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179 Let’s Shop Pt 2

 "So what did you decide on buying, Roaming Wind?" Wandering Sound asked while putting down another overpowered instrument that he wasn't able to afford.

Smiling at the man, Wei showed him the compass that she had found, letting him hold it so that he could read the description. "Isn't it an awesome find?"

"It sure is," Wandering Sound nodded earnestly after reading the details of the compass. "This is a one in a million find, and it will help you immensely while you hunt for treasures."

"I know right, I was thinking the same thing when I first read the description of it," Wei told him after he handed her back the compass.

Wandering Sound was happy that Roaming Wind was able to find such a great item like that, not only was it useful but it also fits perfectly with her job as a treasure hunter. He wishes he could get as lucky, but so far all of the instruments he looked at were way out of his price range.

Even though he was changing his class to Explorer, Wandering Sound still wanted to use his music skills to fight. He was still a musician at heart and didn't want his musical ability to get rusty just in case he decided later that he would return to being an idol.

"So, what about you? Did anything catch your fancy yet?" questioned Wei. She had been watching Wandering Sound for a while now, as he picked up different instruments only to put them down just as fast.

Sighing, softly, Wandering Sound shook his head in regret. "I wanted to find a new instrument but so far all the ones I found are too expensive for me. I think I should just give up looking at them."

"Well, if you can't find an instrument you could buy," Wei stated as she picked up a scroll and begin to read it's description. "Why don't you buy something similar."

"What do you mean?" inquired Wandering Sound, turning his attention away from the pile of instruments and giving it Wei.

Wei handed the scroll she was holding to the bewildered-looking man and said, "There is a whole pile of them over here."

Curious Wandering Sound took the scroll from Wei's hand and as he began to read the scroll's details a small appeared on his face. 'It seems Roaming Wind has found me something just as helpful and a lot more affordable than the instruments.'

Briana's Song: Sir Derrick had always been in love with Lady Briana, however one day when she and her parents were on their way to visit his house tragedy struck and everyone died except Lady Briana. Saddened by her family's loss, she was never able to smile again. Wanting to help her, Sir Derrick had a musician compose a song for her, but happiness could not be faked. *This song has the power to stop a person and make them laugh gleefully until the music ends. **This music composition will turn into a skill once completely learned. Price: 89 gold 43 silver coins.

"Thank you so much Roaming Wind," Wandering Sound said happily, pulling Wei into a quick hug that left her a blushing mess. "I'm sure I will be able to find something I like from these scrolls."

"You don't like the scroll that I gave you?" Wei asked her face still a little red from the hug from before.

Shaking his head in denial, he said, "The scroll you gave me is good, but I want to see if I can find a better one that could be of more help to us during our trip."

"Your right," Wei agreed while nodding her head at him. "You shouldn't just settle on the first scroll I gave you without looking over the other ones. You should keep looking, I will help you."

While Wei and Wandering Sound looked through the musical scrolls, Xinya was looking through another pile of items as Melting Snow watched him holding his newly discovered egg in his arms like a precious treasure. Not that Xinya could blame the boy, after reading the description of it, he would be doing the same.

Panache: This is the egg of a Panche, a bird-like creature that can transform into an item that is only wearable to the player that is its owner. When wearing the Panche the owner will be given a +50 speed buff. Also when the Panche is in adulthood, it will be able to give the player the ability of flight and will transform into wings that the player can control on their own. *Beware the only food the Panache can eat is ones that are sweet and have a very cold temperature.  Price: 83 gold 67 silver coins.

Xinya was a little bit envious of Melting Snow since he had already found something that fit him perfectly. On the other hand, here he was not even knowing what he should get. At first, he thought about looking for a cookbook but decided against it since he knew he probably wouldn't be able to make fairy food without ingredients from this realm.

His second thought was to find some enhanced farming equipment that would be of use to him when he starts building his farm, but so far he found nothing like that here. He was about to scrap that idea and start looking for some fairy made armor when he heard Wandering Sound excited voice speaking to them over the party's voice chat.

"I found what I'm going to get!" exclaimed Wandering Sound, walking with Wei over to where Xinya and Melting Snow were. "I can't believe I found something this incredible."

"Me either, I thought something like that would cost way more," Wei said while smiling brightly.

Curious as to what the man was so excited about, Melting Snow asked, "So, what is it?"

"See for yourself." Wandering Sound handed the scroll in his hand to the boy, after telling him to pass it to Drifting Cloud after he finished reading.

Magical Composition guide & Scroll (100): As with many musicians throughout history, there are times when a person wants to create their own music. They want to be able to express the stories and images of life through their own music. With the help of this Magical Composition guide and scroll, they will be able to create their own music. *Music created by using magical composition will turn into temporary skills that can be used up to 5 times before disappearing. If you are able to create a composition that is a masterpiece the skill created will become permanent. ** You can buy or make more scrolls. Price: 90 gold 80 silver.

"This is a wonderful item, but are you sure you can afford it?" Xinya worriedly asked after looking at the price.

"Don't worry," Wandering Sound said with a smile. "I still have the coins I made when I was working as an idol."

Giving the man a slight smile, Xinya turned back to the pile of items he was looking through and thought, 'Three down only me left. I hope I can find an object that is as good as theirs.'