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172 Fairy Ring Pt 1

 "This is unbelievable, we finally found the fairy ring and there is a boss monster guarding it." Muttered Melting Snow from his crouched position behind a bush.

Xinya could only nod his head in agreement at Melting Snow's words while peeking out at the monster from the giant shrub that was his hiding place. As he stared at the creature as it prowled back and forth in front of the tree the only thing Xinya could do was shake his head.

The monster was freaking humongous, about 5x the size of a komodo dragon and had the look of one also. From it's four sturdy legs to it's huge, long powerful tail.

However that was where the likeness ended, the creature which looked like it could kill them with just a look was called a Covert Atranoch. Standing upright, the monster had smooth skin covered in nothing but large scales, which was black, red and a light pink that sparkled in the light.

Besides that, Xinya saw that it had long sharp claws and teeth that were dripping with what he assumed to be a poisonous substance. He had a feeling if any of that stuff touched them they would be dead faster than they could blink.

If it was just a regular transformed monster then that would have been alright, but Xinya knew that there was no way they would be able to kill this thing in time. The full moon was already shining bright in the sky and night only stayed for two hours. If they try to fight it, they would definitely lose their chance to go to the fairy world shop.

What they needed was a plan, a way to get to that mushroom ring without having to fight that monster. And as Xinya thought about it, he knew that the first step should be making the monster move away from that tree.

"What do you think we should do?" Wei asked while glancing at the others. She couldn't believe how terrible their luck was, she could only hope that someone had an idea on how they could deal with this situation.

"We can't fight it," Wandering Sound stated. "It would take time and we don't have any to spare."

Giving a hum of agreement, Melting Snow said, "He's right, that thing probably has tons of HP. If we try to whittle it down it would take us forever. "

"Then, we have no choice but to lure it away," Xinya announced suddenly.

"Ah-ha!" Melting Snow exclaimed, realizing what the man had in mind. "You want one of us to aggro that beast, and have it chase us, right? Then after we lose it in the grove we can double back here."

With a proud gaze, Xinya smiled at the boy. It always felt like Melting Snow was on the same wavelength that he was on. "You got everything right except for the last part."

"Oh?" The boy said, looking at Xinya in confusion.

"Well, it might take a long time to lose it. So instead of trying to do that, I think one of us should just lure it to the edge of the glade and I will use my Flora attack and Dreaming Dust potion on it. When it's knocked out, I will quickly use the bracelet, to transport us quickly away." Xinya explained.

"That might actually work," Wandering Sound said after some contemplation. "Which one of us do you think should go and aggro it."

"Well obviously me, I'm the fastest runner here," Wei said, ignoring the snort from Melting Snow who was beside her.

Xinya also thought Wei was the best choice for this task. With her knockback skill, she would be the only one of them who would be able to get the monster away from her if it comes within striking distance.

Patting her lightly on her shoulder, Xinya said, "Then it's up to you, Roaming Wind."

Wei was completely surprised when Xinya patted her on the shoulder, sure he had been giving her lingering touches every now and then, but it was still quite shocking. However, that one touch made her even more eager to do it.

She knew that she had messed up throughout most of the adventures they went on, but by doing this, she can show them just how useful she actually was. Getting up from the ground, she took out her guns getting ready.

"Just lure it over here to me. Once you do I will immobilize it, and while I and Roaming wind are doing that." Xinya said, turning to Wandering Sound and Melting Snow. "You two should hurry and get to the fairy ring, and wait for us."

After acknowledging Xinya's plan, Melting Snow and Wandering Sound got up from their crouched positions on the ground and made themselves ready. Moving off to the side, they waited for his signal.

"Is everybody ready?" Xinya asked, looking at each of them in turn.

Nodding his head, Melting Snow said, "I am."

"Me too." Wandering Sound told him while keeping his eye on the monster.

"Yeah, ready and waiting," Wei stated, cocking her guns. "Let's do this thing."

Glancing at the menacing monster that was letting out low growls, Xinya while gripping his potion bottle tightly in his hand, before looking at the others saying, "Okay, let's go!"

As soon as those words were out of his mouth, Wei was already sprinting out into the glade. When she was within shooting distance of the monster, she used her Blazing Bullet skill.

Once Wei's attack impacted the monster it let out a loud murderous roar and started to run towards her, completely fixated on her now. Seeing the giant beast coming angrily towards her, Wei turned around and began to run in Xinya's direction.

While the monster was chasing after Wei, Melting Snow and Wandering Sound made their way to the tree that the fairy ring was under. Once there they stood in the center of the circle, watching nervously as their friends dealt with the monster.