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156 The Video Pt 1

 After Xinya rushed to the potions lab, Wandering Sound and Wei continued talking quietly to each other. All the while Melting Snow was sighing inwardly about being left alone again with the PDA couple.

However, this time he wasn't a fool, as to not be put in the same predicament as before of having to listen to their cringy flirting, Melting Snow quickly clicks on one the buttons located next to his profile tab. As soon as he did music from his personal radio station started to play, drowning out the voices of the couple near him.

Seeing how well that worked, Melting Snow smiled before turning his attention back to the video he was editing. He wanted it to be perfect, for he was sure that it would go viral just like the last one with the Bellyborg monsters.

Although, unlike the Bellyborg monsters this was way more awesome. He was quite certain that they were the first players to fight a giant sea creature. Because the first thing he did after entering the living room of the boathouse and sitting down was to try and find people with a similar experience on the forums only to find nothing.

The most he could find was speculations about giant sea creatures, but there was no definite proof that they actually existed. Well after he uploads this video there will be, just thinking about it almost made Melting Snow squeal in excitement.

He knew for sure that after this his channel will be way more popular than before and he would get tons of subscribers. Even though he might not want to be ranker that didn't mean he didn't want to be famous.

Melting Snow the adventurer extraordinaire, he could just picture it. Laughing quietly to himself he started looking for the perfect soundtrack to go along with the video he made. He wanted to make sure that it sounded as epic as it looked.

The only thing about the video that he was truly upset about was that he didn't record himself being a daredevil on the tentacles. How stupid he was to forget to record that, that could have been the highlight of the entire thing.

'Urg... I wish I could go back in time.' Melting Snow thought while letting out a sad sigh. Not wanting there to be a next time, he promises himself that at the first sign of an adventure he will press the record button.

As for now he just needs to do the finishing touches on this video, there were some special things he needed to do to it before he could even think about uploading it. He needed to delete the part about the rewards he and the group had gotten, and any mention about which town they were heading to.

He also made sure to muffle and blur the part about Drifting Cloud's bait bomb and his new skill. Melting Snow was well aware that if anyone found out about that skill there could be problems, especially with his brother and other guilds.

Knowing his brother as he did, he knew that he would try to use Drifting Cloud for his own nefarious purposes. He already had Rose Lily following him around, he didn't want to know what his brother would do if he found out about this new skill.

'Well, what my brother doesn't know can't hurt him.' Melting Snow thought as he pressed the upload button on the video. He couldn't wait to see how everyone would react to it. Thinking that he made sure to send a link to the video to his cousin, he couldn't help but want to brag a little to the man.

Unbeknownst to Melting Snow, his video would make a bigger impact than even what he could imagine.

-In another part of Haven Online-

In a small meeting room, two men sat facing each other with serious expressions on their faces. They had reached a stalemate a long time ago and neither of the men wanted to back down.

Letting out an irritable breath, the dark-haired man rolled his eyes at the man staring icily at him, " Can't you just let it go?"

"Let it go?" The man said angrily as if he couldn't believe the man in front of him even spoke those words. "I warned you, about what would happen and you want me to let it go?!"

"Xafnir.." the man began but was cut off as soon as he spoke.

"Don't Xafnir me, Soul," Xafnir shouted at the muscular man that was seated across from him.

Knowing that there was no way he could appease the man, Zixuan thought it best just to give in to what he wanted. "Fine, I will make them help rebuild the town. Happy?"

"Very," Xafnir said with a smug smile knowing that he won. If Soul had listened to him in the first place when he told him that the elites would destroy  Errinisworth then they wouldn't be having this argument right now.

Although their guild had won the town siege and saved the most NPCs, the town was completely destroyed. With the town being demolished, the townspeople were moving away and with the NPC's moving there would be no one to collect taxes from.

So now the only way they could get the taxes was if their guild helped rebuild the town. Luckily for them their guild was full of crafters and fixing the town would be no problem. The only issue was that they needed abundant amounts of lumber, stone, and other materials and for some reason, the devs made it so they weren't allowed to buy it.

Xafnir had a feeling that the devs would pull something like this if they didn't multiple guilds would want to try to siege a town all the time. This way they would think before they act because now they know if they destroy a town they would have to rebuild it.

"Make sure to tell them to come to get their tasks pronto, we need to get the town rebuilt and up running again as soon as possible," Xafnir told him while getting up from his seat.

"Fine, alright," Zixuan says flippantly, waving him away with the back of his hand. "I will tell them to do it."

Walking to the door, Xafnir opened it up. Just before he was about to leave he turned back and said, "You better unless you don't want the money the town will bring us."

As soon as Xafnir left and the door was closed all the way, Zixuan smirked. He always enjoys the daily battle of wills he had with his friend, they were very enjoyable. He had always planned to make the elites go and help, but watching the man get so riled up was extremely fun.

Opening his interface, he sent a quick message to each of his elites, getting it out of the way quickly. Just as he was about to close his interface once again, he saw a message sent to him from his cousin.

Zixuan was confused at first as to why he didn't notice when it was delivered, but he soon remembered that he had put his calls and messages on mute during the siege. After fixing his settings, he opened the message from Melting Snow, only to see it was a website link.

Curious as to what the boy could be sending him, Zixaun leaned back in his chair and proceeded to open it.