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188 Rock Paper Scissors

 Smiling triumphantly as the monster began to disintegrate into particles of light, Xinya could only think about how it had been a long, hard battle but with their combined effort they had defeated it. However, there was a certain point during the battle, when the monster was spewing poison, that he thought that the creature would get the best of them, but he was glad that he was proved wrong.

It seems that over the course of time in which they traveled together, their teamwork had improved. Wei skills in fighting had improved, Melting Snow wasn't as spontaneous as he was before, and Wandering Sound's abilities with his flute had advanced tremendously.

Xinya could still remember when they first entered Baldahurh Forest, and the man wasn't even able to run while playing his flute. The man from then and the one from now was completely different, the same could be said for Melting Snow and Wei.

They all had improved so much, even himself, and knowing this Xinya felt much better about Wei going off on her own. He didn't show it, but he was a tad worried about letting her go off with Wandering Sound.

However, after that battle, he was feeling better about it. She had come a long way from the amateur player that she was, she still has a long way to go but he could see the potential in her.

"Oh my goodness, that battle took forever!" Wei exclaimed, she thought they would be fighting that creature for hours.

Flopping to the ground, Melting Snow just nodded his head at Roaming Wind tiredly. That monster was way out of their league because one it was a higher level than they were, but also it was transformed. They had a lot of close calls while fighting that monster, at one point he was sure that one of them would die.

"Tell me about it," stated Wandering Sound while working out the kinks in his neck. "But that monster gave me the experience I needed to level up to 30."

"Me too! I'm now level 27!" Melting Snow exclaimed happily.

Checking her own experience bar, Wei let out a sigh, "You two are lucky, I still need about 2000 more exp before I hit 21."

"Same here, Roaming Wind. I'm still stuck on 25 as well." Xinya told her as he looked at how much experience points he had.

Xinya felt like sighing too, all he needed was a mere 5 exp and he would have leveled up. At this moment he could really relate to the saying, 'so near, and yet so far'. That saying was exactly how he felt right now.

Getting up from where he was seated, Melting Snow walked over to the dropped items. While he was basking in their victory he had all but forgotten about them, but now he was curious as to what the monster dropped.

He knew that it had to be good since the creature was a boss that was transformed. Crossing his fingers he hoped that a sword had dropped, he really wanted new ones. The ones he had now we're something that his brother got custom made for him and although they were great quality with high attack power, they weren't something he got with his own effort.

Noticing that Melting Snow was checking out what the monster had dropped, Wei said, "Did anything good drop, snow boy?"

"I told you not to call me that!" Melting Snow exclaimed, pausing in the midst of grabbing one of the items that were on the ground. "And I don't know I haven't even looked at anything yet."

After childishly making a face at the woman, Melting Snow turned back to the items the monster dropped. Each of the items looked exactly the same, small boxed shaped white cubes like always. It was only when a player picked them up that the item was revealed.

Picking up the closest white box, Melting Snow saw that it was something none of them could use. After sending the information to all of them he set it back on the ground. They would divvy up the items after they all were revealed.

It seemed that luck wasn't on Melting Snow's side today, the monster did not drop a sword for him, but it did drop something that would be very beneficial to him. Which was a gold tier armor set that was exclusive to his class.

"I can't believe it, after all that hard work we had to do to kill that monster, it only dropped one thing that one of us can use," Wei said regretfully as she looked at each item.

Nodding in agreement at Roaming Winds words, Wandering Sound began reading the descriptions of the five items the monster dropped:

Nori's Battle Axe: This one-handed battle-ax was modeled after a weapon used by the supreme warrior Nori. Nori would always walk on the battlefield holding a spotless ax, only to leave with blood dripping one. It was said that the blood made his ax more powerful.  [Attack damage: 450-600 Skill damage: +200  Special Skill: Bloodletting]*A player needs to be level 20 to use this ax.

StarLight Microphone: A wireless microphone that glows as brightly as the stars. The delicate, iridescent design replicates the stars in the night sky. This microphone will amplify a player's voice making it crisp and clear for all to hear. [Voice power + 50 Clarity of sound +50 Enchantment +55]*This microphone can only be used by sirens or players with level 20 singing ability.

Tiger Claw Lance Blueprint: A blueprint for a lance with a plated tiger design. The tiger flashes at opponents unexpectedly, catching the opponent off-guard and leaving them open. While a lance can be used to attack enemies that are far away, it cannot be used to attack nearby enemies.*Only a player with the blacksmith skill level 25+ will be able to make this lance.

Eye of the Covert Atranoch: The eye of a Covert Atranoch is a rare drop that can be used to create a power stone. This stone will greatly increase an alchemist's power by tenfold. *Only an alchemist with the skill level of 50+ will be able to use this item.

Homaru's Silver Petal Armor set: Homaru was a weak lad, knowing that his father had an armor custom made for him to keep him safe. This upgradable silver and pink traditional hakama were made from the finest materials, such as the Iron blood silkworms, and the steel toe sheep. [Magic Protection +25 Defense +20 Attack +15 Speed +5]*Only a player with the Dual Blade class will be able to wear this armor.

"Well we know which item Melting Snow is taking but what about the others?" Wei asked. "We might not be able to use them but they will bring in a pretty penny."

"Let's just roll for the first three items and we could all play rock paper scissors for the spare one." Wandering Sound suggested.

Xinya thought what the man proposed sounded fair, what they get would be based on their own luck, so no one will be mad. "Alright, let's do it your way."

After Melting Snow took the armor the three of them rolled for the leftover items. With Xinya getting the microphone, Wei getting the battle-ax, and Wandering Sound getting the blueprint. Once that was done, the entire party played three rounds of RPS for the Eye of the Covert Atranoch, with Wei coming out as the victor.

"Man, I almost won!" yelled Melting Snow who was staring at the hand that was showing scissors as if it betrayed him.

Laughing victoriously at the pouting boy, Wei said, " But you didn't, I did."

Xinya who lost in the second round of the game just shook his head at the two of them. Opening his interface he checked his map for the best route out of the grove. "If everyone is ready, we should get going. I think we can make it to Arkala by tomorrow evening if we leave now."

"I'm ready, let's go!" announced an excited Melting Snow. He couldn't wait to reach Arkala and see his cousin again.

With smiles on their faces, the group followed behind Xinya as he led the way out of Brimree Grove.