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151 Playful Xinya

 It took Xinya less than a couple of minutes to create around six of the bait bombs, he was quite certain that would be more than enough to destroy the overgrown jellyfish. All he needed to do now was find a way to get the giant sea creature to eat them all at once.

Xinya knew he wouldn't be able to throw them all in a pile near the monster, he was worried that if he did the potion would spill out of them. The only other option was for him to quickly carry them over near the monster was.

He somberly shook his head at that idea, which would basically be a suicide mission. Essentially, the monster took him as a giant piece of food, if he were to go over there he knew for sure he would get sideswiped again and this time he wouldn't be as lucky as before.

Just as he was considering calling over Wandering Sound or Wei to help him, he heard Melting Snow calling him via the party voice chat. It seemed that the boy had made it back to the boat in record time, Xinya just smiled, he knew nothing could keep Melting Snow away from a fight.

"Drifting Cloud! I made it back, I'm on the left side of the deck of where you are at, throw down a rope so I can climb up." Melting Snow hurriedly, he was so glad that he made it back in time.

Xinya started to look around, there were a lot of ropes mounted to the wall of the boathouse, but when the monster started attacking them, all of the ropes fell off onto the ground. After searching around his area he finally spotted one, was over by the railing on the verge of teetering off the edge.

Glancing over to the monster, Xinya could see that it was being pushed back by Wei's attacks, even though they were doing no damage to it at all. Waiting for the right moment, Xinya quickly ran over to the railing, when another one of Wei's attacks distracted the creature.

Once he was at the railing he quickly grabbed the rope on the ground and to unravel it. It must have been his good fortune, but this was the exact side of the boat where Melting Snow was waiting at.

As he looked down into the water he could see Melting Snow waving his hand at him trying to get his attention, giving the boy a quick smile, as fast as he could, he tied off the rope and threw it down at him.

Not waiting for him to climb up, Xinya rushed back to his hiding place, trying to get there before the monster noticed him. Sadly, he was too late, the monster smelled him as soon as he left his hidey-hole.

Seeing how it's delicious meal came out from where it was hiding, the monster knocked his tentacle hard against the boat, there was a pest shooting at it, and it hoped by capsizing this floating wooden thing, that it would stop and it would be able to eat its delicious meal in peace.

It was already upset that it lost a bunch of its tentacles just because it wanted to eat something delicious. It would be disgraced if it would just leave now after everything that it has been through, one way or another it would get that delicious smelling food.

The force of the hit the monster did to the boat tilted it dangerously to one side, Xinya thought for certain that it would flip over, but he was happily proven wrong. It seems NPC boats, were made of stronger stuff than a regular player boat.

As the boat settled back down, Xinya made sure to dash back into his hiding spot. Once he was there he immediately connected to the party chat and asked how everyone was doing.

"Is everyone alright?" Xinya asked worriedly. He really hoped that when the boat tilted that Melting Snow didn't hit his head on it. He knew that if a player gets hit on the head enough by an object, they could enter a dizzy state. If they happen to Melting Snow he could drown.

"I'm fine." Melting Snow said as he climbs up the rope to get back on board the boat.

Gripping the railing tightly, Wei said, "I'm fine too, I thought I would fall off the boat once again, but I didn't."

"You fell off the boat?!" Xinya asked. "When did this happen?"

"Don't worry, because you told me to tie myself to something, I was completely fine," Wei told him.

Sighing with relief, Xinya turned his attention to the person who didn't answer yet, "What about you Wandering Sound? I everything alright on your end?"

"Besides the durability going down by 20% everything is peachy," huffed Wandering Sound.

Laughing a little at how Wandering Sound was acting, Xinya said, "Don't fret, the monster is about to die."

"Really?" Wandering Sound skeptically asked, "How are you going to pull that off?"

"I'm glad you asked, but I'm not going to tell you, it's a surprise," Xinya told him.

Confused to why Xinya was playing around, Wandering Sound said, "Drifting Cloud, we have no time for games, if you can kill it do so."

Climbing up the last couple of feet, Melting snow jumped over the boat railing and located Drifting Cloud. The man was hiding behind a large pink sofa, sprinting over towards him, Melting Snow positioned himself close to him.

Startled by the boy's sudden appearance, Xinya let out a frightened sound. "Oh my goodness, you scared me. Make some noise next time you sneak up on me."

"You know that makes no sense right," Melting Snow laughed, "So what's your plan, how are we going to kill the monster?"

Xinya just smiled and picked up the bait bombs and handed it to the boy, once he was holding all six of them, he said, "I need you to take these and put them over by the edge of the boat for me."

"Why are you giving me these stinky things?!  Urg, the smell." Melting Snow's eyes watered as he tried to hold the bait bombs as far away from his person as he could.

"Quickly go do it, and hurry back." urged Xinya. "When you come back you will see something incredible.

Curious as to what Drifting Cloud was planning, Melting Snow quickly took the disgusting smelling bait and put them near the edge of the ship close to the monster before hurrying back to where he was at. He really wanted to know what was going to happen.