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176 Meeting Rhiannon

 "Oh my goodness, I can't believe that we are finally here!" Wei exclaimed excitedly while still speaking in party chat.

Nodding his head in agreement, Melting Snow joined in on the excitement. "I know right. I waited for so long, but even now it feels like a dream. I hope I will be able to buy something awesome."

"You shouldn't get too excited, not yet anyway." Wandering Sound told them warily while keeping an eye on the door that Fiore went through. "Rhiannon didn't originally give the bracelet to Drifting Cloud, so the stipulation she put on it might not count anymore."

"Don't say that you might jinx it!" Melting Snow yelled, puffing out his cheeks angrily at the man.

Wandering Sound just shrugged at the boy, after seeing how the Fae reacted when they saw the bracelet he became wary. He also really wanted to go inside the shop, but he held back that desire, he didn't want to get disappointed if it turns out they couldn't.

"What's wrong with you Wandering Sound?" Wei asked a little upset about what the man said. They came all this way and now he is questioning if they would be able to go in. She understood he was being cautious, but he could have said it before and not spring it on them when they are right in front of the shop. "Why would you say that?"

Seeing the irritation in Roaming Wind's eyes, Wandering Sound sighed. He didn't mean to annoy her with his words, it was just that he didn't want them to get their hopes up too much in case something goes wrong. "Well..."

"He's just trying to look out for us, even though he doesn't need too," Xinya explained, cutting off what Wandering Sound was about to say.

Xinya knew that the man was just wary about what had happened earlier. The Fae reaction to the bracelet was a little unnerving, it was as if it meant more to them than just a piece of jewelry that he thought it was. However, even if that was true it didn't matter since it was something that was given to him.

"Why do you say that? You saw how the fae was looking at us before." Wandering Sound said while looking towards Drifting Cloud.

Sighing, Xinya walked over to Wandering Sound. Putting his arm around the man's shoulders he said, "Don't mistake this game for the real world. I got this bracelet as a quest reward, the agreement that was placed on it has been transferred over to me. There is no way we won't be able to go into the shop."

After listening to Drifting Cloud's words, Wandering Sound realized how silly he was being. He had been thinking about this as if it was a real-world situation, instead of a game one.

"Your right," Wandering Sound said, letting out a breath of relief when he came to that realization. "What was I thinking?"

"Something stupid obviously," replied Melting Snow.

Rolling his eyes at the boy, Wandering Sound said, "I was asking rhetorically."

"And? Someone needed to say it out loud." Melting Snow explained while shrugging.

Xinya was about to tell Melting Snow to stop antagonizing the poor man when the shop door opened revealing Fiore and a beautiful woman that could only be Rhiannon. As the two faes made their way over towards them, a sense of anticipation began to fill every one.


Rhiannon had been busy all day since her shop was so popular. It hadn't been this way in the past when her father was running it, but after she took over things had changed.

The reason for this was because of the changes she made to the store overall. This used to be a shop that only sold handcrafted nicknacks, but after experiencing the world outside with all of its wonders, she became intrigued with strange and unique things.

She began to travel all over the fae world, even sneaking into forbidden areas and into the territories of the light fae to find interesting items. Even though that was why she started it wasn't why she continued.

Something dire had been happening in this world of hers and she needed to find something to save it. She had come close in her search but the item she found was dead. As she continued to look she had found many different items, but there were only a few that could be useful to her.

So once her father retired and she became the owner the first thing she thought to do was sell the items she had been collecting for all this time.

Who knew that just because she wanted to get rid of all of the clutter that built up over the years that her shop would become so popular that she would have to make a rule that only certain people who held prestige could come in, which was still a lot in her opinion. Letting out a tired yawn, she decided that in the little free time she had to start mapping out her next expedition.

Just as she was about to go through her various maps, her office door was slammed opened and an out of breath figure rushed in. Seeing that it was her close friend, the anger of being interrupted was diffused and worry took its place.

"What's wrong Alvaria? Did something happen?" Concerned Rhiannon quickly stood up from her desk and made her way over to the girl who was holding her chest gasping for air.

"Something unbelievable has happened," Alvaria began while still gasping, she had a terribly weak body since childhood and running up those stairs wasn't the smartest idea, but she was just so happy. "The guard Fiore came and said that some outsiders had come with your bracelet."

Rhiannon reared back in shock, she couldn't believe it. She never really thought she would be able to see her bracelet again.

She could still remember all those years ago when she was just a young child and was saved by that kind boy. She had been so grateful that she had given him her bracelet even when she knew she shouldn't.

Rhiannon was sure the boy would try to find her quickly since she would allow him to buy something from her shop. Even though at that time they only sold nicknacks, they were still fae made and would be worth a lot to those outsiders.

However, after all these years Rhiannon began to think that the boy wasn't able to find her world even though she gave him a clue to help him. She had been so upset thinking her bracelet had been lost forever, but now he was here.

She could finally get it back while fulfilling her promise. She was so happy that she rushed out of the room without saying another word.

Running down the steps, she hurried over to Fiore who was standing in front of the checkout desk. "Is it true?"

"Yes, Miss Rhiannon, your bracelet has been found," Fiore said reassuringly to the flustered woman. "If you want I can take you to the person who has it."

"Please do, I have been waiting for so long for this day," Rhiannon told him.

With an incline of his head, Fiore led her to the outsiders. After walking outside and seeing the outsiders face to face, Rhiannon knew for certain that none of them was the little boy she gave her bracelet to and that made her curious.

Going up to the green-haired boy who was wearing her bracelet she said, "May I ask who you are and how you obtained my bracelet?"


"Please allow me to introduce myself, " Xinya said in a calm manner. "My name is Drifting Cloud and these are my friends. As for your second question that is quite a long story and I think it would be best if we were sitting as I tell you."

Seeing the sense in the boy's words, Rhiannon said, "Of course how rude of me please follow me to my office. Also Fiore as thanks, you and your team may stay and browse the shop."

"Really?! That would be wonderful." Exclaimed Mavis happily, only to get a stern look from Fiore.

Bowing slightly, Fiore said, "Thank you, Miss Rhiannon, we would be delighted to."

Fiore knew that she had only offered them this because she didn't want to be alone with these outsider's but he was still happy, he couldn't wait to brag about this to the guards.

With that said, Rhiannon began to lead Xinya, his friends and the fae guards into the shop.