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180 Let’s Shop Pt 3

 \"Do you have a general idea about what you want to buy?\" Wandering Sound asked as he watched Drifting Cloud aimlessly look through the pile of objects that were in front of him.

Sighing inwardly, Xinya glanced at Wandering Sound. The man was smiling happily, clutching the scroll he had found, for some reason, this made him annoyed. He wasn't annoyed at his friend, but at his own inadequacy of finding something he liked in one of these piles.

One by one all of his friends had found something that was great, while also being very suited to their class, but here he was just blindly flailing about with no idea what he should be looking for. He felt very frustrated at this situation, but there was nothing he could do but keep looking around.

If luck was on his side, he might be able to stumble onto something that he would be of great use to him. However, after remembering all the trouble his luck brought him, he would rather have it stay far away from him while he was here in the fairy realm.

Seeing how Wandering Sound was still waiting for him to answer, Xinya pulled himself out of his thoughts, giving the musician a fake smile, he muttered, \"No, but I'm sure I will figure it out soon.\"

\"We can help you look, you know,\" Wei told him. She could tell, even though Xinya was trying to hide it, that he was a little upset that he was unable to find anything that suited him yet. \"You might not know what you want, but with all of us looking together we might find an interesting object you might like.\"

\"Roaming Wind is right, surprisingly. Let us help you look.\" Melting Snow said in agreement.

Wei smiled at the boy when she heard him agreeing with her, however, after a moment of reflection she yelled, \"Hey what do you mean surprisingly, puppy boy?\"

\"Exactly what I said,\" Melting Snow informed her in an amused tone. \"Did you not understand the word?\"

Chuckling at their antics, Wandering Sound held back an irritated Wei who seemed like she was about to go over and give the boy a piece of her mind. He would really miss the back and forth between those two when he and Roaming Wind separate from the group. \"Melting Snow, stop agitating her, we need to help Drifting Cloud look for something good.\"

\"Fine, I will stop,\" the boy said, glancing towards Drifting Cloud who was paying the group no mind as he was reading the description of the triangle shape object in his hand.

Pretending to be properly chastised, Melting Snow went over to one of the item piles that was beside the green-haired man and began searching through it idly. He was only going through the motions of trying to find something for the man because he was 100% certain that Drifting Cloud would find something wonderful since he always manages to.

Even though he didn't mind helping his friend look around, to him this felt like a waste of time. He liked it to busy work that would keep them occupied while they were waiting. Melting Snow didn't really mind, the objects in this store were interesting and he didn't mind seeing what they could do.

However, he knew that soon enough Drifting Cloud would be telling them about the epic item that he found. He really couldn't wait to see what it would be.

If Xinya could read Melting Snow's mind at the moment, he probably wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry at the boy's unwavering faith that he would always find something amazing. It was too bad the boy didn't know that Xinya could care less about finding an amazing object, instead, he just wanted something useful.

While Xinya the group was busy trying to find anything that they thought might be good, they didn't notice one of the guards walking over towards them. \"Did any of you find something you want to buy yet?\"

Turning towards the sound of the voice, Xinya and his friends saw that it was Mavis, the female guard from before.


Mavis had been excited at first when she learned that she would be able to look at the items in Rhiannon's shop, but after a while 'just looking' became boring. Knowing that she wouldn't be able to buy any of these objects put a damper on her mood.

And it wasn't even because she wasn't privileged enough. Even though Rhiannon made the rule that only Fae who held prestige could come in and buy from her shop, she did allow the common Fae to come in to shop at a special time one week out of the year.

However, after seeing the prices of these objects, even if she was to shop here she wouldn't be able to afford it. She was only a border guard without rank, and her pay was only a mere pittance.

So after looking at the overly expensive items in the shop that she would never be able to buy for a while, she became fed up and decided to see what the outsiders were up too. She might not be able to purchase anything, but she could at least check out what others were buying.

Separating from her group, Mavis made her through the stacks of items to the other side of the shop where the outsiders were. As she got nearer, she could see that three of them were clutching something in their arms as he looked at other objects.

She was smart enough to figure out that they were probably helping their green-haired friend look for something, but she was also curious about what they settled on. So once she was near enough to them she asked.


\"Well most of us did,\" Wandering Sound responded, turning towards the beautiful Fae with a smile. \"But, we are trying to help our friend find something as well.\"

\"That's very kind of you all. You didn't want to check out your items first?\" Mavis asked.

Shaking his head, Melting Snow said, \"Nope, we decided that we would check out together.\"

Mavis smiled at the cute boy, she really missed seeing young people playing about. Although the Fae lives are long, their ability to reproduce has decreased exponentially, especially now. Before she could even begin dwelling about it, the singsong voice of the elf girl snapped her out of it.

\"Do you mind telling us more about the Fae?\" Wei asked, looking starry-eyed at the guard. \"I have always been enamored by your kind since I was young, and would love to hear more about the Fae.\"

Mavis blushed at the hero-worship in the girl's eyes, feeling flattered she didn't see any harm in telling the outsiders a little bit about them. Although, she was a tad worried about what the others would think.

She gave a quick glance to her fellow guards that were behind her, when she saw how deeply immersed they were with the items they were looking at, she smiled feeling better. \"Well, let me start off by telling you the name of the fairy realm.\"