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177 Rhiannon’s Office

 As soon as the group was congregated inside of the pink glass shop, they began to marvel at it's glorious looking interior. While they were doing that Rhiannon walked over to the counter where a young woman was standing behind.

"Alvaria, I will be taking these individuals to my office for a discussion, can you please bring us some of your delicious holly tea?" Rhiannon asked.

"Sure thing, Miss Rhiannon. I will be happy too," Alvaria began, blushing shyly while giving Fiore quick glances. "I will have it ready soon."

"Thank you, very much Alvaria, but please do take your time," remarked Rhiannon worriedly.

With a slight nod of her head, Alvaria replied, "Don't worry, I won't push myself this time."

"Ladies and gentlemen if you would follow me," Rhiannon started after giving a small smile to her friend. "I will lead you to my office."

Xinya and his friends begin to follow Rhiannon once more while being completely shocked by their surroundings. The place was even more lustrous on the inside than it was on the outside.

That wasn't what was shocking though, the group had been expecting that, no what they found shocking was that when they walked into the shop it was completely empty, without a single item that could be seen. It wasn't like the other shops that Xinya had been in, where as soon as he walked in he would be able to see a multitude of items on display.

Instead, besides a few couches and a counter, there was nothing else to be seen. Seeing the look of confusion on the faces of the outsiders, Rhiannon just smiled. She knew that they were wondering where the store merchandise was, but learning the answer depended on how that green-haired boy answered her question.

Going up a flight of stairs, the entire group of Xinya's party and the fae guards entered Rhiannon's office. It was a lot bigger than what Xinya pictured it to be, he had thought that it would have been similar to Wynter's the librarian who helped him learn more about Shilvak.

However, it wasn't a small office like hers's, instead, it was incredibly large and probably could hold more than the 10 people that were already inside of it. Sitting down on an unrealistically soft couch next to his friends, Xinya waited for Rhiannon to speak.

After making sure that everyone was comfortable, Rhiannon went and sat behind her large but messy desk. Leaning her hand against her cheek, she said, "So can you tell me now how you obtained my bracelet."

"How to begin...," Xinya pondered, crossing his arms against his chest while looking straight at the woman. "Yes I know, it all started with a cake."

Curious, Rhiannon asked, "A cake?"

"Yes a cake," he replied with a slight smile on his face.

Xinya begins to tell her and the rest of the fae the tale of a timid pastry chef, a disguised monster, a fierce battle, and a great rescue, with Melting Snow and the others chiming in every so often to add their perspective.

"So you got invited to the Mayor's ball just by delivering a cake?" asked a wide-eyed Rhiannon.

Nodding his head, Xinya said, "Yes, I was also completely surprised by the invitation myself."

Xinya continued talking until he got to the part where they discovered that the mayor was actually a creature in disguise.

"Wait so he wasn't really the mayor?" Fiore asked, slightly stupefied. "How could a monster fool so many people?"

"We had no idea either, but Drifting Cloud figured it out on his own after a while." Melting Snow said while shrugging.

Fiore turned to the green-haired boy looking very impressed with him. "Good job lad, at first I thought of you as a weakling but I have changed my viewpoint."

Xinya nervously laughed, he knew that he wouldn't have been able to figure out the monster's disguise if he hadn't had the knowledge he gained from the future. So he felt as though he was tricking Fiore since he didn't use his own skill to figure it out.

Continuing on with the story, Xinya told them about the fierce battle that took place and how everyone in his party helped him defeat the fraudulent mayor.

"Wow, this little bean sprout really did all of that?" Mavis questioned in a surprised tone.

Shooting the woman a quick glare, Melting Snow exclaimed, " Hey! I'm strong too!"

The story continued on with Xinya telling them how they rescued the Mayor and his daughter and helped them escape. To being summoned by the man so that he could reward them.

By the time the story was finished, two hours had passed and Xinya and his party felt completely drained. They had talked so much that their mouths felt dryer than the Sahara desert, and sadly the tea that Alvaria had brought while they were in the middle of everything was already gone.

"I see because you saved that boy's life, he gave you the bracelet in return. Is that correct?" Rhiannon asked, staring straight at the green-haired boy in front of her.

"That is correct, Miss Rhiannon," Xinya responded calmly. "He told us how he had tried very hard to find the fairy world but wasn't able to, so he gave it to me with the hope that I could."

Rhiannon was happy that the little boy who once saved her was doing well, but she was a tad bit disappointed that she wasn't able to see him again. However, this young man in front of her saved the life of the one who saved hers, so he deserved the reward she once offered that boy.

"Thank you for telling me how you got my bracelet," Getting up from her desk she walked over to where Xinya was sitting, holding out her arm towards the boy she said, " I will give you the reward that I intended to give to that boy. You may look around my shop and buy one thing. However, you must give the bracelet back to me first."

Xinya unclasped the bracelet that was on his arm and handed it to her without any hesitation. Once her bracelet was back in her hand, Rhiannon smiled brightly making her appear even more beautiful than before.

Putting the bracelet on her wrist, Rhiannon said, "Alright everyone follows me, I will reveal to you my store's items."