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182 Something Unexpected

 With a graceful wave of the hand, Rhiannon spun on her heel and started walking back to the large crystalized counter expecting Xinya and his friends to follow her. Unbeknownst to her as she walked a lively chat that she wasn't able to hear was taking place just behind her back.

\"Drifting Cloud, why did you say that?!\" Wei exclaimed using the party's voice chat.

Nodding his head at her words, Melting Snow said, \"Yeah, why did you? You still  haven't found anything for yourself yet.\"

\"Actually, I have,\" Xinya announced, holding up the seed packet in his hand as proof. \"I was going to show you all it, but when that guard came running in to find the other guards, I had no time to do so.\"

\"What is it?\" Wandering Sound asked, curious as to what the green-haired man had decided on getting.

Xinya wasn't able to share the seed package information with everyone since he didn't own it yet, so instead, he read the details of it to them. From their faces, he could tell that they weren't very impressed with what he picked out.

\"Are you sure that you want to settle on that. You can always just tell that lady that you changed your mind. I will help you beg for more time.\" Melting Snow sincerely told him.

The furry eared boy really thought that the only reason why his friend picked that item was because they were being rushed by the store owner. He really hoped that wasn't the case, he didn't want his friend to be wronged.

To be honest when Melting Snow saw that guard rush in he was almost certain that they would somehow trigger a quest. When that didn't happen and the guards left he had a bad feeling something would happen.

He knew that the others felt the same, so when Rhiannon walked over and began rushing them, he was one step away from digging through one of those items piles to help Drifting Cloud find something. So when Drifting Cloud told that woman that they were all set, he was taken aback.

Melting Snow thought that his friend just gave up on finding something and was going to leave without getting anything. However, when he saw that Drifting Cloud did indeed get an item of his own, he was excited for him. But after learning that it was only a packet of seeds, he once again felt bad for the man.

He could only assume that the man just settled on the last thing he was looking at when that woman came over. This made him upset, he didn't want his friend to buy any old thing just because he felt he had to.

Feeling touched and a little amused at the boy's words, Xinya said, \"It's not like that, I actually want these seeds.\"

\"You're not lying to us are you?\" Wei asked. She knew how kind Xinya was, and how he wouldn't want them to lose the objects that they had found. So him doing this for their sake was very possible. \"It wouldn't hurt to ask for more time if you need it.\"

\"Guys, I know what you are thinking, but did you forget that I want to set up a farm once we get to Arkala? I really want these seeds, they are not something I settled on.\" Xinya huffed assertedly.

Feeling contrite, Wei and Melting Snow lowered his head. They felt ashamed for doubting him. However, in their defense, they just didn't want their friend to settle on any old thing.

Knowing that his two were probably pouting behind him, Xinya just grinned and continued following Rhiannon. It took about five minutes before the group reached the large crystalized counter.

Trying to make his way through all of those item stacks had been difficult and he was a little jealous of lady Rhiannon who was able to fly over them. He really didn't know why she just didn't make the items disappear like before.


\"Please have your items ready so that we can take care of you quickly,\" Rhiannon said once they were all at the counter.

Xinya was really curious as to how the transaction would take place, but as quickly as he thought about it he found out.

Rhiannon waved a glowing hand across the crystalized counter, and two crystal pillars raised up from it. \"These are called converters, I had them installed a long time ago when I thought that a certain someone would come. This will allow your other realm money to be converted into our currency.\"

\"Don't you use gold coins? That's what it said when we checked the price of the different items.\" Questioned Wandering Sound, in confusion.

\"I assumed that is because of the translation device your group is using. \" Rhiannon explained. \"Since everything in this shop is written in the language of the Fae.\"

\"Does that mean the Fae can speak our world's language?\" Wei asked. She had thought that the game made the Fae speak the same language as everyone else, but now she wasn't so sure.

Shaking her head, Rhiannon said, \"No we are not. We the Seelie are gifted with the ability to understand every creature of nature.\"

Seeing as the outsiders had no more questions to ask and understood how the converter worked Rhiannon and her assistant started the process of checking them out, beginning with the fury eared boy and the musician. Taking the egg from the boy, Rhiannon placed it on top of the crystal pillar.

As soon as the egg was placed down a white light surrounded it and a transparent screen appeared. On it was all of the egg details and an agreement contract.

\"What's this?\" Wandering Sound asked as he read through the same agreement that appeared when the assistant put his scrolls down on the other pillar.

\"They are magical contracts,\" Rhiannon explained, looking at them all seriously. \"The products that you buy here are not to be used in an evil way. If they are used in that manner they will vanish from your possession.\"

When Wandering Sound and the others heard Rhiannon's words they nodded their heads in understanding. It was only right for Rhiannon to do this, if the things they were buying were in the hands of people who liked to do illegal PVP, without this safeguard who knew what could happen.

While Melting Snow and Wandering Sound were busy signing and paying for their items, Xinya noticed a small strange-looking plant on the edge of the counter. Curious as to what kind of plant it was, Xinya went over towards it stretching out his hand to touch it.

Rhiannon noticed that the boy was about to touch one of the dormant Madér tree buds was about to yell and stop him. However before she could even get the words out, Xinya already picked it up.

She could only look on as an aura of green particles burst forth from the bud in awe, and Xinya who was holding the plant heard a familiar notification that made him give a helpless smile.

[Quest Triggered! ]