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170 Camping

 It had been three hours since Xinya and his friends had started their search for the red and white mushrooms that the fairy ring is made up of. However, even though the group made sure to carefully comb through every inch of the grove's dense undergrowth they could get to during that time, they weren't able to locate it.

Xinya really hoped that they would be able to find it while they were in this area, where the lower level monsters were. Although he did use his map, to make sure that they wouldn't accidentally aggro any, and even if they did it would be easier for them to take care of the low-level monsters than it would be with the higher-level ones.

Sadly, luck wasn't on his side and as the sun began to set Xinya knew they had to stop looking for now. He didn't want to because they were short on time, but when he looked on his map, he saw they were about to enter the territory of creatures that were level 30 and up.

Knowing that he and his friends probably wouldn't be able to handle the transformed versions of the monsters that were exponentially stronger than how they are in the day, Xinya decided it would be best to start up their hunt again in the morning. Since they had searched about a quarter of the grove already, he knew that they would have plenty of time to find it once the sun came back up.

"I think it would be best if we quit looking for now," Xinya announced, stopping his friends before they headed deeper into the grove. "We need to start setting up camp before it becomes too dark."

"Aww, but I wanted to continue searching." Melting Snow said, with Wei nodding her head in agreement beside him.

While glancing up at the sky, Wandering Sound said, "Drifting Cloud is right, we should start setting up camp now. Anyway, we have already made a lot of progress, we will definitely find it before the full moon tomorrow."

Appeased by Wandering Sound's words, Melting Sound stopped pouting and nodded his head in assent. He knew they were right, that setting up camp would be the best thing to do right now, but he was just so excited that it caused a lapse in his judgment.

"It's alright snow boy, we will just look for the mushroom ring harder in the morning," Wei told the boy when she saw him looking longingly into the deeper part of the grove. She also felt the same, she really wanted to hurry up and find out the entrance to the fairy world so she could see the world that was hidden inside.

"Yeah, okay," Melting Snow said, before realizing what she had called him. "Don't call me snow boy!"

Laughing at the boy's angry face, Wei replied, "Why not? You should be happy I came up with a nickname for you."

"You...," Melting Snow began before picking up a twig with a bug on it and started to chase Wei with it causing her to scream. "You should be happy, I like you so much I found a gift for you."

"Stay away from me!" Wei screamed while running in a circle with Melting Snow right on her tail.

While the two of them playfully chased each other, Xinya and Wandering Sound just looked at each other before heading off to find a place to set up camp. After locating a clearing that was devoid of any creatures they did just that.

The group, after being together for such a long time, automatically begins doing what they should so they could help set up the camp. It was silent as each member of the party focused on their task, so quiet in fact that the sounds that were natural to the grove became even more pronounced.

From the creaking of branches to the snuffling of a nearby boar that was eating under combs of feathery moss, to the scurrying squirrels as they searched for food under bristles of wispy shrubs. These noises were around them, creating a sound that was purer than any other.


Night had completely fallen when the campsite was finally finished, leaving only the crackling of the fire as a light source in the otherwise dark surroundings. And besides the sounds of nature, the only noise around were the quiet chatter of Xinya's friends.

Looking up at the stars that were like twinkling fireflies scattered across the night sky, Xinya's mind began to wander back to what could be inside of the fairies shop. There could be so many otherworldly things that could be inside of it, but his meager imagination wasn't helping him think of what they could be.

Turning his attention to his friends who were each doing their own thing, he asked, "What do you guys think would be in the fairy shop?"

"Well," Wei started as she closed her interface. "I for one is hoping for pixie dust."

"Pixie dust?" Melting Snow asked, confused.

Seeing how everyone was looking at her in confusion, she realized they had no idea what that was in reference to. Shaking her head at them, she began to explain, "When I was younger, my mom told me a story called peter pan..."

Wei told them the story of Peter Pan and his fairy friend called Tinkerbell as her mother told her. She explained that pixie dust is essential to fairies, as it grants them the ability to fly and the gift of magic. Also how the absence of pixie dust would cause a fairy to lose his or her ability to fly and deprive them of their innate magical talent until it is replenished.

"Wow, that sounds awesome. If the shop has anything similar to what you said I would be ecstatic." Melting Snow exclaimed as he thought about the possibility of being able to fly without any sort of transportation item.

Nodding his head in agreement, Xinya said, "That would be something amazing, and quite possible if you think about it. The Dragonkin race can fly around using their wings, if they are able to fly without using a transportation item then maybe there is a way for other players to do so as well."

"That's true and all, but don't forget that is a racial skill." Wandering Sound stated. "Also they can only fly really slow."

"Well, there could be a skill for it. There is a skill for everything else." Huffed Melting Snow, a little upset that Wandering Sound was being a dream killer.

Wei agreed with the boy, in this fantasy world of Haven Online there was practically a skill for anything one imagines, who to say there can't be a flying one."Melting Snow is right, maybe there is one. It could be a hidden skill or something."

"I guess you're right," Wandering Sound consented. He didn't want to have a disagreement with Roaming wind about such a small thing, so he will just let them believe what they want to. However, he firmly believed that there was no such skill in this game.

All throughout the night, the group continued on speculating about what could be inside of the shop. And by the time the sun rose they were more than eager to start looking for the fairy circle once again.