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155 Xinya and the others

 While Wandering Sound went to clean off the mess that was left on the boat by the death of the Diamondback Armored Ctenophore. The three remaining party members walked aimlessly into the living room of the boathouse with slightly glazed expressions.

Well two of them did anyway, the third party member, who was also the youngest, just shook his head at the way the two adults were acting, before settling on a purple armchair and opening his interface. Xinya, who saw this action, just rolled his eyes at the endurance of youth and continued walking ahead in a daze.

Who could blame him though, after the harrowing adventure he had experienced. Collapsing onto the nearest sofa, Xinya still couldn't believe that he had just conquered and killed a giant jellyfish with a bait bomb today. That was just some next-level crazy shit right there, and he didn't think he had the skill to comprehend it right now.

For him, everything about today was just so gosh darn surreal. He knew it shouldn't be, he was in a virtual reality game after all, but still, he was so putting this on his list of bizarre game experiences. As he laid there on the sofa staring up at the ceiling, he couldn't help but let out a small giggle.

So many things could have gone wrong today, but they didn't. Earlier he was cursing his luck stat, but he had to wonder if it played a small part in their survival. Xinya did know that there was a survival rate in this game, he just never bothered to figure out which stat it came from, he might have to look that up sometime.

Whilst Xinya was chuckling to himself softly, Wei and Melting Snowing were giving him a few worrying looks. Just as Xinya was about to assure them, that he didn't lose his mind a system alert ranged out from around the room.

[Swabbing the Deck is now being activated! Don't leave the room that you are in for the next 10 minutes!]

As soon as the system finished speaking, the doors and windows all around them began to close automatically, until they were completely trapped inside of the living room of the boathouse. This didn't bother Xinya one bit, he didn't want to move one single inch from his spot on the sofa anyway.

It seemed that Wei and Melting Snow also shared the same idea, Xinya could tell from the way they didn't even lift a brow when everything was going on around them. Wei just stayed curled up in the loveseat that she was on looking as if nothing could get her to move.

While Melting Snow just continued lounging on his armchair, feet up and completely unbothered by everything around him. However unlike him, they were busy themselves with something, Xinya could tell this from the way their hands were moving in front of them.

"What are you guys up too?" Xinya asked, slightly curious, but not really at all.

Sending a brief glance his way, before turning her attention back to what she was doing Wei said, "Nothing much, just checking the forums. I told you before, about my interest in tailoring. I'm just getting a head start on it."

"Oh," responded Xinya, too mentally exhausted to ask a follow-up question. To be completely honest, he just didn't feel like worrying about her endeavors at the moment. "What about you Melting Snow?"

"Working on another video for my channel." Melting Snow told him.

"That's nice," Xinya said with a gentle smile. If he had been in his right mind, he would have asked 'what type of video', but he wasn't and this would be something he would beat himself up about later.

Right now, all Xinya really cared about was that the remainder of their trip to MirStone village would be a peaceful and extremely uneventful one. Because even though his avatar couldn't get physically tired, the real-life person underneath this character was.

Thinking about taking a quick nap, Xinya closed his eyes and relaxed into the sofa he was on. He had a strong feeling that once he left this boat he wouldn't be able to have any downtime like this. Which was understandable with how busy he was going to be once he reached Arkala.

There would be so much for him to do, such as farming, cooking, and potion-making. He would need to stockpile a whole lot of things before the update happens. He knows that it would be hard for him to do alone, he hopes he would be able to count on Melting Snow. If not he could always hire some NPC's, which would be expensive, but he understood that a person had to spend money to make money.

Sighing softly to himself, he shook his head clearing out all of the unnecessary thoughts in his head. He didn't need to worry about them now anyway, all he had to do at the moment was relax and let the sea rock him gently to sleep.

While Xinya was trying to nap, Wei continued checking out the tailoring guides that were on the forums. She wasn't kidding in the least when she told Xinya about how she wanted to get a head start on it. Although she might fail at it, since she couldn't draw for crap, and never touched a sewing needle in her life, she still wanted to try her hand at it.

Just because she wouldn't be the best at it at the start, didn't mean she wouldn't be good at it later on. Everyone in the world had to learn to crawl before they could even think to walk. She knew that it would take her a while before she could even be considered a novice in tailoring, but that wouldn't stop her.

From what she read on the forums, even though it would take her a while before she can even think about making clothes, she can still gain coin within this field. From what she read on the forums, it seems that tailoring materials are always needed, and the rarer the materials the more they would be worth it.

With her class as a Treasure Hunter, she would be able to find a whole bunch of rare materials. A smile appeared on her face as she thought about it, she just knew she was going down the right path. She would be the best Treasure Hunter/Tailor that there ever was.

While Wei was feeling giddy about her life choices, she didn't notice that the boat had long finished it's cleaning procedure and the windows and doors were unlocked once again until she heard footsteps entering the room. Turning her head towards the noise, a smile lit up her face once she saw Wandering Sound entering the room.

Once he left the wheelhouse, Wandering Sound immediately went to go see what his friends were up too. He was certain he would find them discussing what they should do once they reached MirStone Village, but when he walked into the living room a lazy mood permeated around the room.

Smirking at the relaxing scene he entered in, Wandering Sound glanced around the room, to find that only Roaming Wind noticed his presence. Making his way over to where she was seated, he gave a slight nudge to her legs when he saw that she only stared at him without moving.

A pink tinge made its way onto Wei's face, as she realized she was staring at Wandering Sound like a lovestruck simpleton. Playing it off awkwardly, she gave him a bright smile and moved over a bit so that Wandering Sound would have some room on the couch.

"Thank you." He said as he sat down.

Smiling gently at him, Wei said, "Your welcome."

Hearing a new voice in the room made Xinya open his eyes. Seeing that Wandering Sound had arrived, he knew that the mess on the deck had been taken care of. He was about to continue his nap, but before that, he needed to ask the man a question.

"Wandering Sound..." Xinya started, turning his gaze towards the man. "How long until we arrive at Mir Stone Village?"

"Not long at all, we should be there in about an hour." Wandering Sound told him.

Moving into a seated position, Xinya stared at Wandering Sound in disbelief, "Really?! I thought it would take longer to get there."

"Me too, but when I checked the wheelhouse, I learned that the boat got a speed buff after we defeated that sea creature." Explained Wandering sound.

"Ohh!" Xinya begins while getting off the sofa. It seems he doesn't have time for a nap if they are arriving that soon. "Well, I might as well make some more potions, while I still got a free potion lab to do so."

With that, Xinya rushed out of the living room once again leaving it with only three occupants.