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5 Game Start Edited*

 It was a Saturday when his VR Pod came. Xinya was so excited to start playing, he was looking forward to beginning his money-making adventure. Not to say that playing the game was only for that purpose, Xinya truly enjoyed playing. He loved discovering everything in that world. In his last life even though he was confined to the daily grind of doing tasks that would profit him didn't mean that he didn't go on the forums and read other people's adventures in the game.

There was even a special website called KiloXA that allows players to live-stream themselves inside of the game. It was a good way to make a name for yourself while making some cash on the side. Xinya used to watch a lot of different broadcasts and have all sorts of special places stored in his brain. If it wasn't for lack of interest in grinding for levels he could probably be a ranker.

Xinya watched as the men finish setting up his new pod with glee. In his old life, he never imagined that he be able to one. The pod cost alone was a staggering amount of $55,000, plus the medical assistance fee of $100 a month and if that wasn't bad enough there was still the price of nutrient solution. Lucky the pod came with a six month supply of the stuff but after that, he would have to pay $200 dollars for a case.

After the men left Xinya went over to inspect his new purchase. Caressing the metal encasing, Xinya felt that it was worth the price because it was a gorgeous piece of machinery. The pod itself was as big as a small twin-sized bed, it was oval in shape and had a small hatch that opened. Opening the hatch to pod he saw that there was a comfortable mattress for him to lay on, electronic eyewear that was connected to the pod itself, some electrodes that needed to be hooked up to the body and small plastic tubes sticking out of the sides.

Xinya was confused about why the tubes were there for a minute when he remembered that they were there to get the nutrient solution in. He heard that it turns into a gas and seeps into your body while you're in the virtual reality. Turning around he wanted to see Wei's reaction to the pod only to see her staring at it as if it was her long lost lover. Shaking his head at her reaction, he turned his attention back towards the pod. He did offer to help her pay for the rest of her, it was the least he could do after she helped him so much, but she denied his offer saying that would pay for it herself.

He did try to insist because he knew she was worried about how expensive it was and she knew that he didn't have a lot of money after buying his. She ignored him saying that she be able to afford it soon and when she gets one he better help her level up, to which he just nodded and said he promised he would.

Wei gushed about his pod some before leaving saying that her jealousy will take over if she stayed any longer. Which actually meant that she had to go to work and make enough so she could get her own. After she left Xinya made sure the door was locked and went right back into his room it was time to play.

After getting himself situated in the machine he made sure that he was all hooked before closing the hatch and pressing the button to turn the pod on. A ding sound was heard before a mechanical voice begins speaking.

[System: Do you wish to register this pod?]


[System: Scanning.... this pod have been registered to Yin Xinya, Male, age 18, SS: 123-xx-xxxx. Is this information correct?]

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[System: Which game would you like to play?]

"Haven Online."

[System: One moment please.]

There were a series of different beeps for around 10 minutes before the voice spoke again.

[System: Would you like to begin the game now?]


[System: Internalizing...]

Suddenly Xinya world turned to black before a cut scene started playing. It showed Haven Online as a place where you have the freedom to do anything you dream of doing. He remembered watching it in his past life but not really paying attention to it but this time he watched with expectation. After the cut scene was over he was brought to a white room where a floating fairy NPC with long orange hair and pink wings were waiting at.

"Hello, my name is Marisol. Welcome to Haven Online, is there anything you would like to ask before you create your character?" The fairy asked in a cheerful tone.

Shaking his head Xinya replied, "No, there is nothing I need to ask."

"Alright, then please create your character." With a wave of her hand, Xinya was surrounded by 8 different races to choose from.