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154 Mythical Sea Creature Buff

 After seeing his party members disappear inside of the boathouse, Wandering Sound quickly spun on his heel and headed straight for the wheelhouse. The faster he arrived there and took care of the mess that covered the boat the better it would be for them all.

Everywhere he looked as he walked along the deck was spattered by the entrails of the giant sea creature that they killed. Knowing that if it is left alone too long it would start to smell, making Wandering Sound quicken his pace up a bit.

As he walked he took a brief look up at the sky, before emitting a long, deep, audible breath, when he saw the hot noonday sun glaring down. This made him speed up even more because if there is one thing he knew for certain, it was not to leave fish out to rot in the sun.

Nearing the wheelhouse, he couldn't help but feel amused. Earlier, he was all too eager to leave this place, but now he is going out of his way to reach it as quickly as he could. Letting out a small chuckle, Wandering Sound found it weird how things could change so quickly in less than an hour.

Going inside the wheelhouse, Wandering Sound went over to the panel of buttons that was near the navigation system. These colorful buttons were made specifically for a variety of different functions that the houseboat held.

Most of them couldn't be used without having the sailing skill even if the boat was rented from an NPC. Luckily the skill he needed the boat to use didn't need a player to have the sailing skill to be activated. Now, all Wandering Sound had to do was find the right button.

After examining the different buttons closely, the young man finally found the one he was looking for. Wandering Sound honed on a large yellow button with the words 'Swabbing the Deck'.

"Found you." Wandering Sound said quietly to himself before pressing down on the yellow button.

[Swabbing the Deck has been pressed! Are you sure you want to activate this skill? Yes or No?]

"Yes." Wandering Sound replied.

[Swabbing the Deck is now being activated! Don't leave the room that you are in for the next 10 minutes!]

Seeing how he was stuck in the wheelhouse once again for a while, Wandering Sound decided to check how long it will take for them to reach MirStone Village. He was right by the navigation system anyway, so he thought he might as well.

Tapping a few buttons on the screen, Wandering Sound became surprised by what popped up. He was quite certain that it would take at least 5-9 more hours before they were even close to MirStone Village, especially with how they were knocked off course because of that giant jellyfish.

From the look of things, he could see that his assumption was wrong, they weren't 5-9 hours away, far from it. As he stared at the navigation screen, Wandering Sound saw that the boat was only one hour away from their destination.

'How could this be?' Wandering Sound pondered to himself as he gazed at the blue screen intensely in front of him. While he was thinking, he noticed that there was a strange symbol in the utmost corner.

Squinting his eyes he tried to make it out, but because it was so tiny he couldn't. Giving up, Wandering Sound tried clicking on it instead, only for a new screen to pop up. As he read the words on the screen, a smirk appeared on his face and he finally realized why their arrival time was cut down to an hour.

Mythical Sea Creature Bonus Buff: Congratulations you defeated a legendary sea creature without destroying your boat! There are only a few people in this world that are able to say that and you are on that shortlist. As a special reward, your boat has been given a speed buff that will make it 60% faster than normal! *This buff can be made permanent. After a player gets his sailor license, all they need to do is mention this buff to their instructor.

"It seems that I also got a reward from that giant jellyfish, even though I didn't do anything to deserve it." Wandering Sound muttered to himself. Although even if he didn't deserve it he was still happy to receive it. "I will just make sure, I didn't get it for nothing."

Seeing how the boat's cleaning system was still activated, Wandering Sound opened up his interface. He wanted to check out the player made boats on the forums, and see how much it would set him back if he brought one.

Leaning against the nearest wall, Wandering Sound began to scroll through the creator section of the forums. To his surprise, there weren't a lot of boat makers, but then again he knew he shouldn't really be surprised besides traveling to one place to another, boats are not really used for much.

If it weren't for Drifting Cloud and his ways of finding all types of adventures, he would have probably just settled for a regular houseboat and be done with it, but now he doesn't want to settle. He wants something that can take a beating, while also providing shelter. Something that Roaming Wind would think is cute but was also built to kick major butt.

As he was thinking about what he wanted, he stumbled upon something in the forums. It was a boat creator, who specialized in boat transformations and also took commissions. Wandering Sound became intrigued, clicking on the creator's name, he began reading all the information that the creator left.

'Great reviews, low price, I think I found the place where I'm going to buy my boat.' Wandering Sound thought with a bright smile on his face. 'But first I'm going to have to get my sailing license, no one will sell me a boat without it.'

Bookmarking the forum post, Wandering Sound closed his interface and took a quick look over to the boat's navigation panel, only to see the large yellow button that activated the cleaning system had already stopped glowing.

Knowing that the boat's Swabbing the Deck skill had been completed, he was about to leave the wheelhouse and rejoin his friend, but before he did, he thought it would be best to check the estimated time of arrival (ETA) once more. Seeing how it was still the same, Wandering Sound left the wheelhouse only to be greeted by a sparkly clean deck.

With a bounce in his step, the musician began whistling a lively tune as he walked back to where his friends were located.