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178 Let’s Shop Pt 1

 Escorting them out of her office, Rhiannon led the group of nine back down the stairs to the room they first entered when they came into the building. She could see the confusion in everyone's eyes when they led inside of the same luxurious but empty room as before with the lone girl standing behind the counter.

Ignoring the questioning looks she was getting, Rhiannon snapped her fingers releasing the magic she put over the interior of the store. Making the once empty room become filled to the brim with all sorts of different objects. Seeing the look of awe on the faces of the outsiders and even the other Fae when she did so amused her greatly.

Turning to the group who was memorized by all the marvelous items that were all around them, Rhiannon proudly announced, " I would like to officially welcome you all to my store TA Macu. Please feel free to browse around and if you find anything you like to purchase please bring it up to the counter. I will check you out personality."

Once that was said, Rhiannon walked behind the counter and stood next to Alvaria. She would let her guests take their time while they are browsing her wares. 'Who knows, maybe they will come across one of my more interesting items.' She thought before turning to converse with her friend.

Xinya was completely shocked at the sudden transformation that took place in the room, just minutes ago it was completely empty with a glamorous aesthetic that was similar to being inside of a mansion, but now it looked like an overstuffed warehouse. He was honestly surprised that there was any room to maneuver in this mess.

"Oh wow, there is so much stuff. Where should we even begin?" Wei asked, still using the party voice chat.

Shrugging his shoulders at her, Wandering Sound couldn't even begin to start answering that question. The abundance of items in this room was overwhelming to him. Just when an item catches his attention, he would see something else that looked even more interesting than the previous one.

On the other hand, while the others were being enraptured by the multitude of objects all around them, Melting Snow took the initiative to traverse into a pile of items that were piled up in the left-most corner. He knew that they wouldn't be able to spend all day here in this store, so it was better to strike while the iron is hot.

"What are you all doing just standing around like that?!" Melting Snow exclaimed as he picked up an orb-shaped object, studying it for a bit before putting it back down. "Hurry up and start looking. We don't have all day."

Knowing that the boy was right, Xinya snapped out of his wonderment and started looking at the pile of items that was nearest to him. "Melting Snow is right, we don't have the luxury of taking our sweet time here. Let's start looking for something good."

"How will we know if we can afford the item that we choose?" Wei asked, still a little hesitant as to where she should start looking first.

"You don't need to worry about that," Xinya told her while looking at an ancient-looking book. "As soon as you pick up an object the price appears in front of you."

Wandering Sound who was drawn over to a glowing black Banhu, found Xinya's words to be true. As soon as he touched the instrument, the price, and a description of what it does show up.

As he began to read the description of the Banhu his eyes widened in shock, he now knew what a great reward it was to be able to buy something from this shop.

The Niartei: This Banhu was carved from a tree, that was watered by the tears of a mourning queen who lost her daughter. Whosoever listens to its music falls into an inescapable melancholy until they beg for death. Fortunately, it has no effect on the musician and his or her's allies. *This instrument can not be used with skills. Price: 500 gold coins.

Wandering Sound could only shake his head in disappointment when he saw the price of it. He really wished he had more coins on him, if he was able to buy that then he would be a great help in any sort of battle.

As Wandering Sound began to look around once more, Melting Snow found a mini jackpot. A pile that consisted of only eggs, and with him being the beast tamer that he was, he knew he had to get one.

His eyes gleamed at the thought of having a beast partner that came from the fairy realm. He was certain that it would be incredibly unique and something that no other player would have ever seen before. Giggling like a madman to himself, Melting Snow started to inspect the different eggs.

Seeing how everyone else was immersed in finding something to buy, Wei began to walk around the store trying to find something that would catch her eye. She didn't know how long she had been roaming around until a glint of metal caught her attention.

Curious about what it was, she wandered over to the pile of items it was coming from. After digging around in it for a while she was finally able to pull the item out only to see that it was a compass.

Like Xinya said, as soon as she touched it the price and the description popped up, and after reading it Wei knew that she had to have it. The only sad thing was after she did she would be completely broke, but looking at the details of the compass once again she didn't care.

Compass of Ergon: Ergon the prince Elderwood from the day he was born had a horrible sense of direction. He would get lost going to the bathroom. The king took pity on the poor lad and had a magical compass crafted from him. However, the darn thing never worked, it was said it could only work in special places. *When used in treasure dungeons, it will always lead you down the correct path. When upgraded it will be able to spot and diffuse traps.  Price: 86 gold 25 silver coins

"I found what I'm going to buy," Wei told everyone excitedly.

"Me too!" Melting Snow beamed while holding a blue and yellow-colored egg in his arms carefully almost as if he was afraid of dropping it. "I can't wait to show you guys!"

While going through another pile of objects, Xinya said, "Well if you want you can go to the counter and buy it. I have no clue what I want, I need to keep looking around."

"That's alright, I will wait until you find something too." Melting Snow stated while walking over to where Xinya was.

Nodding her along with what Melting snow said, Wei, made her way over to Wandering Sound who was rummaging around near her. "Yeah, what he said, we will wait for you two."