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7 Drifting Cloud Edited*

 After picking the Dryad, Marisol took him to the character customization screen came, but Xinya felt that there was no point in wasting time on it. Most people tweak their character a bit so they wouldn't be recognized in the real world, but his Dryad counterpart was kind of unrecognizable. If you look past the outer exterior of his character someone might recognize him, but Xinya felt that it was highly doubtful that someone would that closely at him.

"Marisol, I'm finished with this part," Xinya said to the fairy that hovering near him.

Waving her hand, another screen popped up. It was the screen that let you pick your beginner stats. To start off everyone gets twenty points that can be put in either of your six starting stats. There was health, magic power, stamina, strength, intelligence, and dexterity.

While strength, intelligence, and dexterity only go up by one when you but a point into them, health, magic, and stamina got up ten points. For example his you put 3 points in health, your health will be 30 points.

You can put in these stats manually or you could let the NPC fairy roll them for you. If you let the NPC do it there is a chance you can get point in a hidden stat. There were two hidden stats, one was Will and the other was Luck.

Will was a stat that determines your mental prowess. The more Will you have, the better a person can survive dangerous situations. Will also affect your critical damage, combat skills, magic defense and the ability to survive fatal blows. Will is one of the most sought-after stats for rankers, but it is also the hardest to get. To get it you need to survive a hit with only 1% of health remaining and if you could do that there it is only a 2% chance of acquiring it.

Luck, on the other hand, is a mysterious and unexplainable phenomenon that helps you. The more Luck you have, the more often good things happen to you and the more bonuses you gain from different NPCs. Luck also affects critical chance, evasiveness, and the success rate of every life skill. Sadly, luck is the hardest stat to get, you have to catch a rainbow tailed fish, it doesn't sound difficult but even four years from now nobody has ever caught it. The number of people who have the luck stat from the NPC roll could be counted on one hand. Although if you use the NPC you can start out with terrible stats people still will take that chance. Which is why Xinya asked the fairy to roll his stats.

"You want me to pick your stats? Oh, goodie!" The fairy said with a look of glee on her face. Waving her tiny hands a giant lever appeared by her side, while a stat card appeared by Xinya's head. With one last delighted giggle, the fairy pulled down the lever as hard as she could.

A couple of seconds passed by as the numbers began to appear, Xinya was quite nervous he hoped he didn't make a mistake by doing this. If he gets a bad roll you might have just put a set back into his plans. Once the numbers stopped moving he heard the fairy laugh excitedly while clapping her hands.

"Wow, this was my best roll ever!" Marisol said looking proud of herself.

Turning his head slowing, Xinya finally got a look at his stats. He couldn't believe his eyes so much that he did a double-take. He got Luck, the one he was hoping to get. Although there was only one point in it, it was still great, because although it's hard to get it's not difficult to train. Looking at the rest of his stats they seem alright, he got 5 points into HP, 6 into MP, 3 into STA, 1 into STR, 2 into INT and 3 into DEX.

Although his STR was worrying, he wasn't planning on leveling it once he gets his job anyway, but he does need to get to level 10 before that. Which he knew would be hard with only one STR. Shaking his head he motions for the fairy to continue.

"You're almost done all you have to do is pick your name and then I will send you on your way to the beginner town."

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Xinya thought hard about a name, in his last life he didn't really care because he wasn't really playing, so he just named his character Worker #2 as a joke, but now since he is going to really be playing and exploring the world he wanted something that would suit him. After a few minutes of thinking, he knew exactly what he wanted his name to be.

"I want my name to be Drifting Cloud," he said to the NPC.

The fairy eyes blanked for a moment and Xinya knew she was checking her databases to see if that name could be used after another moment passed she came back to life with a smile.

"The name you have chosen is available. You are now Drifting Cloud. Are you ready to begin your adventure in Haven?"

After Xinya nodded the fairy flicked her hands and he had transported away, into one of the many bustling beginner towns.