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175 Arriving

 Xinya gasped when Zairen's strong arms encircled his body, pulling him flush against his own, holding him tightly. If it weren't for the cold look that was in the man's eyes, he might have become a little smitten.

Not that anyone could blame him, not with such a devastatingly handsome man holding him in his arms like this. Although reminding himself that this person was just an NPC and one he didn't particularly care for, helped a lot.

Even though players could have a romance with the NPCs if they raise their relationship, Xinya wasn't someone who was into that sort of thing. He would rather have a living breathing man that he could see inside and out of this game.

"Let's be off!" Fiore yelled flying upward into the sky while signaling the others to begin their departure as well.

Faster than he could even blink, Xinya was in the air, rising higher and higher. And as he was traveling upward, all he could think about was how surreal it was being suspended in the air at the mercy of someone he didn't trust nor liked.

It was also very horrifying as well. Xinya made sure to grip Zairen's arms tightly, he didn't trust the man after how he reacted when he saw the bracelet. Even though Fiore reassured him that the bracelet couldn't be stolen, he still had some doubt in his eyes.

He had a strong feeling that the man thought him to be a thief and it irked him. The disdain in the man's eyes was very disconcerting. Deciding to ignore that feeling and the man who caused it, Xinya decided to check on the others.

Discreetly opening up his interface he connected to the party voice chat. "Is everyone alright?"

"Hell yeah! This is freaking awesome." Melting Snow said, clearly enjoying being lifted high in the air.

He was itching to videotape this, but with what happened with the last video he uploaded he was reluctant to do so. However, after thinking about it for a bit, he realized he didn't have to upload the footage right away, he could just put it in storage.

Melting Snow smiled at that thought, and pressed the record button. He would only upload this after he and Drifting Cloud joined his cousin's guild, that way people would think twice if they try to come after them.

Wei who was immersed in taking in all of the beautiful sights around her wasn't even bothered by how high in the air they were. "I'm better than alright, I'm wonderful."

How could she not be, everywhere she was just breathtaking. From the silvery sun that was shining down on the many glasshouses to the mauve-colored sky that seem to go on forever. She could see everything more clearly now than she could when she was on the ground.

She realized that the glasshouses got bigger and better the further away they were. And if she squinted her eyes she could make out what seemed to be a giant glass castle that was far in the distance. She doubted that it would happen but meeting the Fae queen would make one of the dreams she had when she was a little girl come true.

On the other hand, Wandering Sound was freaking out big time. He wasn't really a fan of heights especially when he wasn't inside of something. He was so close to begging the woman who was holding him to bring him back down to the ground.

If it wasn't for the fact that he really wanted to see what was inside of that store, he would have done so already. Instead, he just closed his eyes, believing in that old childish saying of 'what a person can't see, can't hurt them'.

"I'm alright," Wandering Sound said weakly. "I just want us to arrive there as soon as possible."

"That's good, and Wandering Sound don't worry, soon we will be at Rhiannon's shop," Xinya said.

Xinya could hear how frightened the man was from the sound of his voice. He understood that feeling very well, being up in the air like this, not in control, left much to be desired.

However, his fear wasn't as extreme as Wandering Sound's. He could still get some enjoyment out of it too, and what he enjoyed the most was the scenery. He felt that it would be extremely romantic if he was in the arms of someone he loved.

Too bad he was stuck in the arms of this cold looking man. Sighing at his fate, he continued to look around at his surroundings while talking to his friends through party voice chat.


Xinya and his party had been flying in the arms of the guards for quite a while, and he still had no idea where Fiore was leading them. He was becoming extremely curious, especially now that the glasshouses were becoming sparse.

When they first began their flight everywhere they looked there were glasshouses of every shape and form, but now they all but disappeared from sight. Xinya likens it to leaving the city and entering the countryside but in treehouse form.

This was sort of worrying, his map didn't work in this realm so he had no idea where the Fae was taking them. Just as he was about to question Zairen, he saw it, a small building that was completely unlike the rest.

From the outside, the building looked grandiose. It had been built using a pink colored glass that was completely different from the clear glass he saw the other buildings have. He could also make out large crystalized flower decorations that were only placed in certain areas.

There were also large, star-shaped windows that added to the overall look of the building and have been added in a mostly symmetric way. The building itself was square-shaped, surrounded by a clear glass platform. Xinya had a feeling that this small building was the shop they had been eagerly waiting for. His assumption was correct because Fiore was leading the group straight towards it.

"We have arrived," Fiore announced after they all had landed on a platform. After signaling his guards to release Xinya's party from their hold, he said, "Stay here, I will go and ask someone to summon Rhiannon."