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166 Waiting Pt 2

 Using some pebbles that he picked up off of the ground, Melting Snow tried to skip them across the surface of the water. 'Tried' being the operative word, since the stones just sunk in the water every time he attempted it.

Frustrated that he kept failing miserably, the furry haired boy decided to do something else. When he couldn't think of anything, he turned to Drifting Cloud and asked, "So what should we do while we are waiting for those two to arrive."

Xinya who was organizing the items in his inventory turned his head towards the bored sounding boy and smiled. The words, let's do nothing was on the tip of his tongue but he knew that his little sprout had too much energy in him for that to be an option.

"What do you think we should do?" Xinya replied, answering his question with one of his own.

"I don't know," Melting Snow shrugged, not knowing what they could possibly do at this campground to kill time. "That's why I'm asking you."

Standing up from his seated position near the fire, Xinya walked over to where Melting Snow who was standing by the pond. Once he was close enough, he glanced down at the water and saw that it was big enough to fish, which gave him an idea.

"We can always fish while we wait," Xinya said to Melting Snow.

He was filled with anticipation, the last time they went fishing there was the whole sea creature debacle, but this time it would be different. They could fish while relaxing, and knowing Melting Snow as he did, he will try to turn it into a fun little competition.

While Xinya was thinking about how much fun they would have, Melting Snow was filled with dread. He kept thinking that Drifting Cloud 'specialness' might kick in again and he would pull something awesome out of the pond.

He would be all for it if they were out in the woods somewhere with no other people, but there were players around them. He didn't want any two-faced people trying to be their friend just because of some strange item that Drifting Cloud manages to catch.

Melting Snow realized he was being a little paranoid, since players in the campground were nowhere near them, but still there was a chance. "I think we shouldn't fish, how about we just relax by the water and soak our feet. You probably need to do that by now right?"

"Um," Xinya started, completely confused. Melting Snow wasn't someone who would want to relax when there are other things around to do. "You know I don't need to soak my feet anymore, now that I got the Bracelet of Requisite."

With the Bracelet of Requisite, he would be connected to all water sources that were in the world of Haven. With that bracelet, he was no longer impeded by having to stop every 12 hours to find a place to soak his feet.

"I know, but... um... the bait... yes, the bait it's too pungent. So we can't fish." Melting Snow told him while thinking fast.

Holding back a smirk that wanted to burst forth on his face. Xinya knew exactly what the boy was thinking, it was written all over his face. He knew the boy was worried about him catching something weird again, but with the type of pond that this was, the only thing he could even possibly catch was tiny fish.

"Don't worry, I don't plan to waste that bait on such a small pond," Xinya told the boy while laughing inwardly.

"Well," Seeing how that excuse failed, the boy pondered for a second before picking up some more pebbles off the ground, "We can fish anytime, how about you teach me to skip stones."

Knowing the boy's worries Xinya decided to stop teasing him, after rubbing Melting Snow's furry ears he said, "Alright, that sounds fun too."

Letting out a sigh of relief, Melting Snow sat down and dipped his feet into the pond's water. Patting the spot next to him, he watched as Drifting Cloud followed his example with a bright smile on his face.


While the two boys were immersed in skipping stones, they didn't notice a group of players setting up camp very close near them. These three high-level players came to the campground to rest after a very difficult quest.

"I can't believe we managed to finish that dungeon," The dragonkin said while starting a campfire."

Nodding her head, the elf who was putting wooden chairs around the campfire said, "I know right, that ChiShanzie almost killed all of us at the end."

"No way we would have died," Replied the siren, who was setting out some cards on a table. "With me there, how could we lose."

Once they were finished setting up their campsite and was sitting comfortably around the fire they noticed the players next to them. Snorting at the sight of the two players, they couldn't help but shake their head, silently belittling one of the players next to them.

"Wow, some fool actually made a dryad." The siren said, not even try to whisper.

Even though she agreed with what the siren said, the elf still had an image to maintain. "Don't say that he's probably a new player who didn't know any better."

"Not knowing any better or not, he is going to have a difficult time in this game." The dragonkin said. "Nobody is going to want to be in a team up with him, with the handicap dryads have."

"What about that Dryad in the sea creature video, he seemed to have a good team," The elf told them sweetly.

Rolling his eyes, the siren said, "Come on, that dryad is probably a rich young master who brought his way on that team. You saw that houseboat they were on, who would waste that much money to rent such an item."

"How do you know it was rented?" The dragonkin asked.

"All rented boats have a similar mark on their sides," The siren informed his two friends. "That video is being deeply analyzed by everyone on the forum right now, it was easy to find out."

"In that case, I think you're right, the only way a dryad can make it in this game is by buying themselves on a team." The elf said.

Looking thoughtful, the dragonkin looked over at the player at the pond and said, "Maybe that Dryad over there is another rich person. We should offer our services to be brought."

"Hell no!" the siren replied laughing. "We can get our own money without having someone drag us down."

"Your right, it would be too troublesome." the dragonkin said while picking up the stack of cards.

As the trio began their card game, putting the dryad next to them out of their mind. The duo who was sitting by the pond had heard everything, one with clenched fists, while the other just ignored their words as if what they said meant nothing to him.