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158 The Video Pt 3

 While a mysterious woman was getting her men to change destinations, in another part of the world of Haven, a man who exuded anger strode into a small dark office followed by a petite woman. As soon as the door was shut, the man picked up the nearest item closest to him and slammed it against the wall shattering it into pieces.

"Frozen Ice, please calm down." Rose Lilly exclaimed, frightened by the intense fury that the dark-haired man was giving off.

Turning around, he glared fiercely at the woman in front of him before shouting, "Calm down, why the hell should I calm down. My team has been bested by a damn crafting guild. Do you know how weak that makes me look?!"

"Sweetie," Rose Lilly softly spoke, as she walked over to where he stood. "You must have realized that they weren't no ordinary crafting guild."

"What do you mean?" His confusion at her words started to override his anger.

Seeing that Frozen Ice was on the verge of calming down, Rose Lilly moved closer to him. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she gave him a peck on the lips before saying, "What I mean is, that guild most likely brought in ringers. From what I gathered when I asked around, only five men did the most damage."

"They must have been rankers, paid to participate." Frozen Ice guessed, understanding lighting his eyes. "Does everyone else think that way too?"

"They might not at the moment, but I will make it so they do." Rose Lilly told him with a cunning smirk.

Smiling brightly at her, he pulled her into a deep long kiss, devouring her lips until they were both breathless. Pulling away, he looked at her swollen lips, before saying, "I knew there was a reason why I love you so much."

As Frozen Ice continued kissing her, his mouth moved away from her lips, landing on her neck. He wanted to mark, proclaim to the world that she was his, but this being a game there was no way he would be able to. Once he was financially set, and Silken Envy was out of the picture, he would show everyone that she was his.

While Frozen Ice was trying to taste every part of Rose Lilly's body, she was trying her hardest not to look disgusted. She hated his touch on her body more than anything in the world, she felt as though she was betraying Zixuan for allowing another man to touch her.

However, she knew she had too. She had finally gotten Melting Snow on her side, as long as no mistakes occur she would be able to get Zixuan ingame name from him. She just has to keep this man happy for as long as she needs him.

As Frozen Ice started to get a lot more handsy, Rose Lilly begins to quickly think of a way to remove herself from this situation. It seemed that luck was on her side because not a moment later a knock was heard on the door, causing them to jump apart.

"Frozen Ice, are you in there?" A loud and boisterous voice, that could only belong to Silken Envy shouted from outside the door.

A look of irritation appeared on Frozen Ice's face when he heard it. Glancing at Rose Lilly, he could see the disappointment on her face, which made him even more angry at the interruption. Just as he was about to yell out, Rose Lilly laid a calming hand on his arm and shook her head.

He understood what she was trying to tell him, even if she didn't speak a word. The time to get rid of Silken Envy wasn't here yet, he still needed that woman. Taking a calming breath, he walked behind his desk and sat down.

"I'm here Silken, come in." Frozen Ice called out in an endearing voice.

Opening the door, Silken Envy walked into the room. Looking around, she saw that Frozen Ice was seated at his desk looking at papers, while Rose Lily was looking through some books on the other side of the room. Smiling at the two of them she walked forward quickly.

"Dearest, you won't believe it! Your brother fought a giant sea creature!" Silken Envy excitedly told him.

Disbelief entered Frozen Ice face as he looked up at Silken Envy, "What did you say?!"

"Here take a look for yourself," Silken Envy said while sending the video link to Frozen Ice's messenger. "You should ask him how he did it, that way the team can do it also."

Watching the video, Frozen Ice clenches his fist together, he became upset at his brother for achieving something as momentous as this before him. This wasn't even the first time that the little brat did so. With the town siege, he could believe that it was all a coincidence, but now this had him thinking that there was something more to it.

He needed Rose Lilly to continue following his brother, with that in mind he sent her a private message telling her exactly that. However, he will still video call his brother and ask him how he was able to summon the sea creature, afterward he will get his location.

"Don't worry, Silken. I will ask him right away." Frozen Ice told her while opening his friend list.

-Back on the houseboat-

It had been almost an hour since he had uploaded his video, and Melting Snow still couldn't believe how popular it became already. At first, he thought it was a good thing, but after a talk with his cousin, he now thought that he should have waited to post it.

His cousin explained to him how a lot of people would be interested in him now. Besides discovering the giant sea creature he was also one of the people who completed the event to open town siege. Melting Snow wanted to smack himself upside the head when he recognized the truth in his cousin's statement.

He had no guild behind him, he couldn't rely on his brother, and he wasn't powerful enough to handle anyone on his own. Realizing by putting that video out there that he put himself in danger, he became aware of this when he got a call from his brother.

Luckily for him, his cousin gave him the option of joining his guild. His brother wouldn't like it if he knew about it, but Melting Snow had no plans of telling him anyway. If he joined his cousin guild, the guild who won the first town sieged, people would be wary of messing with him.

Liking that idea a lot, he decided that he was going to join, and maybe he could even get Drifting Cloud to join as well. While Melting Snow was contemplating how he should broach the idea with Drifting Cloud, a voice startled him from his musings.

Spinning towards the sound, he saw that Wandering Sound was saying something. Turning his music off, he sat up and asked the man to repeat what he just said.

"I said I just received a notification that said that we are five minutes away from Mirstone Village port," Wandering Sound replied.

"Really?!" Quickly getting up from the armchair, Melting Snow gave his arms a stretch before saying, "I will go and inform Drifting Cloud."

After saying that the furry haired boy rushed off to the potion's lab, he couldn't wait to get off this boat and be on land once again.