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10 Cooking Skill Edited*

 It took him all of 30 minutes but he finally finished gathering everything that he needed. Hearing a noise he turned around to see Macaroon walking over to him whilst pulling a medium-sized wagon behind her. Once she got close enough to him, she looked at the sacks that were filled to the brim with ingredients in surprised.

"You finished already? I thought it would take you longer, I was just coming over to help you. Since your done, I can hurry home and start on dinner."

Xinya just gave a smile, while putting the sacks of ingredients into the wagon. Once he was done a notification popped up.

Quest Completed. You gained 25 exp and 25 bronze coins.

Opening his character information box he saw his recent stats:

Name: Drifting Cloud Title: Non-Available

HP: 50/50 Level: 1

MP: 60/60 EXP: 45/100

Stamina: 30/30 Skill points: 0

Str: 1 Dex: 3

Int: 2 Luck: 1

Coins: 0 gold 0 silver 40 bronze

Xinya shook his head sadly when he saw his experience, he had been playing for almost an hour and still wasn't halfway through level one. Shrugging it off, Xinya knew that a high level was good but without decent skills it was worthless.

Macaroon finally finished loading her portion of the ingredients into the wagon and came over to him. "I don't know what I would have done without you, mister. Would you like to come to my mother's birthday surprise?"

"I would love too." He replied diligently.

Quest Triggered.

Seeing his sincere expression, Macaroon looks down. "Well, actually I don't think that I would be able to finish cooking the meal by myself and would like your help."

Laughing lightly Xinya agreed to help her.

Quest has been created. Macaroon needs you to help her cook Lamb stew for her mother before the party begins.

Reward: 15 exp and 10 bronze coins

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He walked back to the small restaurant with Macaroon and walked into the kitchen to help her cook. They passed by the young boy he helped earlier, he was completely unaware of their presence because he was busy concentrating on decorating the giant cake he had in front of him.

Once they were in the kitchen Macaroon started to immediately direct him on what he needed to do. Xinya was mostly aware of what he needed to do since he was already good at cooking in real life. In Haven Online most skills just magnify a person's innate talents in the game. For example, if a person was a terrible singer and they got the singing skill, even if they level the skill up all the way they would only become a decent singer.

This is the reason that even though Haven Online has a lot of fantasy elements, it is said to be one of the most realistic virtual reality games ever made.

It didn't take that long before everything was finally completed and was just waiting for the final touches. Macaroon stood over one of the pots stirring while looking very proud of herself. Xinya had to admit that the food did smell divine, he bet it would taste like nothing he experienced in the real world.

Closing the lid on the pot, Macaroon walked over to him while wiping her hands on her apron.

"Thanks again, with your help I finally finished the stew for my mother's birthday."

Quest completed. You gained 15 exp and 10 bronze coins. You have gained two new skills, please check your skill bar for more details.

Checking his skill bar he saw that he finally got the cooking skill and the skill that can only be begotten from the beginner town, production mastery.

Cooking: Allows a player to cook with various food ingredients. A player can learn recipes by finding them throughout the world or from monster drops. There are many types of specializations in cooking to learn them all please visit different chefs in the world. A cooking journal has been added to your character tab once you've made all dishes within it with a rating of 5 stars you will be known as a grandmaster chef.

Xinya checked out his cooking journal and let out a low whistle at how many dishes there were. He knew that he wasn't going to be a grandmaster anytime soon. Closing the tab, for now, he checked out the other skill, the one he always wanted to have.

Production Mastery: Making something, no matter what it is, requires selecting the materials, shaping it, and then properly combining them. Someone who can mentally organize the relationship of different parts and how these parts combine to form the resulting product will develop patience and tenacity that they didn't have before. This leads to improved Stamina.

Production Mastery is a skill that reflects the heart of the maker. The heart of the maker who imagines the completed product has a more delicate skill, and his intense desire and imagination lead to a successful incarnation of the result in the real world. Making something or discovering in order to make something is the driving force that develops the Production Mastery skill. Production Mastery passively increases the gathering and production success rate of all life skills.

Xinya clenched his fists with glee because this skill is exactly what he needed. With this skill, he would have an easier time when working with potions.