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153 What Your Reward? *Edited

 "Drifting Cloud, what did you get from your treasure chest?" Melting Snow asked. He was very curious as to what could have inside of that golden jeweled covered chest that the man obtained.

He had gotten an awesome pair of enhanced aqua beast taming gloves that would draw capturable creatures of the sea to him and allow him to tame them and a poison coated short sword that came with its own black leather sheath.

If the silver treasure chest had rewarded him with those incredible items, then he could only imagine what Drifting Cloud could have received from the chest that he had been given.

"I would also like to know," Wei said. The only thing she got from her bronze chest was some coin and a tailoring pattern. The design of the pattern was for a fish scaled bodysuit, which would let the wearer be able to deflect against water-based attacks. "I only received some coins and a tailoring design."

Wandering Sound exhaled softly threw his teeth when he heard Roaming Wind say she only got some coin and a tailoring design. He would have been satisfied if he had 'only' received that, the only thing that was in his chest was 5 bronze coins.

He wasn't upset though, he understood why he was given so little, he basically didn't do anything throughout the entire fight. So he was grateful for his 5 bronze coins and promised himself that during the next battle he would fight for all that he is worth.

Turning his gaze to Drifting Cloud, Wandering Sound enjoined, "Yeah, tell us."

As he looked around at all of his friends, who was eagerly awaiting him to reveal what his rewards were, Xinya gave an indulgent smile and opened his interface. He sent the descriptions of each of the items that he had received over to them so they could read it themselves.

Following Drifting Cloud's example, Melting Snow sent his items descriptions over to everyone as well. Once he did this, Wei felt that it was only right to show hers, so she sent the tailoring design around so everyone could see.

"You were given some nice rewards, I'm especially curious about that map piece." Melting Snow revealed excitedly. He never knew that Haven Online had underwater cities, he never even thought of it as a possibility.

Although there is swimming in the game, there is no means of transportation that would allow a player to travel under the water. Even if there were, there was no way they would be able to breathe down there.

However, after looking at the items that Drifting Cloud had received, he was quite convinced that there had to be a way to do so. He started to wonder if a special monster would be able to give him that ability. Thinking of the taming gloves he had gotten, a goal formed in his head.

He decided that he would need to catch a mermaid, there had been sightings of them all over the forums. They were a unique humanoid monster that was similar to the NPCs in this world. They could either be good or evil, depending on what breed of the mermaid.

There was a rumor on the forums, that if a person is able to catch a mermaid they would be granted the ability to breathe underwater. After seeing everyone's rewards, Melting Snow now had a feeling that maybe the rumor was true.

Xinya agreed with Melting Snow, the map piece was very interesting indeed. "I'm also curious about it, later once I reach Arkala, and have some free time I will start researching it."

"OK, that's good," Melting Snow replied. Since he knew Drifting Cloud was in no rush, he would have more time to find a mermaid.

Hearing his reply, Xinya looked over at the boy to see a mysterious smile playing on his face. Interested as to what could possibly be running through his head, he started to ask but was interrupted by Wei.

"Do you think I should become a tailor?" Wei asked.

After hearing Wei's question, Xinya turned his attention to her. "Tailoring, I thought I convinced you to do potions like me?"

"Potions do seem fun, but I think I could profit more from tailoring," Wei told him. "I have been kind of interested in trying it since Errinisworth when I helped that dressmaker. This design I received, just made me even more tempted to do so."

"You should give it a shot if you're really interested in it. If you don't like it, the only thing you would waste is a few skill points." Wandering Sound advised.

Xinya wanted to convince her that potions were the better option, but he knew he couldn't. Right now, potions weren't that profitable, the high-grade ones were, but he knew how hard they were to make.

Like Wandering Sound said, it was best to let her try it, she can always change later if she wants too. He had a feeling that this was another butterfly effect he did, first, it was her class and now it was her side skill.

Nodding his head slightly, Xinya agreed, "Yeah, what Wandering Sound said, give it a try if you want, but you should know it will be a hard road, there are many tailors in Haven."

"I know, but I want to give it a shot. I might not be able to create my own designs, but I can totally find already made ones." Wei told him.

Xinya thought about and that idea held merit, if she found rare game designs around the world that had special bonuses, she would be able to make a good profit. Maybe her wanting to be a tailor could turn into something good after all, and if it doesn't she can always just do potions.

Not really paying attention to what the other three members of his team were talking about, Melting Snow looked around the boat, once again noticing the giant mess around them. He begins to worry if the jellyfish guts that were everywhere would attract other monsters to them.

"Hey guys, how are we going to clean up this mess?" Melting Snow asked, he really hoped that they wouldn't have to do it manually.

Once he heard Melting Snow's question, Wandering Snow suddenly remembered one of the boat's functions. "Don't worry, this boat is able to clean itself. I will go back to the wheelhouse and program it to do so, you all should go inside the boathouse and relax."

"Sounds like a plan." Melting Snow replied happily, he really needed to go edit the video he made anyway.

As Xinya left the deck of the boathouse, to enter the living room he looked around the area one last time. He really hoped that his next fishing adventure would end way more neatly than this one did.

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