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152 Like a Firework

 While Melting Snow was rushing over to deliver his bombs to the ship's edge, Xinya connected to the party voice chat once again.

"Wei, I need you to stop attacking the monster," Xinya said, his plan wouldn't work if she kept pushing the monster back.

Wei was completely confused as to why Xinya asked her to stop attacking. "Is this something to do with the plan you won't tell us about?"

"Yes it does, but trust me, in a couple of minutes the monster will be dead. Just sit back and watch the show." Xinya said.

"Alright, I will do as you say," Wei assured him, putting her hands which were holding her guns down. She would do as he asked of her, but if something goes wrong she will be ready.

Wandering Sound who was listening to the conversation, really hoped that Drifting cloud knew what he was doing, he really wanted this battle to be over. Being knocked back and forth on this boat wasn't a very fun experience, if one could get seasickness in this game, he bet everything he would have it by now.

After Melting Snow finished setting the bait down where Drifting Cloud wanted them to be, he ran back over to where the man was and was about to ask him what was the next part of his plan when he saw the look on the man's face.

Drifting Cloud was staring out through one of the sofa's holes with a look of childlike anticipation on his face. This made Melting Snow very curious as to what would put that expression on the man's face.

Following Drifting Cloud's example, he stared out of another one of the holes at the monster. He watched as the monster paused, seemingly sniffing the air before one of its tentacles slapped down on the boat and grabbed up the bait that Drifting Cloud made him put over there.

He continued to watch as the giant sea creature, speedily put down its armor and gobbled the bait into its mouth. Melting Snow wondered if this was Drifting Cloud's plan to make the jellyfish take it's armor so that he could attack, but after seeing no movement from the man, he knew he was wrong in that assumption and continued to watch slightly baffled.

As Xinya peeked out through the hole from the safety of his hiding place, he could barely hold back his anticipation of what was to come. He felt quite devious as he watched the monster swallow all of his bait bombs, he bet this was prankers felt.

Although this prank of his was way more deadly and aim at a monster, still it must be similar. Seeing as how the bait had been completely swallowed, he begins to wonder how long for it to take before the bombs took effect.

He didn't have to wonder for too long, because a couple of seconds after the humongous jellyfish gulp down the bait he made, a rumbling sound was heard. It started to become louder and louder until the explosion was heard.

It was loud and fiery, but also so very enjoyable to watch. Everyone onboard the boat watched in awe as the Diamondback Armored Ctenophore exploded brightly like it was a firework.

As multiple slimy bloody pieces of the huge jellyfish starting raining down on them, Xinya was grateful for the multi-use sofa that he was hiding behind. If it wasn't for this sofa he would be covered with fish parts right now.

[Congratulations! You have defeated the Diamondback Armored Ctenophore!]

[You and your party have earned 50,000 exp!]

[ A treasure chest will be added to each party member's inventory! *Treasure chest reward is depended on how much damage each party member did.]

Melting Snow turned to look at Drifting Cloud with awe, he couldn't believe what had just transpired right in front of his eyes. Drifting Cloud blew up the monster using bait, he didn't even know how that was possible. He was so glad he had recorded everything, he was so going to watch the entire thing again later.

"How the hell did that happen?!" Melting Snow asked. As soon as the fish parts had stopped falling from the sky, he had crawled from out from behind the sofa and stood up to look around.

Wei who had already untied herself had run over to the deck of the boat. When she heard Melting Snow asked that question she became curious too. "I would like to know as well."

"You want to know?" Xinya asked playfully. After Wandering Sound joined the rest of the group he explained. "I tested something and gained a new skill."

"What kind of skill?" Wandering Sound asked.

"It's called Reaction Fusion, it lets me combine food and potions to create something new," explained Xinya.

Looking thoughtful, Wei said, "I never heard of that skill before, but it sounds like it could come in handy, especially against humanoid monsters."

Xinya just smiled and nodded in agreement at her words, he was also thinking that way too. He thought that he would be able to use the creations he made on the dumber humanoid monsters as well as some of the normal ones. While he thought of all the ways he could use his Reaction Fusion the others pulled their treasure chests from their inventory.

Melting Snow pulled out a silver treasure chest while Wei and Wandering took out a bronze one. Seeing how the others were about to open their rewards, Xinya decided to do the same and took out his treasure chest from his inventory.

His chest was extremely different from the rest of theirs, it wasn't just that it was golden, but it was also covered in all types of jewels. Xinya wished he could sell it, but he knew as soon as he opened and took the items out it would disappear.

Xinya opened up the treasure chest only to be bombarded with notifications:

[You have gained 5 gold, 30 silver, and 15 bronze coins!]

[You have gained Mutated Ctenophores eggs!]

Mutated Ctenophores eggs: These eggs are the babies of the Diamondback Armored Ctenophore, but it's death they have been mutated. They will now only grow to the size of a plum and can be used for breeding. They can be used for food, or harvested for the toxin that they secret from their pores. *An artificial lake needed to grow them.

[You have gained the Recipe Broiled Ctenophore tentacles!]

Broiled Ctenophore tentacles: A strange recipe of unknown creation, seems to have a special magic effect. Once eaten a player will have the ability to talk to every creature underneath the sea. *special effect lasts 5 in-game days./ This effect will be able to be stacked with other food bonuses.

[You have gained a map piece to the hidden land of Moo Moo Pow!]

Moo Moo Pow: According to folklore, Moo Moo Pow is an underwater kingdom that is ruled by the great Lord Krishna. This is a place that is believed to be an old wives' tale, a myth, that is until the clue was discovered.

Xinya was immensely pleased with the items he got from his treasure chest, but it was the map piece that really interested him. He had never heard of an underwater kingdom being discovered and he would have known since things like that interested him.

He was certain that this was the game way of telling him that he needed to level up his fishing skills quickly, so he could learn the Underwater Fishing skill.