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2 Recollection *Edited

 After making that promise, Xinya picked up his cell to see the exact date again. He could see that it was April 16, 2213, meaning that it was exactly 3 months since that woman manipulated his father into believing the very worst of him.

It still pained him to this day that his father would take the word of that gold-digging molester over the word of his own flesh and blood. It was because of that woman that he developed Gynophobia.

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Every time he is near a woman he feels immediate, overwhelming fear to the point where he gets panic attacks.

He really misses those times before she came. His father used to dote on him, especially after his mother passed away and it was just the two of them. Even when his leg became the way it is, his father still cared for him even if he stopped expecting much from him.

Everything changed when his father got remarried, that's when Xinya caught his stepmother's eye.

Xinya was always a beautiful boy and his stepmother loved beautiful boys. Nothing much happened in the beginning, she was very nice always wanting to dote on him. He soon learned that she waiting for him to let his guard down.

The older he grew the more things escalated, from casual touches to more inappropriate ones. Since he was in a wheelchair she would wheel him to dark corners of their mansion out of the site of various maids and butlers and grope him only to get upset when he never got hard.

Xinya didn't know what to do he was always a timid child especially after his accident. With his father being away most of the time and with his stepmother removing all the phones from the house he didn't know what to do.

It wasn't until one night before his father would return that he made a promise to tell his father everything. It all started at dinner his stepmother was acting really suspicious not her usual touchy way. She had this creepy smile on her face and kept urging him to drink. Xinya knew he was slow about a lot of things but he knew something was up.

Luckily for him, her cell phone rang making her have to excuse herself from the table. This let Xinya have the perfect opportunity to dump the drink out into a potted plant that wasn't too far from him. When she returned and saw that his glass was empty she just smiled and resumed eating.

After excusing himself Xinya went to bed and about an hour or so later he awoke to his stepmother in sheer lingerie grinding on him. Panicking Xinya grabbed a book from his dresser and knocked her upside the head with it pushing her off him.

Dragging himself to his wheelchair he tried to escape from the house and get some help but she recovered quickly and went to block the front door all the while screaming at him. Just as they reached the door it opened revealing Xinya's father.

His stepmother was a sneakily one she knew one day she would get caught, so for years, she has been telling Xinyas father that she felt uncomfortable around his son, that Xinya had been looking at her weirdly, and that he touched her inappropriately. Xinya father wrote it off as a misunderstanding but after walking in on this scene of his wife distressed, disheveled, bleeding from the head and his son chasing after her, he started to believe.

Xinya tried to plead with his father, of his innocence but his father already been brainwashed by his stepmother. His father proceeded to disinherit him only allowing him to take a few of his possessions before kicking him out of the house. The only good thing was that he still had 100 thousand dollars left to him by his mother, although he wasn't allowed to touch it until his 18th birthday.

He thought about getting revenge on his stepmother and his dimwitted father but decided against it, since he knew karma was just a couple years away. In his last life two years from now, his father will walk in on her having sex with the gardener's 15-year-old son on the kitchen table. After paying off the boy Xinya's father was about to divorce her but it turned out that she was pregnant and the baby was his.

His father stayed together with her but after she gave birth she mysteriously disappeared. It was quite the scandal in society news for some time. Xinya held out some hope that his father would come to find him and admit his wrongs but he never did. Xinya guessed that since his father had a new son that was in perfect condition that he had no use for him anymore. Although it hurt he had gotten over it, it helped that his father lost credibility with his peers and his business stocks fell to less than 200 thousand. Yes, his father having to rebuild his empire was punishment enough.