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181 Let’s Shop Pt 4

 \"The name of this realm is called Bergebéliard and it is inhabited by the Fae of dark and light.\" Mavis began as she looked around at the outsiders.

Wei was confused, she never knew that there was more type of Fae in this world. She couldn't wait to learn more about this realm. \"So there's a light and dark Fae?\"

\"Yes, there is. I and everyone in this territory are a Dark Fae, also known as the Seelie.\" divulged Mavis. \"Outside of our territory is where the light Fae dwell, they are known as the Unseelie.\"

\"Are the Seelie and the Unseelie Fae very different from each other?\" Melting Snow asked curiously. He had long stopped looking through the item pile and was only focusing on the female Fae that was standing in front of him.

Giving a small assenting hum, Mavis said, \"We are completely different from each other, as the sun is to the moon. We Seelie are attuned with nature, from birth we are imprinted with the knowledge that the magic that all Fae are born with comes from the Madér trees. Knowing that we Seelie have tried our best not to disrupt the natural balance.\"

\"Is that why you all live in trees?\" Wei questioned since that would make sense. Instead of cutting down trees to build houses, they build them on top of the trees using a material that was in abundance and didn't hold any importance.

\"Yes, you are correct,\" Mavis stated. \"However, unlike us, the Unseelie are attuned with the abnormal. While we were the keepers of nature, they were the destroyers of the unclean. We used to work in harmony keeping are realm pure, but something happened a couple of hundred years ago and the Unseelie changed. At first, we didn't notice but now...\"

\"Now what?\" Wandering Sound asked after Mavis trailed off. He had a feeling that something big was going on here but had no clue as to what it was.

Shaking her head as if to clear it, Mavis said, \"I have already said too much, outsiders shouldn't know anymore.\"

\"Well, I'm already thankful that you told us this much,\" admitted Wei. She didn't want to pry more into it in case they learn something they shouldn't and get kicked out of the store before they could purchase their items.

\"You are welcome,\" Mavis said. She was really beginning to like the elven girl. \"I almost forgot, I wanted to ask what object in the shop you three settled on.\"

While Wei, Melting Snow and Wandering Sound showed Mavis the items they picked out to buy, Xinya finally found something interesting. It was a seed packet and after reading the description Xinya knew that he had to get it.

Rhiannon's special seed packet: Throughout her travels through the different regions of  Bergebéliard, Rhiannon found unknown seeds that didn't seem to be growable. Saving one of each of the five types of seeds she found, she hoped that maybe one day the person buys them would be able to do what she couldn't. *There will be a lot of pain and anguish trying to grow these seeds but the rewards will be satisfying.Price: 84 gold 30 silver.

Although this packet of seeds wasn't that great of an item like what his friends had found, Xinya was still intrigued by the packet. The fact that he would be able to grow plants that were from the fairy realm, was already enough of a reason for him to buy it.

Just thinking about the unique stats and bonuses these plants would bring to his farm made him smile. Opening up his interface he checked his status, he wanted to make sure that even after buying this seed packet he would have enough to buy a farm once he reached Arkala.

Name: Drifting Cloud   Title: Fisherman's Recognition

HP: 320/320    Level: 23

MP: 280/280   EXP:500600/1300000

Stamina: 280/280 Skill points: 25

Str: 4      Dex: 15

Int: 4      Luck: 11

Coins: 94 gold 47 silver 700 bronze

'Once I buy this, I will only have 10 gold left. That would be more than enough to buy the farm I am aiming for.' Xinya thought after closing his interface.

Just as he was about to tell the others that he found the object that he wanted to buy, an unknown guard rushed into the shop in a hurry. The man was panting and out of breath, but he didn't stop until he found Fiore and the other guards.

\"What's going on?\" Fiore asked the man. He knew that something terrible must have happened for this low ranked guard to rush into this prestigious shop like he did try to locate him. \"Tell me quickly!\"

\"Sir, the Unseelie were seen flying towards our territory borders bringing an army of over 100 thousand. Captain Leihelm, told me and 5 other guards to go fly to the nearest outposts in the Seelie territory and gather more guards before the inevitable fight begins\" The guard explained in a rush.

\"Those damn Unseelie, how dare they!\" Fiore bellowed angrily, clenching his hand into fists. \"Let's head out, we need to go to the barracks and prepare for war.\"

Signaling to his subordinates, Fiore left the shop with a flourish, not even sparing a glance to Rhiannon or her assistant.

Once the guards left the atmosphere of the shop changed, becoming gloomily. Xinya didn't know what was going on, he didn't remember reading about a fairy war in his last life.

The person who got the bracelet in his last life either must not have divulged the details of his experience here or he came before it all happened. Xinya figured it was latter since it did take him a while before he and his party were able to get here.

He really hoped that he wasn't pulled into some quest because of this, because there was no way he and his friends were strong enough to be of any help in this situation. The best thing for them is to purchase their items and leave this realm.


Unknowingly to Xinya, Rhiannon was thinking the same thing. With the emanate threat of war hanging over their heads, she didn't want these outsiders to somehow become entangled up with it.

The best solution for that not happening was for her to get them to leave this realm as soon as possible. With that thought in mind, she left the counter and walked over to her four confused looking guests.

Clearing her throat to get their attention, she said, \"I'm sorry to rush you, but I think it would be best if you hurry up and pick out what you want to buy, so I can send you off back to your world.\"

\"There's no need to be sorry,\" responded Xinya with a slight smile. \"We have already picked out the items we wanted to buy, we were about to head to the counter when the guards left.\"

\"Oh, then follow me to the counter to purchase your items,\" Rhiannon said with a grin, she was pleased that they would be leaving soon. If something were to happen to them she would feel responsible, since they only came here because of her bracelet.