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173 Fairy Ring Pt 2

 The monster was faster than Wei thought it would be, with those short stubby legs that it had, she was certain that it would only be able to move at a slow speed. She was wrong though, she had only run a couple of steps before the creature was within a hair's breadth of her.

If it wasn't for Melting Snow, screaming out a warning, she would have been dead meat. Dodging as the monster slashed down with its poisonous claws, she did a barrel roll off to the side, escaping the monster's attack just in time.

Getting up quickly, Wei once again tried to maneuver her way towards Xinya, however, like before she had no luck. The monster wasn't letting her escape, every move she made it stayed on her like white on rice.

The only thing she was able to do was dodge, she couldn't even use any of her attacks. That pissed her off the most, here she was thinking that she could be useful but this monster was proving her wrong.

"Drifting Cloud, Roaming Wind needs help!" Shouted Wandering Sound who was watching what was going on bated breath. "I should go and help, I can use snail's song on it."

"You can't, what if the monster's aggro transfers over to you. You know you're not too good at running and playing your flute yet." Xinya told him.

Watching as Wei was struggling with the monster, he also wanted to go over there and help her out, but she was still too close to the tree. With how fast that monster was, if he were to bring its aggro over to himself, he would be dead faster than it takes to count to two.

He really had to commend Wei, her agility was awesome, maybe it was because she was an elf that her speed was so high, but either way, she was doing great. Even so, it wasn't good that she was only able to dodge, they needed the monster to be lured away.

"Then what should we do?! We can't just stand here doing nothing until she dies!" Wandering Sound yelled, getting a little angry.

Melting Snow who had been quiet up until now had been studying the monster trying to think of something that could help them deal with it. They had no time to spare, and from what he saw he knew that Roaming Wind wouldn't be able to go through with Drifting Clouds plan.

Suddenly out of the blue, like a lightning strike, an idea hit him. "I got it! Drifting Cloud, let me exchange places with Roaming Wind. Once we exchange I will...."

After explaining, Melting Snow looked over at Xinya with anticipation. He really hoped that the man would agree because this would be their best shot.

"Let him do it! I don't know for how much longer I can dodge this beast." Wei said tiredly. No matter how much it bemoaned her to say it, the boy plan was good, plus she was running out of stamina fast.

"Alright, go for it Melting Snow," Xinya said as he watched the boy take off towards Wei and the creature. "And please don't get hurt."

Laughing at the man's words, Melting Snow said, "I will try not too."

'Maybe I am a little bit of an action junkie.' Melting Snow thought while smirking. Pulling out his twin blades, he ran gleefully towards the monster. When he was about a foot away he did a double flip onto the creature's back, stabbing his swords down into the meaty flesh of its neck.

The monster reared back in pain, letting out a savage roar that echoed throughout the grove. It began to widely buck its shoulders trying to get the boy off of it, but Melting Snow held on tightly. Wei sensing an opening, moved a little out of range of the beast.

Seeing that Roaming Wind had shifted away from the monster's line of sight, Melting Snow pulled out his swords and did a backflip off of the creature's back and took off running. Even with Melting Snow's head start the monster was already behind him, but this was what the boy had planned.

Before the monster could even think about attacking him, Melting Snow dodged out of the way saying, "Do it now Roaming Wind."

Wei who was following behind Melting Snow and the beast was already ready. As soon as the boy gave the word, Wei aimed her guns and used Soul Shot, knocking back the monster to where Xinya was standing.

Xinya who was also prepared jumped out and threw two Flora Attack potions at the creature, causing it to become immobilized by a whole bunch of pink flower petals. While he was at it he also threw a shit ton of Dreaming Dust potions at it hoping the sleep time would stack.

Sadly it didn't, knowing that they needed to quickly leave this place, Xinya said, "Everyone hurry to the fairy circle."

Not needing to be told twice, along with Xinya, Wei and Melting Snow rushed inside of the fairy circle. Once everyone was inside, Xinya took out Rhiannon's bracelet and put it on.

After fastening it onto his wrist, Xinya realized that he didn't know how to activate the darn thing. "Shit."

"What?!" Wei asked while keeping her eyes on the monster to make sure it was still immobilized.

"I don't know how to activate the bracelet," Xinya said, looking worried.

"What?! Are you joking? Shouldn't it be automatic!" Wandering Sound screeched. When he saw that Drifting Cloud wasn't playing around he said, "Well hurry and figure it out!"

Ignoring Wandering Sound's snappy tone, Xinya looked down at the bracelet. Seeing that one of the crystals was glowing, he started fiddling with it, causing the crystal to turn. A golden light suddenly enveloped them and a notification from the system sounded.

[You have activated Rhiannon's bracelet! In one minute you and your party will be transported! If the circle is disturbed by anything the transportation will fail!]

[Countdown will now be commenced!]



"You did it Drifting Cloud!" Melting Snow exclaimed excitedly. "We are finally headed to the fairy world."



The whole party was buzzing in excitement, they couldn't believe that they were finally going there. It had been quite a while since they had gotten the bracelet, this was like getting a wonderful treat after a long journey.

Just as everyone was basking in their elation, a loud roar was heard from the other side of the glade. Xinya's attacks had worn off and the monster was free once again. With an angry growl, it looked around for its prey.



Spotting its attackers, it bellowed ferociously making its way towards Xinya and his group at a fast pace. It couldn't wait to tear them apart and feast on their bones.



The creature ran towards them as fast as it could with only one thing on its mind, while Xinya and his friends were praying that the time would go faster.




Just as the timer reached one, the monster reached them, but it was already too late, and it only ended up attacking the air. All Xinya could think when the sparkly golden light transported them away was that he was glad he told his party to lure that monster to the edge of the glade.

[Transportation complete!]

[Welcome to Ildauland the land of the Fae!]