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183 Madér Tree Bud

 A wry smile played across Xinya's face as he held the pulsating plant in his hand. Glancing at his friends, he could only give a helpless shrug towards the looks that they were giving him.

\"You triggered a quest didn't you?\" Wandering Sound asked through party voice chat. He knew that the man did, he didn't even know why he was asking. If there was one thing that he was sure of, it was Drifting Cloud's ability to trigger all sorts of strange quests.

Bobbing his head yes to Wandering Sound's question, Xinya let out a small sigh.

Melting Snow, who was looking at Drifting Cloud with gleaming eyes said, \"Do you think it would be an adventure type one, like going to a Fae dungeon.\"

\"Do you think we are strong enough to handle that sort of thing?\" Wei asked with a roll of her eyes. \"And the quest might not even be sharable did you think of that?\"

As his friends talked in the background, Xinya looked over to the two Fae women who were staring at the plant in his hand as if it was their world he was holding, and wondered what was the story behind it. However, even though he was curious he knew he had to be cautious about accepting any quests in this realm.

If it was anywhere else he wouldn't have minded, but since it was here in this world, it made him feel a little wary. All of the NPC Fae he met so far was a very high level and he had a feeling that any kind of quest that was given to him would be a straight-up suicide mission.

Xinya knew he was overthinking things, and the quest that he triggered could be just an easy one like the fetch and carry kind. But he thought back to a couple of minutes ago when the guards rushed out to get ready for war and had a feeling that it wouldn't be that simple.

So Xinya decided that he would just hear the Fae woman out and if the quest that he was given was too difficult he would just turn it down. Although, he really hoped that it would be something that he was capable of doing.


\"\" Rhiannon stuttered looking at the Madér bud in wonderment and awe.

Rushing out from behind the counter, Rhiannon made her way over to the green-haired boy never once taking her eyes off of the plant in his hand. Her eyes began to well up, but she desperately tried to hold back the tears of happiness that wanted to flow down her face.

She had been searching for years for seeds of the Madér tree, only to find this one dormant bud. No matter what she did she wasn't able to awaken it, neither could the specialists that she hired to research it.

For this random outsider to be able to awaken it was just mind-boggling to her. Rhiannon felt as though her three world views had been shaken.

Needing to make sure what she was seeing was real, she snatched the Madér bud out of the boy's hand. However, as soon as she picked it up it became dormant once more.

Seeing the Madér bud that was just teeming with life just a few seconds ago revert back to this hollow state almost broke her. \"Why?\"

Alvaria, who also knew the importance of that bud, rushed over to Rhiannon to see what was happening. Only to see her friend staring silently at the once more dormant Madér bud in her hand.

\"What happened, Rhiannon?\" Alvaria asked, looking very concerned. She knew how hard her friend had been searching all these years for the seeds of the Madér tree only to find a dormant one. For her to see it come to life only to revert back after a minute must have been a devastating blow.

\"I don't know,\" Rhiannon replied, shaking her head in a confused manner. \"It was just alive.\"

Looking at the bud, Alvaria turned her gaze to the green-haired boy who was staring at them silently. Looking closer at him, she realized something that she didn't notice about him before.

\"Your a Dryad,\" breathed out Alvaria in surprise.

Snapping her head up at her friend's words, Rhiannon looked over to where the green-haired man was standing. She stared intensely at him, trying to see if what Alvaria said was correct.

She had read all about the Dryad race a long time ago in the history books, they were said to be a very distant cousin of the Fae.

They were also said to be the only beings of the other realm who were very much welcomed into theirs. However, a couple of thousand years ago the Dryad race stopped appearing and was said to have died out.

There were no pictures of them, only a description of how they looked and their powers. From what she read she knew that dryads held strong power over plants, particularly trees and wood.

A really powerful Dryads could make plants grow within seconds and can change a seed into a towering oak. They also had a special skill called Wood Manipulation that allows Dryads to call on the energy within the wood, even that of wood that was dead.

When everything she read about the dryad race came flooding back into her mind, her eyes lit up with hope. Unable to help herself she stepped closer to Xinya, \"Are you really a Dryad?\"

Although confused by the question, Xinya answered anyway, \"Yes I am.\"

Hearing his words, Alvaria gasped happily, while Rhiannon smiled in delight. She couldn't believe her luck, her bracelet was returned by the one person who could save them.

\"Please can you help me?\" Rhiannon began, her eyes filled with hope. \"No, not just me, but my entire realm.\"

Seeing the desperation in the woman's eyes, he asked, \"How can I help?\"

[Quest has been created!]

The Fae realm needs your help. The Unseelie has become blinded and has disrupted nature's balance. With them not stopping the anomalies from forming,

impurities have begun building up destroying the magical essence of this realm. The magical essence comes from the Madér trees, but they are all now slowly dying. If all of the Madér trees die the Fae realm will collapse upon itself. Rhiannon wants you to completely awaken this Madér bud, and only bring it back once the tree blooms fully. *It is advised to have Level 20 farming skill before attempting to plant this bud in the ground.

Reward: ??? exp / ??? coins / ??? *Racial Skill