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174 Ildauland the land of the Fae

 As a blinding golden light enveloped the party, they felt a strange tugging sensation, pulling them somewhere. They instinctively closed their eyes against the bright light as it spirited them away to an unknown place.

Xinya thought that the teleportation would be instantaneous, but it wasn't, no matter how he wished it was. Instead, it was quite long and frightening, if he had to liken it to something, he would say it was similar to riding a roller coaster.

When he was younger, his mother allowed him to ride one using a virtual reality device. She had told him that it had been her most favorite pastime and he had begged her to let him try it. However, his experience riding that virtual roller coaster was completely different from what he imagined.

The experience he had was an unequal mix of terrifying and exhilarating, with terrifying winning out over the other. He could still remember how his stomach churned, and the cold sweat he had after it was over.

It was the exact feeling he was having now, he really wanted to open his eyes so that he could at least try to get his bearing, but something was warning him not to. He wondered if his friends were experiencing the same feelings that he was.

However with how fast it began it ended just as fast, suddenly the tugging sensation was no more and he could feel that his feet were standing on solid ground. Just like that, all the discomfort that he was experiencing was gone and he felt as he did before teleporting.

After the golden light that was around the party slowly evaporated, Xinya was finally able to open his eyes to view his surroundings. His first sight after that nausea-inducing trip left him completely speechless and borderline upset.

'Did the teleportation not work?' Xinya thought with mild confusion because right in front of him was the same luminous white tree that was in the grove. 'No that's not possible, we had to because the monster is gone.'

Looking around for real this time, he realized that they were indeed transported to somewhere else. Because from what he saw they were definitely not in Brimree Grove anymore.

He knew they weren't since when he looked around he didn't just see one of those white trees, what he saw was a whole entire land was covered by them. There was also the fact that these trees were more majestic than the previous one he saw.

Their trucks seemed a lot more to be thicker and sturdier than the one that had the fairy ring underneath it. Studying it further, Xinya also saw that it gave off a pulsing magical aura that was intensely strong.

Xinya couldn't help but wonder why they were transported into the middle of a forest unless the shop was hidden in these woods somewhere. Just as Xinya was about to discuss this with the others, he heard a gasp from Melting Snow.

Turning to face the others, he saw that they were all looking up with awe on their faces. Curious as to what they were looking at Xinya looked up to see a wondrous sight. On top of the tall luminous white trees, there were otherworldly glass houses and what seemed like shops that were more exquisite than the next.

Also, even though they were really far away, Xinya could see people walking on air as if gravity meant nothing to them. While the group was distracted with the sights up above, five armed guards slowly approached with their weapons out and ready.

"Who goes there?!" a deep male voice demanded.

Startled at the sudden noise, Xinya and his party quickly turned around towards the voice, only to see that they were surrounded by some of the most beautiful people that he ever had the pleasure of looking at.

They each had beautiful obsidian black skin that seemed to sparkle when the light hit it, paired with unearthly green eyes that could draw even the most reluctant person in, and shimmering bluish-black hair, they were very incredibly striking beings. However because of this their tiny glittery translucent wings were overshadowed, and if Xinya wasn't looking hard enough he wouldn't even have noticed that they were there.

Although they had similar attributes, their features differed from each other bringing out their own special brand of loveliness. If they weren't so on guard, Xinya would have taken a picture of each of them, but he had a feeling that one false move could cost him his life.

"I said, who goes there?!" The man in the red and gold tunic demanded once again.  Xinya guessed that he was these guard's leader, with how they seem to defer to him.

Snapping out of the entrancement their beauty caused, Xinya said, "I am Drifting Cloud and these are my friends Melting Snow, Roaming Wind, and Wandering Sound. We came here to visit Rhiannon's shop."

"Rhiannon's shop? As if we would allow outsiders such as yourselves to ever visit a prestigious place such as that." Scoffed the woman that was standing to the right of the man who spoke. "It makes me laugh to think about."

"That's enough, Mavis." The man said sternly to the woman.

Sulking at being scolded, Mavis said, "But Fiore, I was just telling the truth."

"What makes you think you will be able to go to Rhiannon's shop?" Fiore asked Xinya, while completely ignoring the woman next to him.

Without saying a word Xinya just held out the arm that the bracelet the Mayor gave him was on. The fairies became shocked once they saw it, for they knew that it was Rhiannon's bracelet.

Each and every member of the Fae had an item such as that bracelet, it encapsulates a small bit of their power, giving off an aura that is easy to identify. They might seem like trinkets, but they are something the Fae gives to the one they love.

Every member of the Fae community heard the story of how Rhiannon traveled to the human realm out of curiosity and almost died due to some sort of danger causing her to lose her bracelet. Fiore knew that Fae without their special trinket would never be able to get married, but here it was, Rhiannon needed to know.

"How did you get Rhiannon's bracelet?!" the man next to Mavis harshly asked.

Turning his head towards the man, Fiore said, "Calm down, Zairen. You know her bracelet wouldn't lay peacefully on his arm if it was stolen."

"Your right, Fiore," Zairen said, physically pulling himself together. How could he forget if one of their trinkets were stolen or even picked up without permission would cause terrible harm to the person who has it.

"We will take them to Rhiannon, only she will be able to shine some light on this." Fiore told the guards around him, before turning to Xinya's party and saying, "You all are coming with us."

After saying that, Fiore signaled his guards, each one of them grabbed an outsider and with a flap of their wings they took off into the sky.