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157 The Video Pt 2

 After relaxing back in his chair, Zixuan clicked on the link that his little cousin had given him, all the while wondering what website the boy was sending him to. It had better not be to one of those VR upgrade sites, buying him one of them was enough, he didn't want to spoil the boy too much.

Once the link was opened Zixuan was surprised when he saw that the website wasn't the one he expected. Instead, the link sent him to the KiloXA website, straight to his little cousin's channel.

This was the first time Melting Snow let him view his channel, the boy always said he never wanted him to watch his videos. Thinking back to the one time he asked, Zixuan could clearly remember Melting Snow saying something about how his adventures were still too newbish to show him.

Zixuan smirked at the memory of his cousin making him promise not to watch any of the videos he made until he said that he could. He would bet most of his coins that the boy wouldn't even remember making him promise that.

Giving his head a shake, Zixuan looked at the video description and began to read it aloud, "Melting Snow's epic sea adventure. Some things can only be discovered if you are really lucky."

Zixuan laughed after he read that, he wondered if the boy and his friends ran into a pirate ship or something because besides that there wasn't anything really exciting to do while sailing on the sea.

Either way, Zixuan was curious to see his little cousin in action, so without any more delay, he pressed the play button. When the video first began, it just showed an aerial shot of the water and Melting Snow swimming.

At first, Zixuan was a little curious as to why his cousin was in the water in the first place, but as the video continued to play and Melting Snow took control of the camera and turned it towards his boat, any concern about why the boy was in the water flew out his mind. All he could think was that there were freaking giant sea creatures in the ocean.

Zixuan was completely flabbergasted at this reveal and kind of envious. Continuing to view the video, he watched on in amazement at how the monster blew up as if it had swallowed a bomb of some kind.

Whatever the skill they use to do it seemed to be quite peculiar. After rewatching it again Zixuan could tell that the video had been edited and some parts had been taken out. He was smart enough to know that this was Melting Snow doing, the boy had probably wanted to hide the skill that was used to take down the monster.

The question was what skill needed such secrecy, there were a lot of hidden skills in Haven Online, but most weren't as rare as people thought they were. He too had a bunch of hidden skills and out of all of them, there were only two that he deemed necessary to keep hidden.

However, if his cousin wants to keep it hidden, he wouldn't badger him about it, but he did want to know what rewards the boy had gotten from the sea creature. If they were valuable then he would have to try his luck out there on the open waters.

Closing the video website, he opened up his messenger and scanned his friend list. After finding his cousin's name he clicked the call button next to it, he had a lot of things to discuss with that child.


-In another part of Haven-

In a pink crystal 18th-century flying carriage a beautiful woman sat staring out of the window at the gorgeous view of handsome men flying all around her. Just as she was about to call one of them over to entertain her, a notification alerted her to an incoming message.

Opening up her interface, she clicked on her friend list to see that the message was from her little sister, the only other woman that she would bother to speak to in this game. Clicking on her sister's name, she opened up the message and quickly read what was written.

Smirking to herself, it seemed that her sister was more useful than she thought. She had been looking for some information about the Dryad since the only thing she had to go on was the last video with Bellyborg monsters.

She still didn't know the Dryad's name or anything else about him, all she knew that with how weak that race was that it would be most likely that he would be in the same area he was in when the last video of him was shot.

It turned out she was wrong, after promising to let her sister have one of her rare dresses if she looked into it for her, results finally arrived. Opening the link her sister gave her and watching the video, she learned that her little Dryad has made some powerful friends.

Clenching her fists, the woman became angry. It seemed that the little Dryad would be more difficult to find than she first thought. Wondering where her elusive pet could be heading she scanned the comments of the video to see if there were any clues in them.


-[Vorondano: If you thought you saw a fight between players and a giant sea creature, then you did indeed see that.]

-[Shi Roi: That's what I thought I saw!! Omg, so they do exist...]

[Lazy Kimi: I want to go and fight one too !! ]

-[Artemis: Keep dreaming, you don't even know how they made it appear.]

-[Lazy Kimi: So What! X.X Who knows they might tell us how they did it.]

-[ Distinct Sin: Like Artemis said Keep Dreaming, who in their right mind would tell how they did it, they would lose coins that way.

-[Lazy Kimi: Your all mean (〃>_<;〃)]

[DreamTea: Did you see how the monster just blew up?! What skill was that?]

-[CreatorPing: There are many skills that could cause that, but I think I saw a musician with them. They have a skill that can blow up things.]

-[Dream Tea: You right I just noticed the musician after rewatching, he must be strong.

-[CreatorPing: Doesn't he also look familiar?]

-[Dream Tea: Omg, I just realized, isn't that Wandering Sound.]

-[CreatorPing: It is!! (Screams)]

[Baby Whale: This water battle was so awesome!! w(°o°)w I want to be able to have one someday.]

[NinjaKatTai: Look at that ariel shot, one of those landmasses looked familiar. Isn't that the area near Merakit Port, that is a couple of hours away from Mirstone Village?!!]

-[Quicksilver: Your right! I'm at Merakit Port right now. I can't believe I was so close to the battle.]

-[NinjaKatTai: You should go and see if there is an event or something over there. That could probably explain why a giant sea creature appeared.]

-[ Agree +1]

-[ Agree +2]

-[ Agree + 15663828]

The woman smiled when she learned the destination of her newest pet. Now all she has to do is figure out which town her newest pet would be heading after he left Mirstone Village. Opening her map, she looked at the places closest to the village until she knew exactly where he was heading next. She just had to get there before him, and she would do exactly that.