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9 Old Wang’s Farm Edited*

 "My older sister went to Old Man Wang's farm across the hill. She went to get some ingredients for the stew she is preparing for mother's birthday surprise, but it is getting late and she still hasn't returned yet. Can you go to Old Man Wang's farm and see what she is doing?"

"Sure, no problem, I will go right away," Xinya replied.

Quest has been created: The restaurant owner's son is worried that his sister won't make it back in time to finish cooking their mother's birthday meal, go to Old Man Wang's farm and help the sister make it back on time.

Reward: 15 exp 10 bronze coins

Learn:?? And ??

The young boy gave Xinya a hand-drawn map and sent him on his way. It took all of twenty minutes to reach the farm. There was a young woman standing in the middle of the field, she appeared to be 18 or 19 years old she had on a green jumper with a straw hat. At the moment she was frantically swatting away three giant crow looking birds that had two heads and glowing red eyes.

Xinya knew these birds they were called Glass Wyverns. They are basically harmless to players but to crops, they are a menace. They can eat up an entire crop in less than an hour if not stopped, their weakness is water. Once they get their wings wet, they won't be able to fly causing them to be sitting ducks for whatever predators that have their eyes on them.

Seeing a well and a bucket filled with water, Xinya grabbed it. Using the ladle inside the bucket he splashed the birds, close enough so that they could feel the water but not close enough for them to get drenched. Although their carcasses would fetch a pretty penny at the market, with only one point in STR they would take forever to kill.

As Xinya was putting the bucket down the young woman let out an excited screech bouncing over towards him.

"Thanks so much mister, I been dealing with those darn birds for the last couple of hours. If you hadn't come I don't know what I would have done. By the way the name Macaroon, what's yours?" Macaroon said while sticking her hand out.

Xinya looked at the offered hand then back at her and just smiled ignoring her outreached hand.

"My name is Drifting Cloud."

"Oh," she says while putting down her arm in an awkward manner."It's nice to meet you. May I know why you are here?"

"You younger brother asked me to come to check on you. He was worried you wouldn't make it back on time to fix dinner for your mother's birthday."

Slapping her forehead Macaroon said, " Oh no, I was so preoccupied with those darn birds I almost forgot my main purpose, I need to hurry up and gather the ingredients that I need.

Quest Completed. You have gained 15 exp and 10 bronze coins. You have gained two new skills, please check your skill bar for more details.

Xinya opened his skill bar to see his two new skills, looking down at the list he saw that he gained a skill called Hoeing and one called Harvesting.

Hoeing was a passive skill that improves the ability to gather different types of plants with a Hoe. Although dirty-minded people would say it is something entirely different. To rank up this all you had to hoe different plants.

Harvesting was a passive skill that improves the ability to gather harvestable using a Sickle or by hand. To level up this skill all you need to do is harvest different plants. This also counts towards herbs that helps a person create potions.

Putting away the skill bar Xinya saw that the girl was still standing there looking at him sheepishly.

"I'm sorry to bother you again mister but do you mind helping me?"

Quest Triggered

"What do you need help with?" Xinya asked.

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"I don't think I will make it back in time if I have to gather everything I need by myself, would you mind getting half of the ingredients for me?"

"No problem, I would be happy to help." He replied.

Quest has been created: Macaroon needs you to gather ten potatoes, five carrots and two stacks of rice in 1 hour.

Reward: 25 exp 25 bronze coins

After getting an extra set of tools from Macaroon, Xinya set out to harvest some potatoes. Since he was only a novice at the skill he did poorly at first. Similar to the real world when someone just beginning to learn something but as he kept doing it and his skill leveled up a rank he became more accustomed to the action of harvesting plants.

In his old life, he cooked a bit in this game but he only had two recipes and the ingredients were so easy to find that you could basically stumble across it by just walking through the woods. In his last life, he focused more on gathering herbs for potions to sell to make money as making potions himself were just too expensive.

To make potions you needed a potions kit and there only three ways of getting one, via a treasure chest, a random quest reward or in the beginner town. Few people had them and after the update, most people wouldn't sell theirs and the ones who did sell them for an extraordinary amount.

Letting out a sigh, Xinya thought about his next course of action after getting all the skills that will help him with cooking while he continued gathering the ingredients that he needed to give to Macaroon.