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167 Waiting Pt 3

 Listening to those players talk badly about Drifting Cloud, pissed Melting Snow off so much that he wanted to go over there and give them a piece of his mind. It was only Drifting Clouds slight shake of the head that made him stop.

When he saw the green-haired man's uncaring face, Melting Snow wanted to let it go, but as the trio continued talking badly about the Dryad race and by proxy Drifting Cloud the angrier he got. He was seething when he heard them call his friend a fool, a lackey that could only buy his way into a team.

He so badly wanted to inform them, that the Dryad that they are mocking is the same one who killed the giant sea creature, the same one who took down the king bellyborg, and one of the main saviors of the Baldahurh forest. Melting Snow would very much like to do just that, but he knew he couldn't.

The only thing he could do right now was to clench his fists and stew in his anger. One day he will show them all that his friend's race isn't worthless, and they will look back on this moment with pained faces.

"It's alright, just ignore them, Melting Snow," Xinya told the boy through the party voice chat while patting his furry head.

Xinya knew that the boy was upset about what those players were saying about him, but it really didn't bother him. He knew that once the update comes everybody is going to be singing a different tune. All the hate that Dryad race had is going to turn to appreciation.

In other words, in a little over a month from now, everyone who belittled his race is going to have their words come back to slap them. And on that day Xinya is just going to smugly smile while not saying anything.

Melting Snow: "I will, but I still want to go over there and smack them silly."

Roaming Wind: "What's going on?!"

Wei had just finished gaining the leatherworking skill awhile ago and was headed towards the campground. On her way there, she ran into Wandering Sound who had also just finished getting the information they needed.

It was a strange coincidence that they got finished around the same time, but Wei, the overly romantic girl that she is, thought it was fate working its magic or something along those lines. As they walked back to the campground their bubbly atmosphere was cut short when they heard the tone of Melting Snow's voice.

Melting Snow: "Some players are making fun of Drifting Cloud."

Wei became extremely angry when she heard that someone dared to mess with her friend. All she could think was, who were these people that she would have to knock some sense into.

Roaming Wind: "Who?! Cause I will PVP a bitch!"

Wandering Sound was a little taken aback. This was the first time he saw this side of Roaming Wind. He was used to a sweet, caring girl, but this side of her, this protective, angry version of her... He was not going to lie, it turned him on even more.

Drifting Cloud: "Melting Snow they weren't mocking me as a person, but my race. Which means they are small-minded people that you shouldn't pay any mind to. And Roaming wind I love you, but they could kill you in a second. However, thanks for wanting to stand up for me."

Roaming Wind: "Of course, always. But either way, why are they saying bad things about your race?"

Drifting Cloud: "It's because Dryads have to soak their feet every 12 hours."

Wandering Sound: "I have to admit I never noticed it as a problem."

Drifting Cloud: "That's because I specifically choose this region since it's very marshy and swamp-like. With all the water around me, I don't have to stop as often cause I'm always stepping in a puddle somewhere. But, if I chose a desert or grassy region, then you would have noticed it more and probably be bothered by it."

Melting Snow: "Don't say that, even if we were in one of those regions, I would never think of you as a bother."

Roaming Wind/Wandering Sound: "What he said!"

After hearing how certain they sounded, Xinya smiled happily. He was glad that he found some reliable companions. He couldn't help but wonder what would have been if he never met Melting Snow if Wei kept to the same path if they never ran into Wandering sound. Would he be as happy as he is now?

Drifting Cloud: "Alright, alright, no need to yell. I know I would never be a bother to any of you."

Roaming Wind: "You better know."

Drifting Cloud: "I really do know, Roaming Wind."

Hearing the sincerity in Xinya's words made her smile a bit. She never wanted him to think that he was a bother to anyone. If anything she was the bother, with how she was acting in this game.

As if sensing her thoughts, Wandering Sound reached over and clasp their hands together. Squeezing her hand, he gave her a gentle smile as if telling her without words to not doubt herself. However, this sweet atmosphere was interrupted when Xinya said:

Drifting Cloud: So tell me, are you guys done yet?"

Wandering Sound: "As a matter of fact we are. We are heading to the campground right now. However, I don't think we would be able to reach you until daylight."

Drifting Cloud: "It's fine, take your time. If you can't make it to the campground before the sun rises, Melting Snow and I will just meet you by the gate."

Wandering Sound: "Alright, we'll see you there then."


Wandering Sound's prediction was correct, he and Wei didn't make it to the campground by the time the sun rose. So just as they planned, Xinya and Melting Snow cleaned up their campsite before making their way to the gate.

By the time they made it there, they could see Wei and Wandering Sound in the distance walking towards them.