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162 Completing Tasks

 After leaving their party members on the side of the road, Wei and Wandering Sound walked down the cobbled road until they reached a backroad that took them to the outskirts of town. Once they turned into that back road, the scenery around them completely changed.

Where there were once happy villagers bustling all around trying to sell their wares, now there was nothing but silence. The villagers that they could see were but a few, around only three or four that looked to be of ill repute.

It could have been the area they were in, but sights around them were dreary and bleak. The atmosphere was something that wouldn't allow a person to keep their good spirits. The reason for that could have been that the outskirts of the village were where the villages took their animals to get slaughtered.

This was made prevalent with the different butcher shops and the like that littered this area. Scrunching his face up in disgust at the foul odor that permeated the air, Wandering Sound glanced around at the streets that were drenched in blood and body parts.

Turning his gaze towards Roaming Wind, he became surprised when it looked as though she didn't notice the horrible surroundings they were walking through at all. From the way she was smiling, it was like she was walking through a field of flowers instead of the actual blood and guts that they were squishing below their feet.

"You seem happy," Wandering Sound said while looking at the brightly smiling Roaming Wind who looked like she was a hot second away from staging a musical on the spot.

"I'm very happy," Wei stated honestly. Anyone who saw her could tell that because when she walked there was a literal bounce in her step. She was bursting with happiness, the progress that she saw Xinya have, just made her feel over the moon.  "It's been a good day."

Wandering Sound thought she was referring to how they survived the battle with that giant sea creature and how they made it to the village in one piece. When he thought about it like that he agreed with her. A lot of things could have gone wrong, and they were so close to dying just a couple of hours ago. "Your right, it has been a good day indeed."

"Mhm." Wei hummed in assent. She knew that Wandering Sound probably made his own assumptions about why she was happy, but that was completely fine with her and she wouldn't correct him. He didn't need to know the real reason.

Although she liked him, this was Xinya secret, so unless her friend tells Wandering Sound on his own, he wouldn't learn it from her. Knowing her friend as she did, she would stay the only person who knows of it.

"So," Wandering Sound begins, changing the subject while moving a little closer to her making her feel shy. "Where should we go after leaving Arkala?"

Blushing at his close proximity, Wei said, "Well, I think we should head to..."

As the couple continued discussing their plans, they were so caught in their conversation they didn't even notice when they arrived at their destination. It wasn't until Roaming Wind noticed that they were at a dead end that she checked the coordinates on her map realizing that they walked past the leatherworking shop.

Laughing at their airheadedness, the couple walked back to the shop front, before opening the door and walking in. After escorting her inside, Wandering Sound waited until Wei was given the quest for learning the skill that she wanted, before deciding to leave.

While Wei was in the midst of getting trained, Wandering Sound interrupted her by saying, "I'm going to go now and get the information we need. I will see you at the meeting place, okay?."

"Alright, thank you for walking me here," Wei replied, waving goodbye to him. The large knife in her hand she was using to learn Skinning, dripped blood everywhere as she did so.

A little weirded out at the sight, Wandering Sound left the leatherworking shop to head to his destination. He had lied earlier to everybody when he said that the village library was close to the leatherworking shop Roaming Wind needed to go.

When in actuality that couldn't be farther from the truth, in reality, he just wanted to spend more time with Roaming Wind. Even though he knows that soon they would be spending every hour of each day with her, he didn't care, he was a man in love after all.

Opening his map he changed the coordinates so that he would be able to find the library. Sighing, at how far away the library was from the position he was at right now, Wandering Sound began his long trek to the other side of the village.

It took him around 30 minutes of roaming around the village before he finally arrived at his desired destination. Letting out a sigh of relief, Wandering Sound entered the small library, ready to get the information they needed.

-Back with Xinya and Melting Snow-

While Melting Snow was wondering how Roaming Wind and Wandering Sound tasks were going, Xinya was negotiating seriously with Ronald the shop owner. He was going to settle for the recommended price that the game set, but he saw the NPC eyes when he took out the mirror and changed his mind.

The look on the dwarf's face when he took out the Mirror of Pandemonium was one of extreme desire. It was only shown for a couple of seconds, but Xinya caught it and knew he could take advantage of it.

What a lot of players knew, but most wouldn't try was bargaining with the NPCs. Even though doing so could let players buy for cheap or sell for high, it could also go very wrong.

What could go wrong, some may ask. Well, what could go wrong was that a player could make an NPC hate them. Which would, in turn, would make the NPC spread rumors about the said player, lowering their reputation in that town.

With a lowered reputation, the player wouldn't be able to get any quests, and prices in stores would be raised 50 percent for them. Because of that, no player would want to give bargaining a go.

However, Xinya after seeing that gleam in Ronald's eye decided to give it a shot. So after negotiating for 20 minutes with the dwarf, Xinya succeeded in his bargaining, selling the Mirror of Pandemonium for 100 gold coins over the estimated price and getting the crystal blue mirror for free.

After collecting the coins, and allowing Ronald to pack up the mirror in a secure box, Xinya left the store followed by Melting Snow feeling quite good with himself.