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149 A Series of Thoughts

 After Melting Snow was thrown into the water by the Diamondback Armored Ctenophore, two of the party members felt particularly impacted by it. However, with no way of helping, they could only deal with it in their own unique way.

While they stewed in their own uselessness, the person who was thrown from the boat was coming to terms with his predicament. The predicament of how to return to the boat in time to rejoin the fight.


Wandering Sound was left in awe at all of the damage the young boy dealt with the monster without any help from anyone. Compared to him, the boy was a real fighter. The only thing he did so far was hidden inside of the wheelhouse and monitor the durability of the boat.

He knew he was asked to do so for the sake of the party, but how could he be called a man when he let a little kid fight for him. However, with the kind of skills that he had, he knew his limitations, that didn't mean he wasn't itching to go out and fight with the rest of them. How he wished the monster was a dark creature than he would have a legitimate reason to help fight it. It was truly to bad his shield was of no use in this fight.

Shaking his head at his uselessness, Wandering Sound once again checked the status of the boathouse's durability. When he saw that it was down to 60%, it snapped him out of his self-deprecation. He knew he had to inform the others, they were running out of time and they needed to find a way to kill that huge jellyfish before it took them down.

Opening up the party voice chat, Wandering Sound begins informing everyone of the dire straits the boat condition was in. In this situation even though he would hate the damage cost, he would prefer if this was actually a player made vessel. If it was then they would at least have a boat shield and different types of weapons that he could use to fight the creature with.

This made him even more determined to get the sailing skill and buy his own freaking boat. He knows for sure that after he and Roaming Wind finish traveling around the game on their own that when they come back he will need it for sure.

As the ship swayed harshly once again under the force of the giant monster tentacle, Wandering Sound let out a small laugh. Next time this happens he will be ready, and for some strange reason, he couldn't wait.


While Wandering Sound was mentally taking note of all the things he needed to do to be ready if they ever encountered a situation like this one again, Wei, who saw that Melting Snow had been knocked overboard was beside herself. All she could think was once again she screwed up.

She didn't want to be the pig teammate that was seen to be weak and does more harm to the party than the monster. What she wanted to be was someone who her party could depend on and look too when they were in trouble.

However, wanting and taking action to make it happen are two different things. She was too caught up in the magnificence of the game to realize that this was a game, and she needed to use it to make money.

Yes, she was sad that she had to leave her friend, but she had to. She was a complete noob, after seeing Melting Snow in action she could admit that to herself. Now she knew why she felt jealous of the boy, it was because he was a better partner to Xinya in this game than she could ever be.

Shaking her head in denial, she retracted what she just said and amended it with, right now. He was only better than her right now, she would train herself diligently and once she comes back from her adventures with Wandering Sound, she will be better than ever.

That thought alone brought a smile to her face, she could hardly wait to get started. Narrowing her eyes, she was about to try shooting the monster once again, hoping this time she could get past the armor, only to hear Wandering Sound's voice.

From what she could understand from the panic in his voice, the boat durability had sunk even lower and they needed to do something fast. Hearing that made her worry, so without a second thought, she begins firing her strongest skill, soul shot, at the creature.

As she was doing so one of the monster's tentacles hit the boat hard enough to make her lose her balance, this caused her to go skidding off the railing. From her position she looked down at the cold dark water and gave a sigh of relief, she was so thankful that Xinya made her tie herself off to something or she would have been a goner right now.

Grabbing onto the rope she begins to pull herself back up and climbed over the railing. Once she was back onto the boat, she had to fight the urge to kiss the ground repeatedly. She didn't even want to imagine what could have been, taking aim at the monster again, her only thought before firing was that she really needed to get the swimming skill.


Melting Snow after being thrown so far away from the boat by that tentacled jellyfish monstrosity was extremely pissed. He was going to miss out on all of the fun, from the tone in Drifting Cloud's voice, he knew the man thought up something to defeat that overgrown fish.

He knew he must hurry and swim his butt back over to the boat as quickly as he could or else he would miss out on everything. Although, one positive thing he got from being thrown overboard was the wonderful view he had of everything that was going down. It was like he was watching an extremely interactive action movie.

When that notion crossed his mind, a sly smile appeared on his face. This would make a grand video for all of his fans, his channel would become even more popular if he were to capture everything that was happening.

He couldn't help but berate himself, if he had only thought of this earlier, that would have been even more awesome. All he wanted to do was slap himself when he thought of all the fantastical things he did while he was slashing off all of the monster's tentacles.

Sighing to himself, he quickly turned on the recording option on to 3rd person mode and began swimming back to the boat as fast as he could. There was no way he was going to let the monster die before he got some more licks in.

He really hoped that whatever, Drifting Cloud was planning would take a while, so he could make it back to the boat. With that goal in mind, Melting Snow kicked his little legs and then swan faster than what was humanly possible.