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168 Blooming Flower

 The sun was shining brightly once again in the clear blue sky when the four reunited with each other. Xinya smiled at the couple when they arrived, he couldn't wait to leave this village and head to that special shop in the fairy world.

He had been curious about it for a while now, and since they were finally on their way there he became even more excited. Xinya was really hoping that the shop has some interesting items, like plants or recipes that would be of some use to him.

Now that he has some gold coins to spend, he bet he could buy something really good. Which reminds him, he should really divide the coins before they leave, so he won't forget to do so later.

"Hey guys," Wei said, once she and Wandering Sound reached Xinya and Melting Snow. "Are you ready to ditch this village?"

"I'm sure am," Melting Snow replied. He was basically vibrating with excitement, knowing that their next stop would be to the fairy world. He kept thinking about how they would look and could only imagine tiny people with wings.

Giving the two of them a fond smile, Xinya said, "Hold up, we need to know where we are going before we can leave."

"Your right," Wei replied while turning towards Wandering Sound and asking. "So, where are we going?"

Wandering Sound who was silent until now, gave his friends an affectionate grin before saying, "Well according to my research, we can find a fairy ring in Brimree grove. From what the librarian told me it is about 1000 miles away from this village."

"Hmm..." Xinya began, trying to calculate how many hours it would take to reach the grove. Realizing that it would take over 10 hours, he said, "Do you know when it will be a full moon."

"Yeah, I found out that it will be tomorrow night." Wandering Sound told him.

"So soon? We need to hurry. It will take about 10 hours to reach the grove, and then we still have to find the fairy ring." Xinya explained.

Hearing that, the Melting Snow became a little anxious. "Let's go then, what are we waiting for?"

"Yeah, what snow boy said," Wei exclaimed, ready to get a move on it.

"Wait, before we head out," Xinya started opening his interface and tapping on the party trade button. "Let me divide the coins we made from the mirror."

"That's right, I almost forgot about the coins. You got 350 gold altogether from the sale right?" Wandering Sound said.

Nodding his head, Xinya said, "That's right, which means each of us gets 87 gold and 50 silver coins apiece."

After making sure to give everyone in the party their fair share of the profit, Xinya inputted where they needed to go into his map, before signaling the party to head out.  And with that, the quartet made their way out of the gate leaving MirStone village behind.


Once Xinya's group was on the move, a small brown-haired girl in reddish-orange hanfu crept forward. She couldn't believe that she had stumbled upon her idol by chance in this village. She had to thank her older brother later, if it wasn't for him this would have never happened.

And to think that she actually dragged her feet when her brother asked her to do this errand, if she could go back in time she would slap herself. Shaking her head at her past self, she quickly uses her camouflage skill and follows after the group.

She was really glad now that she found that hidden quest that gave her this skill. Although it only lasts for thirty minutes, by the time it wears off, she knew she would be able to find a tree or something to hide behind. Leaving out of the gate, the girl let out a sigh of relief that there was a forest on one side of the path the group was taking.

While following behind them, the girl begins to think about how she should introduce herself to her idol. She didn't think just going up to him and asking to be his friend would work. She was a stranger after all.

As she thought about what she should do, she discarded many plans, before coming up with a good idea. She would pretend like he was someone she knew, and after she apologizes for her mistake, she could start up a conversation.

After patting herself mentally on the back for coming up with such a good idea, she continued to sneak behind her idol's party. She was trying to be as quiet as she could as she followed the four so she wouldn't get caught when a ringing sound from her interface startled her causing her to almost jump out of her skin.

Calming her fast-beating heart, she opened her interface to see that she was getting a video call from her older brother. After letting her idol's group get a little further ahead of her, she clicked accept on the call.

"Brother, what do you want?" She asked anxiously, constantly making sure the group didn't get too far ahead of her.

"Blooming Flower, you know exactly what I want." A beautiful man in drag angrily replied, looking very upset at his little sister. "I sent you on that errand over four hours ago, it doesn't take that long to go and get my custom dress order and return."

Rolling her eyes in frustration at her older brother, Blooming Flower said, "Fluttering Wings, I promise that I will give you your dress later, but right now I have to do something."

"And what pray tell is more important than my Andes Flair Cream dress? Do you know how rare it is for that dressmaker to sell her designs?" Fluttering Wings asked.

"I saw him," Blooming Flower said, while she made sure the group didn't leave her site. "The KiloXA streamer Melting Snow, I'm following him and his group right now."

When Fluttering Wings heard that he let out a sigh. He knew that his little sister was obsessed with that streamer boy. From the first video when he was killing monsters with his older brother, she liked him, but it was that Bellyborg video that made her a true fan.

After watching that video, she learned that there was more to this game than being high on the rankings. She learned that she could have fun and have adventures, which she did while dragging him along with her when he had time to spare.

He wishes he had more time to spend with her, but his job as a merchant keeps him busy most of the time. Deciding to let her have her fun, he turned on her parental tracker, it cost a lot to get, but it was worth it to make sure his sister is safe.

"Alright, do what you want. I know how much you like that boy. However, you better mail me my dress once you are in town."

Nodding her head, the girl said, "Sure thing, gēgē. I promise to do so once I'm in a town."

"Also, keep me posted," Fluttering Wings started seriously. "And if that boy is rude to you in any way, you better tell me."

"Okay, okay, I will." Blooming Wind says while only half-listening to what her brother was saying.

After saying her goodbyes, she continued to trail the group without their knowledge.