being such an idiot. He didn't know how he thought he could defeat the spider without a weapon. He just brushed it off as having too much on his mind that he forgot to get one. A person usually receives a beginner sword by completing the mayor's quest. He is the first person a player sees when they log in, he welcomes them and gives them a quest to go around town meeting different NCP's. In the end, you will get a sword and some coins for the trouble. Xinya figured he could just buy his own once he got finished with the restaurant quest but got sidetracked.

Checking out the recipes he saw that they were pretty good, the apple juice gave a buff of +10 HP, +3 Str, and +1 Dex and the Fruit salad gives a buff of +24 HP and +30 MP. It didn't say how much hunger it restored but Xinya knew that wouldn't come until after the update. The seeds, on the other hand, were just a packet full of 10 apples, strawberry and cherry seeds. Xinya wouldn't be able to use them until he had enough coins to buy a farmhouse, but if he makes enough coin soon he can buy one cheap.

Ten minutes later the sun had risen and a wet and dripping Melting Snow strode his way over to Xinya pouting something fierce. Plopping down next to him, Melting Snow starting to ring out his clothes while sighing.

"So, I couldn't catch a fish." Melting Snow said despondently.

"Well, I did tell you that when you first started you know," Xinya replied.

Huffing, Melted Snow said, "Are you finished getting your energy up can we go and kill the spider?"

"Yup," Xinya said drawing out the word. "Let's go."

The two boys followed the map that the old man gave them to the cave. The cave wasn't as far from the town as Xinya thought it would be. It took them an hour to get there but that was only because they had to bypass all the monsters on the way there.

When they arrived they were stunned by the sight of the cave, it was crystal blue pulsating with magical energy. The two boys looked at each other, as if reading each other's mind they both take out their weapons and walk inside with determined faces.